Thursday, July 26, 2007

Homework Blues

Semalam cornyness kan. Today boringness. Adake tak call call...issh ish ish sampai hati tol. Lak tu , switch off handphone. Not lah I had the time to call him...(more than 25 times, I mean hehehehehehe). Eh CALL LAH!!!

Semalam I was TIGERWOMAN. (as N said, "Redirected Anger" ) Kesian bebudak cause I took it out on them, shamelessly . I told them, "I'm tired, I went through the jam for 2 hours, and I DON't want to hear that you have forgotten your homework when you have allready been home since 1 pm, and if you have- do your homework NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" . Man, it felt good to yell - sigh... Sorry ye Neighbour Im sure you heard, Just don't call teledera ok.

Mana tak marah. 2 of my kids, do not like homework. I thought it was just ms x (sparing her feelings as she reads this blog) I found her books full of incomplete work, which she did not complete, fair enough , because she'd been ill, because the teacher erased the board before she can copy (OI Teacher, heard of the photocopier?? Y lah you go and write on the board is this an exercise in handwriting?) mom advised me not to nag ms x anymore, just to monitor her. So I told them, no TV until 4 and make sure your homework is done before you do anything remotely resembling fun.

What do I find when I get home - all the kids lounging about watching a story about a woman who has a soft spot for an uncivilised ape man (tarzan) and Sophia playing computer games. When I asked dah habis homework or not?? All said "aaaa, er, let me check, er takda, eh, ada, eh I forgot about that one" etc but STILL sat in front of the telly. So I yelled lah. Terperanjat depa. Semua bertempiaran.

As I was concentrating on ms X , I did not check on Sophia . Yesterday I did- she had a lot of homework pending. She did not understand the questions. Waaaaahhhhhhhhrghhhhhhhhhh.

You know, I'm not so mad at them as I am with the teachers- my children did not finish the homework because they did not understand them. Teachers don't create an environment where kids can ask and honestly, teachers are too busy with their other duties to handle kids not understanding and parents really have to play a more active part than ever. I'm mad at me and hubby too for not attending to them. Looks like it has to be DAILY attendance and checking books. Drills galore awaits them from today- my house is going to look like a tution centre. DadofFour I think you are right not to take ASTRO.

Ok kids if you are on the computer now and on line - GETOFF THE PC AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK NOWWWWW

(garang kan)


Dad of Four said...

SW - Tak dengar langsung pun....! Aiyah..sounds like my kids too especially No 2!

Correction :- not that we didn't subscribe to Astro -subscribed and unsubcribed after all those fights! But I want my Discovery Travel & Living Al Jazeera CNN etc channels. What to do, sacrifice lor!

Anonymous said...

CONFIRMED!!! memang kita serupa...!!! i tengah tergelak-gelak ni...because the scenario in this entry is all so familiar..!!! that 'redirected anger'...that buat-buat donno depan tv until mummy jadi tarzan....phewhhh....

Superwomanwannabe said...


you have my sympathies...I hate yelling women, but what to do!

Anonymous said...

Can't marah cikgu. They have some other 40+ kids to see to as well (sorry, ah, don't angry).

I think it's easier for me as I'm FTM (ha!ha! this means i get to shop when people are working, which is precisely what I'm going to do this morning - jgn jeles).

My rule in the hse, come back fm sch, makan, nap and straight to homework. If homework tak siap, no TV. Computer only allowed on weekends. I'm a regimented mother lah....

anyways, we still on for nx Sat night?


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