Sunday, July 22, 2007

This Weekend , I Have...

1. I have gotten my Harry Porter BOOK 7!!

Thanks to Sis in law ZU, I found out that Carre4 and Tasko were all of sudden entering the price war and basically like Harry Porter, were too good lah for the other shops, Kino included.. If I wanted the free book, I could queue at Kino from 2am, if not, then I could wait for Carre4 to open its doors at 7 and buy it at a (still expensive lah but a heck of a lot cheaper than RM100) price. As it was about half past FIVE in the morning when I got up, I abandoned all thoughts of queuing at Kino and rushed to catch the Carre4's event instead. Nagged poor husband to drive me there as it was barely light, sprinted out of the car as soon as he parked, raced with this chinese guy to the queue, then, wait in line behind 70 or so people ( or so it seemed then) including this woman with a 6 month old BABY, who got more and more excited as the time to start selling approached! (the Baby and not the mommy) Ni mesti masa pregnant baca HP je,ek? (By the way-She's a step mother of 3 grown up kids, her husband is in oil and gas, he works at XYZ company and their eldest has just gone to Uni XYZ - oh! And she lives in Section XX!) So anyway got the book, got mystery gift - water tumbler for the kids to lose again in school (they always do)-THANKS HUSBAND- he said he actually does not care for HP , he was just doing it as he loved me (awwwww- come on really, you want a golf game next week, right?)

2. I have...FINISHED IT

Through a movie, mom's meeting aka last minute tahlil, IKEA trip, etc. I have finished it yay yay. Wah best ler... Unsangkarable! Macam nie lah. JRRowling pleased everyone except if you really really like R, F, D, ME,S etc who all died.... (S was the one I cannot understand but I guess had to be done). It was a clever (or if you are not a fan, a rather merepek) way of ending it. Oh I can see the movie now.

3. I have ..gone to see Transformers

Dad of Four, your son was an angel, was my son's buddy for life, jalan semua hold hands and then main so nice. and he was so cheerful through the MC d meal and the wayang. Sorry tak da popcorn, habis believe it or not, although they didnt tell me they were not replenishing the popcorn until I get to the counter , and 10 mins have passed since I joined the line. SERVICE in Malaysia is terrible! (generalising again). I got junkfood though. Anyway the movie was to be watched in the cinema, and also, was good but I had a lot of questions (like, if they need the cube so much why didn't the autobots take it away when they finally had it instead of letting the boy take it and give it to the army and what WAS the need for the army and you expect me to believe that that HOT girl who hardly talked to the geek (although he's a cute geeK) now is next to him for all time? And parents never carik or what?) Anyway I had fun with the noise and the action and the special effects! Oh yeah, I discovered that the cinema version had blanked out a word used in the DVD. Quite a shock when I put the DVD on (thanks Chik) for parents in the car . Hope they didn't catch it.

4. I have gone to IKEA.

Took parents, and kids to IKEA. What can I say, So crowded lah !!! Remind me again why I need that particular pencil holder thingy? Always tempted by the stuff in IKEA. Kat UK Ikea is like fit for students but over here cannot afford lah its not cheap. Spent a long time at the cafe. Visited the prayer room for Maghrib and discovered that tak cukup kain for the telekung, Only have tops and not kain- how odd! Hubby wants a RM600 shaggy carpet.

ALSO. I have had a chat with brother no3 about his impending engagement. Family meeting (which started late) decided that we are going around eight and there were some debate whether the men or women should be carrying the dulang hantaran etc. Since he reads this (he says) Let me assure you that I AM happy that you are finally settling down. really! Tu yang susah pi confess dalam blog tau. Anyway my uncles all excited and despite my idea of meeting at some point, (shot down ) we are all meeting at mom's place and I bet, another little kenduri. We love gettogethers, we do.

Ok that is enough for the weekend. See ya tomorrow.

(on the kids' front- Johan has just now finished an "AKO gemilang" picture- amende tu you say? Jalur gemilang...)


Dijah said...

I've already finished it to Superwoman!Finished in 13 hours.

Superwomanwannabe said...

yay! now can read again! (slower this time!) nadine got my book now

Dad of Four said...

SW - Ib pretending kot? LOL. Thanks for inviting him along!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I suka baca blog u...u somehow sound like me!! ha ha ha...the nagging part, the bertekak part, the way we insisted on our children's names part, etc etc etc...and no wonder...we are in the same profession...!! The way yr kids talk/argue...sebijik the way mine do...cikgu kata my eldest (ya, ya..UPSR coming..) 'arguesome'...& her dad said, dia tak heran...he he he...

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi anon! hee thanks! us lawyers cant just keep our lives quiet eh? Good luck to your eldest too for the UPSR! month over je kan???!! Thanks for visiting and hope you come again!

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