Friday, July 27, 2007


What is it about KL roads that they instantly turn into parking lots when it rains? Where do all the extra cars come from? There should be the same number of cars when its dry as when its raining right? Or is our rain special, it can "expand" or increase the volume of the cars? Hehehehehe- in Malaysia anything can. Please don't tell me cars slow down when it rains because that is not entirely true. Laju lagi adalah. So many road bullies too.

Man when you drive in KL, you learn to just grit your teeth, push the nose of the van out, and cut off that presumptious toyota camry who is trying to get into your lane from the right ..

It was really really vicious out there yesterday (and to a lesser degree, today) . I swore like a sailor yesterday, as Malaysian drivers show absolutely no respect for lanes or lights come to think of it. We can give the Indian drivers a run for their money. The only thing missing would be the incessant honking that friendly drivers in India love. Ladies, men, old guys, young twerps, would simply ,pokerfaced-ly, and very the blur-faced ly, cut in front of you or trying to get into your way or worse, go on the hard shoulder etc , shamelessly over taking about 40 cars, then delay everyone by trying to get back into your lane. The cops would of course be missing most times. to top it all off, yesterday a tree fell on to the road and I heard the traffic report going "...and that tree is STILL there ..."

Well! Im not getting bullied by the road maniacs babey! Sigh....Its nice to find out that although 10 years ago one was too chicken to drive and had to be coached around the TESCO car park 24 times by one's other half, now one can wrestle in traffic with the best of them...hehehehehe

Update on the abovereferred to Other half.

As of now, no news. What I will do is I will ask at the hospital tomorrow exactly when this conference ends , as now his parents are also worried. My parents have called also. Not to mention how annoying I must seem to my friends! I do not know how the parents of say the Nuri crash etc can stand to wait for news. I do not need caffeine lah basically, to stay awake. I know my hubby is safe, he has to be to hear all the "leter-an" from us, lah. Insyallah. It's very important to leave details of where you are going with your loved ones , I now remind my kids. We were talking about their dad and Johan said he is a funny man. As in Ha Ha.

Rice cooker conked

On day mom in law announced arrival, my rice cooker conked. Light ada, but refused to cook . So how? Bought a new one. Thanks KitchenGuardian for your kind offer of lending us one but I'd better get a new one. Spending money takes my mind off the subject of you know what anyway.

Homework front

We are making progress... Sophia is slowly catching up with all the homework and Sara is fully (She says) updated too. (No sleeping until done- all of a sudden, they felt very very tired and had to go to bed NOW, ie before work is done. Ahaaa mommy sees through you lar)

Did not check anyone else- I am taking Dahlia's word that she has finished hers and really, Dahlia? ALL your exercise books are with the teachers? NOTHING for me to see? Hmmm,strange....? hee hee.

Jojo did not go to school again. Felt ill. Showed me also,his neck is warmish.. What's going on.....anyway tomorrow he promised me he'd go . I said "Well done Johan" and a moment later I heard him mumbling under his breath "there's a birthday party anyway" - OHO!!

Im not really worried (yet) about his development. He is five (1 in my mind) -

He would spell random letters and then ask me to pronounce and then when I happen to hit on a word eg MAMA etc, he'd crow to the others that he has spelt mama. Actually he can read a little - : PLAY, GAME, ENTER YOUR NAME, YES, NO, EXIT, START. He can also spell NICKELODEON. I tell you.

Nadine is preparing for her new UPSR subject, in Harry Porter. She reads it slowly and now is halfway however was told the ending by neighbour- hey Nadine, its day 5 since the book is bought , you are bound to know.

Its now 1.45 and my other neighbour just came in. what does he do and why does he come in at this time every blinking night? And yet they tell us that they have not moved in yet. As in,pls dont tegur us , we have not officially moved in. They do their own thing . We, stare from behind curtains.

Ok ok better go to bed- I have to (still) send the kids tomorrow am. MIL has her appointment at GH.

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