Monday, July 02, 2007

Hi there so how was your weekend?

We just came back from a work related pep talk thingy over the weekend. It was fun ! Got to meet everyone in the company over three branches and nice to put a face to the name. The repressed diplomat in me (or rather the frustrated datinwannabe me) had to talk to everyone...ala ala aku pulak jadi hos . Why ah if you put me in aroom with strangers I would have the strongest compulsion to interview everyone?? I am fighting that , and am taking medication for it heh heh heh.

Singapore was just soo temptingly near. And the kids love JB. So big! So cantik ! SO many sales! So close to Singapore! But husband deliberately left his passport so that was not an issue. (ADA KE?? Kejammm...) After the seminar , there was a dinner to which only the staff was invited. Husband planned to take kids to see his brother while I pi makan makan. I had reminded him to call ahead incase the brother went somewhere - never got round to it and true went back to see Mak. Hahahahaha...Nasib baik Big Boss tibatiba jemput the whole family to the dinner. I took the invite seriously as he said it twice so in a panic, we went to CITYSQUARE to get the girls dresses. After round round , takda yang dressy (ye lah, we went to FOS , Padini etc) until we came across this laaaast shop. Slightly on the pricey side but nice . They LOVED it!!! They chose the most girly white, spanish madames dresses yang boleh twirl twirl. Ngada ngada tol..dress yang ada sale tak ndak . Heee. As we had just the half an hour to shop (for them, ok) they changed immediately and then we went to the hairaccessories shop and for the first time in their lives they got butterfly clips in their hair (and there is no wedding) - dah pandai melaram dah anak dara I more tshirt and jeans now...even kaklong nak cardigan cute yang kecik ala ala shawl . Kaklong takda size so kaklong dapat hair clips je lah...the 2 girls in the SIMLA shop buat kan their hair.

Mummy?? Mummy balik, basuh rambut sendiri, and then half dry and then turun pi dinner. rambut tak kering betul pun. Senang. Halfway thru dinner the kids ngantuk so dad took them up. Sophia started to drink at least 3 cups of tea, johan nak makan the gula packets, and dahlia said loudly "this is booooring". Hee bawak kids I tell you. I stayed thru what was really an entertaining night and I'm not saying that because they picked up the accommodation tab hee hee hee.

Singgah Kluang jap...met mom dad and said brother in law and his family. Hee hee majan and anne pun ada with a thinner lah dia dah almost one year old. MY GOD how time flies!!! Mom made home made pizza (4 pizzas), nasi, ikan masak asam, sambal sotong. daging kicap, ayam goreng and then ROJAK some more..The original superwoman. I enjoyed the seniority of being kaklong and left the washing up to my other 2 sisters in laws muawahahahahaha!!! (evil laugh)..Ahaaaa sorang tu morerajin than the other.. hee heee hee.

Sorry to all who tried to get in touch as the phones DIED again...time to throw it to the sharks...(trade in ler)

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