Saturday, July 14, 2007

Syabas on being an Idiot.

2 days ago, Syabas cut off my water supply.

And now I am waging war.

As soon as I get a moment. I've cooled down a bit.

What happened was apparently there is an amount owing of RM130, of which RM85 is due and there is a bill (I later discover, on top of the cabinet next to the fridge) which says please pay before 19th or else we will cut off your water. However the contractor for syabas responsible for the cutting of water pipes etc must have wanted their commission money or something because on 10th they cut my water off

I have FIVE kids in the house. What monsters are they? Yes no one is disputing the debt due. However,what Syabas did dah lawan tokey- kalah Along! Dahlah they are a monopoly-we have to take their service - we have no other water provider.. eeee...jahat nyeeeee...malafide and bad intention. Water is a basic necessity . To charge for it is evil in the first place, to allow water leakages to go unchecked is abominable, but to withdraw water over RM130- what do you call this- utterly ridiculous!

Im now mad all over again.
1. No other water provider- they are abusing their power
2. Water is so important you should exhaust all ways to recover your measly RM130 before you cut off service.Nie, normal post je- at least kasilah registered post letter-- eh orang sheboklah!!
4/ If the samseng who is being paid off by Syabas can come over to cut the water they can jolly well come and give us advance warning
5. Charging me RM50 to reconnect is DESPICABLE

Can I say again that Syabas acted just like an AHLONG and completely INHUMANE and I am definitely hopping mad now. Takda Otak ke orang orang nie?

I called them - of course the usual rubbish about being their system , cannot do anything about it etc etc. I don't WANT to complain in their system. sure kena buang punye. I want to make a BIG FUSS!!!! I tell them this is ILLEGAL (There is indeed case law on it ok) and I should SUE Them!! (ye lah, its all recorded kan) ...I might as well talk to the wind...the operators are toothless and useless...

I want to complain to the papers- I want them to CHANGE THEIR POLICY!!! GO after the big crooks not the poor helpless consumers with kids nak go use the toilet etc etc!!! I want to raise awareness on their tactics. My colleague lagi best- while she was out at work., Syabas came in and dug out her metre- ruined her garden, ruined her drains and ruined her neighbour's plants


Any ideas people??? Is there ANY way I can stop them??

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Anonymous said...

you sure you don't have a leak ah? how can you have a RM130 bill? We only pay about RM10 a monthlah....


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