Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nuri Yang Tua

Takziah to the families of the helicopter crew yang crashed...

40 year old Nuri you, and apparently our Government says they are still ok. Ye lah tu kot, as I have no idea what is 40 years in Nuri terms. Like cats, 7 years old tu very very old kan. Or, as sis in law tells me, people pun ada "real age" - older or younger than your birth age. Im sure with the fitness level I have now, I am actually 103. He he he. But back to the 40 years ok to be flying around macam helicopter anak dara? Nuri is also another name for Kakak Tua right? enough said.

Anyway I read that 4 of them were in the helicopter and 2 were flung out. How come tak eject macam dalam tv tu. Takkan takda parachute kot? My friend who has been on a helicopter to an oil rig said that her experience on that day , memang tak da parachute.

Whaaaat the ?? I memang advocate parachute ni. Siapa siapa nak jv with me to supply parachutes to people who work in highrise buidings, pls call me. I also think that all highrise apartments/offices etc should have a pole kat luar, ala ala bomba..what say you. Kalau ada fire ke., or 911 situation ke, apa nak heran, just slide out and down lah. What is this rubbish of jumping out of the building.

I TELL YOU!!! Simple onlie?? Elect me as president allready. hehehehehe

Anyway ...I feel really really sorry for the early demise of the crew members. Semoga Allah mencucurkan rahmat atas roh mereka....

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