Monday Blues on a Wednesday

What a hot day today is.

We had steamboat at Coca. Not bad except the foochook and the fish ball tasted a bit funny so we called the lady in charge and she went into the kitchen and after a loooooong time, she came back with the chef in tow and explained that the supplier is new that is why the taste is different. And she agreed to take the price off the bill.

Sophia called at about 11, asking me if we have a lightbulb, a wire and 2 batteries. Huh?? It seems that she has to bring them for science, except she cannot remember whether it was today or friday. I pun berleter lah and in the end I said to just get Kak Minah the wonder maid to help. Or call your friend.

It had to happen on the day Dad is in OT. And me car less. And opah not around. I wonder what she did in the end, Sometimes it's better to let them kena marah but shian lah...

This Saturday whole of my mom and dad's family coming over for a discussion on going over to my sister in law to be's house (better get used to it) -of course it is going to be "proper" , mom said she'd be catering (I insisted as I don't want her to worry) but then so and so auntie will be cooking this, so and so auntie will be cooking that, and can I bring x dish also (or rather, can I ask my maid to cook this dish) . Eh catering camne ni? hee hee. Sorry ye Adom clan, nak jemput you all but then maybe not the time yet? Karang wedding we make it a HUGE bash ok. Aku book karaoke. Tak dulik.

Ok better go and do work. Uncle Yaya, we are all thinking of you right now and hope your surgery goes well. We will see you soon. The surgeon is the best we know.



bj said…
I never thought you're capable of hurting anyone's feelings.. :)
hiiiissssh bj you know lah mothers and daughters, macam nak bertekaaaaak je kan, nasib baik kita dah besar..takde mengikut perasaaan. Bila nak date ni??

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