Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mummy oh mummy

I tengah online bergaduh sayang dengan my mom ni

Hee hee I don't know lah my darling mom and I nie..tak reti bercommunicate kot...ada je nak argue hee hee.

Issue nye:

My brother is getting engaged next month-My parents dah suka dah 150%. Dah pi Ireland dah. Dah siap bawak the girl holiday ok!Spain or where. And my dad! Siap simpan gambar dalam handset siap...! and notebook presentation haritu kat my opah!!

Well I have been feeling very very put out these last few weeks. I know mengada ngada kan...but Immediate reaction - beta murka. Siapa kah ini saya tak kenal? Brother tak cerita dengan panjang lebar dan tak mintak approval pun? Hee heee- macam spoilt kid kan. I have no idea why -maybe I rasa dia pendatang ? cis! Siapa kah this interloper?? Semua orang dah suka?? But I told my mom Im cool lah, relax lah. Ok lah tu, adek I nak kawin.. best apa. Apa lagi nak tunggu , dah 30 pun. Budak tu nak masuk Year 4 .I pun suruh dia pinang. (But I didnt think I would not get to meet her (with my brother) first ) Kalau tak mak I risau and she risau over the slightest thing. Lagi pun I know Im being irrational and terribly selfish.

So here I am being positive and supportive. My mom is a very organised person. She has decided on what she wants, who is going to the girls' side nanti. Engagement tak leh jemput ke rumah. Anyway so as not to make me, the only sister and bla bla bla , semput , she tries to ask my opinion lah. So cute ,really. She takut I kecil hati so she asks me . but when I give my opinion that is not the same, she will say that my brother wants it this way, or my dad wants it that way etc etc. So now I ye kan je lah and tak give my (contradicting) opinion. My husband also thinks she is right. My mom pulak tadi marah , why am I going "ya ya ya" all the time. I pun naik marah, why is my husband not supporting me. Hee hee hee

I just pray that I don't hurt my most beloved mother's feelings throughout all this.Ok lahj tu ..

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Azwan said...

the presentation was on my notebook, and your father terlalu excited and complaint my notebook took sometimes to boot up :)

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