Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Merapuuuueee

Ooooh kenyangnyeee...

"Stuffed" is the word. Colleague belanja makan Japanese, Inagiku Tykoh. Thanks ma'am. . For RM24 you get a huge slab of grilled salmon, and a biggish prawn. Also , together with the usual egg thingy, miso soup, sayur and my favourite- GARLIC flakes - Wish I have DadofFour's talent of describing food . We had teppanyaki seafood- Hmmm...My breath must stink by now. Tapi tak leh resist lah.

Nadine dah pergi Kem Ibadah. She's staying the night at school. This camp is to ensure that we get all spiritual help we can. The school cannot be faulted that way. If she does not get 5A I'm sure Nadine will feel that she has let the school down. As for me, if I see that she works so hard and yet she manages less than 5A, hey Im not upset . She is not going to boarding school anyway.

The thing about the kem ibadah is...we have bought tickets to see Transformers at 2 tomorrow. She finishes at 5 pm. So her dad said, tunggu kat canteen, just tell the teacher, I have to go I have a family function. What do you think Nadine said.

She said..No. She does not want to ponteng her kem ibadah or go early. The school pun dah scare the kids by saying that if students don't come, it will affect their UPSR. Eh? Camne tu? I told her UPSR is a nationwide thing lah and the teachers cannot control the results. Hubby macam nak gaduh against the school and only calmed down when I said...cikgu pun kena sacrifice their Saturdays as everyone has to take part lah...Ok lah. But Nadine gets a day out on Sunday..nak pi mana ye? Hmm maybe IKEA?

Anyway I wonder if the non malays also have similar camps- motivational camps etc. fair lah kan. Oh by the way what do you think about Malaysia being a secular state debate? I don't know but what I DO know is I wish that president of the Bar woman, Ambiga, would stop issuing press statements purporting to be the Bar Council's views (her views and her committee views) on race and religion, BEFORE she puts the whole press statement to vote or at least get the views of the lawyers in Malaysia. I don't appreciate having words put in my mouth thanks!! Last I check we are a democracy kan.

Oh well. Better stop yakking. Have things to do. Brain sluggish at the mo. Just an irrelevant point ..Re: Nuri. The correct translation of "bersabar" is so lah not "BE PATIENT". Aparah. Mat saleh baca sure tak paham, these people died and the PM says be patient?? Be patient while waiting for....what? But what is the right translation then? Be calm? Be resigned? Be strong? Last patient. (macam tunggu bas).

Ada lagi. Its the "BENEFIT OF DOUBT" and not "BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT" - and documents are NOT "BINDED" , they are "BOUND" .

Sorry, tengah tengok documents ni. I am now binded to go to work. Taataaaa

HAve a good weekend, guys..


MAMAMIA said...

Wah, dah lama I tak makan Teppayanki ni....

This weekend bukan ke U nak gie Kino, queuing in your sleeping bag?

Superwomanwannabe said...

oh yeah! I just might you know...!! Thrill gak !!

Dad of Four said...

I'm going with Khadijah (if we wake up at 4!)

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...