Khairie Pak Uda and the Order of the Phoenix


Tadi lari jap dengan suami nak pi tengok wayang. he wanted Transformers (jeng jeng, more than meets the eye...) but then I want the kids to come along too so we decided to watch something which would not be so popular with the kids tonite and then buy them transformers for this weekend. BTW sis in law mentioned going to see it too so want to go together?

Anyway decided to watch Khairi Pokda..Harry Porter. Ok lah but tak seseronok buku ..I know that sounds so lame and always people say that but its true. It feels like they are trying to throw everything in. You dont get to delve too deep into why Harry was so tense and confused, how hurt he was that his friends did not contact him, how he felt lonely, how mad he was over Cho, instead he came across as a bit of a plonker, who is always angry all thetime and really, not that cute. I was just thinking, this kid is soo lucky as at the age of 16 he got to act with Gary Oldman and my favourite man (outside of Korea) which is Alan Rickman! He is soooo good. Is it me or is that Hermione very one dimensional?

Having said that I love the books and am more than half seriously considering going to queue in front of Kino's doors this Saturday at 2 am. (door open at half past 5) - all for a free book.

You have to read the bookslah.

Husband was a bit restless towards the end. Ada mamat ni duduk sebelah dengan makwe...I lagi restless tengok depa heheheheheheh

This Sunday am or Friday pm, Transformers, Jom?


Dad of Four said…
Hey...we might be one of the thousands waiting outside Kino this Saturday!
Minahsongeh said…
Shila, we could watch it on Saturday night. Adik has kem solat and kakak will be going to Malacca. I thot of ikut belakang bas but Epa tak nak. Hehehe.
saturday nie mak i ada panggil meeting sebelah my dad lak. sunday morning can? I nak gi pi beli ticket nie.Unless you choose to go to Mines
Dad of Four-
Banyak betul blog N3s on going to the movies, lately. It's either Harry Potter or Transformers...

To me sometimes movies just kill the imaginations u ever had. Kalau love story for eg. based on the book u imagine hero dia tall, dark, handsome & macho. Bila on film, hero tak sampai your piawaian, alamak frustnya...

Permisi nak link your blog to mine, boleh???

Bolehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....(sebonarnye I takda lah selaluna tengok wayang,last sekali the james bond)

Dad of four..Alamak I lupa lah yang we are supposed to go see Harry POrter with the kids..oooopsss
Minahsongeh said…
Fiday night macam ok. Mana lagi kalau tak Mines tempat lain jauh bebenor. Sunday ada mini reunion with intan and geng. Malam a bit reluctant sebab you tau lah ponek nanti.

Dulu Epa tengok wayang aje harry pot er tu. I suruh dia baca buku because i tak puas hati dengan the last movie- yelah masa qudditch world cup and ada a few scenes yang I rasa relevant - yelah mana nak cram semua in a movie kan - tu sekejap sangat..and kalau u tak baca buku you tak paham sangat why it's like that and a After reading the book he ageed with me that the book is better.

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