Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Pune Update:

Husband is deeply impressed by the quality of the surgeons over there and the hospitals. Nadine and the gang may well be sent to India for their medical education (ie before they become artists etc). I quote "its World Class" .

On a personal level- Husband managed to cause an electrical disaster early in the morning. He requested for an iron and then it short circuited and burnt his (only) tie and pants as well as tripping the room's power. I think he should make a fuss with the hotel.

Johan said "Daddy doesn't miss us" because daddy did not call. I told him daddy is busy lah. Then he said "But when he is in his room he can call us?" hmm then I told him "very expensive lah". So this morning we called and I passed the phone to Johan and after he said "hello" , he lowered the phone and whispered to me "I don't know what to saylah!" heh heh heh

Went to the clinic yesterday. Dahlia's whole forehead is slightly swollen . I thought her nose was broken, it was also swollen. Some boy threw a rock/something to her face, while they were horsing around. Teacher did not tell me. Oh that reminds me that I need to tell the school about this. Apa ni. Happily the victim appears alert and happy.

Wish I can be witty these days..my posts are beginning to sound so boring and dreary..what the kids did., what the kids say...bla bla bla

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SW-you've been tagged for a good cause. Check my blog!

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