Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Independence Day!!!

Happy Independence Day Malaya!! 5o years of independence rule, eh..pandai lah you!

Because I felt a bit silly shouting merdeka merdeka merdeka without actually remembering the struggle to get there, I read up on Malaysian History- ok I cheated and went to Wikipedia. If it turns out to be not correct and incredibly biased - well, that's Wikipedia for you. Siapa suruh tak ingat Sejarah Melayu. Merdeka is just not about fireworks tau!!

Malaysia of 2007- multiracial, multicultural, first world facilities, no starvation, no more Malaria (well actually husband said due to the foreign workers it is now on the rise again) ,able to respond to problems such as flood with a very expensive flood tunnel ...and having more vocal debate about the Malaysianness of Malaysia..and Bangsa Malaysia...

While understanding the desire to maintain and preserve the Malay heritage that spans several centuries, we cannot use this as an excuse to reward the lazy. As a race the Malays must get off our butts to be successful, in this life and the next. No more Commission Mentality PLEASE!!!!!

On the other hand, other races will, hopefully , understand that the malay psyche today is rooted in that 400 year old history- the "we-were-here-first-and-we-deserve-some-perks" claim- its the pahlawans and the panglimas and the parameswara and the raja raja! it may not be right but its there...Wonder what will happen if it was us who were clever enough to sail to another country to trade...and if we wanted to be part of that country when she becomes independent, what would we give up- would we insist on all the same things ?? As in, recognition and respect?? Is it only natural to discriminate? How long do you have to stay in any one country before you stop being an "outsider"? Dont know, Im Indonesian and Indian. Ask an American, they are all outsiders.

As a nation Malaysia must stop this internal bickering, look around , see our success for what it is- short of a miracle, given we were "ruled" by lazy malays eh, and greedy chinese and drunken indians - all the stereotypes and all the mistrusts and yet we prosper. We prosper and it is very ugly and certainly not trendy to sneer at one self in front of visitors.

And race and religion. You cannot please everybody all of the time, just hope we all have the wit and grace to deal with whatever comes in the future. We were here first, yes, but we will not be here tomorrow if we do not accept that "we" are now a multi racial multi cultural society.

To everyone, Happy Merdeka. It means something. I am proud of it. So those clever writers who bash Malaysia, Merdeka, etc etc....oh just shut up.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Nadine!!

Happy Birthday to wuri Nadine!!!!

12 years old today..ish ish ish ish tak percaya!!

I can remember delivering her in St John's Woods Hospital...WARNING NOSTALGIA AHEAD!!!

......admitted due to bleeding..tak sakit pun.....walking around the hospital grounds in my kain sarong...all those white ppl staring ...and then the doctor (Mr Robarts) coming to tell me they were going to induce me..since I had something called placenta abruption, bleeding inside which may endanger life of mommy and baby,hence 2 days warded with the minahsallehs - I remember thinking these white women have such low threshold of pain (cehwah sombong) as they were moaning and huffing beside my bed. Also husband bringing flowers and pancake to the ward as I had mentioned wanting pancakes (aaah those were the days when I got flowers)...then the actual labour- me wanting to get off the table and telling the docs and nurses I need to poo..and them telling me that's the sign the baby was coming down- awat tak habaq!!! I didn't want to embarrass myself!! The "action" registrar telling me to stop moaning. (tampar kang!) and then I heard them saying the baby was in distress and they need to do a caesarian section, and then how instantly and miraculously my pengecut cervix said hey waddayaknow, I can deliver the baby naturally after all!

And of course, the first visitors are my lovely friends Sharan and Nivi and even her brother Nikhil! seriously I think they were cleaning Nadine up- oh yeah the nurses did think it was weird when Hubby took Nadine away for azan-ning. Or when we ask for the placenta back.

.......END OF NOSTALGIA.....

FLASH TO 2007....

Nadine now, a budding teenager, a model daughter, a fantastic enforcer for her mom, heheheheh, a good student, someone emotional, and very loving.Someone who actually turned down the offer of a handphone for her birthday!!!!!

So sayang, Happy Birthday to You!

(yesterday took her to GH as it was her 8th day having fever- doctor said she was ok and upon the pronounciation , she actually became better!)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fraser's Hill - my version.

Fraser Hills was great! Such a pity the road to it is like hell...kalau tak sure every other week kita panjat there.

Tarak gambar as husband forgot the battery for it....adake.

Fraser's Hill was...lovely!!! Pleasant!! Pretty!! And..Sejuk !! About 19 degrees, I should say. Hahaha husband mula mula tak percaya that it could be that cold - I think he was expecting a mini Cameron Highlands but when he got there he found that it was no bigger than FRIM and pretty much like FRIM actually with a few bungalows thrown in. Malam menggigil.


The place where we stayed, Silverpark resort- er ok lah. Original plan was a 2 bedroom apartment. us and maybe mom and dad. Sekali mom taknak go out of KL (I think she remembered the winding road which I blissfully forgot) - the last time I was in Fraser's I was 15 I think- dad had month-long courses there . At one point we spent 3 months there. Brother and I had good memories of Fraser's HIll and we were always talking about going there. But never got round to it.


Sekali what a coincidence- dad informed me that he heard my brother was also going there withi his inlaws! Of all weekends that he would choose to go, eh? Called him up, they did not book any place yet. Offered our place and as soon as we got there, we booked a 3 bedroom apartment for Saiful and family. It was decided that he would stay with us, while his mom in law, and sis inlaw and kids would stay at the TM bungalow *(which is really really pretty!Much prettier than ours!)


We checked in at about 2, and the kids had lunch. Silverpark resort may be nice and in the clouds, but the chef - he should be fired. My kids all unanimously voted "YUCK"!!! to the lambchop and nasi goreng and kuey teow which we had for lunch (no other choice and had to wait a loooooong time for the chops) . TOn the plus side, the waitress are all friendly and accommodating and the manager let all 7 of us eat breakfast for free the next day (and with my brother , his wife and kids!) - so overall ok lah...heheheheh (see we are soo easily pleased)


However other than the food, and the fact that things could be better maintained, (what is it about us Malaysians, we have all the resources but cannot maintain) - I would say that Silverpark is ok...the 3 bedroom apartment was rather big , one master bedroom, one twin bedded and one single bed, and sizeable living room and kitchen. Basic fridge kettle, tea coffee etc etc. No tv, but they sent one up. It took a few hours to settle in as the tap in the master b/room would not close and water kept pouring out. Then the electricity kept tripping. Kejap kejap padam. Suspend pulak.

But once they sent the electrician over with the telly, it was ok. telly !!civilisation!!


Anyway in the late afternoon we went to the "town" ie the Puncak Inn and some shops in front of it. Only another hotel we could see, the former Merlin, or "Shahzan Inn" now. One small roundabout and that's it. A really nice looking golf course, in front of the Merlin which means we are definitely coming back if husband has anything to do with it.

Nothing much to do if you do not like walking. We checked out the stuff to do while we lepak minum teh tarik with brother, and brother's in laws at Puncak Inn..


The next day, we went to check out the bungalow where we remembered staying for months - Pierre Andre was there apparently ada shooting "I not single" (or was that what he said to the press?? hehehehe) . After that , strawberry picking (or rather, dropped by the cafe/nursery where strawberries are budding) - kids had strawberry juice icepops. Then off to the Paddock where the kids wanted us to spend RM4 per kid for one round on a horse's back. Saiful went home straight when we discovered that the Paddocks close for lunch. Our family decided to lepak at the stall in front of the Paddocks- between us all, we had 7 maggy mee, 1 nasi lemak, 1 rojak, 1 coffee and 1 tea and 2 cokes and 1 cucur durian- and all under RM30. (- Rm28!) and then when it was 2,- off to the kuda stalls.

Nothing exciting lah - the kuda kuda just took the kids around the paddock- belum habis bye bye dah sampai balik - it was THAT short.


We tried archery as well. That was a load of fun. Nadine , Sara pun try. Sophia pun. Dad had 10 arrows all to himself with the man bow. Ie berat . We girls had a go at the girls' bow. Ie supposedly lighter. Syok lah. After a while, challenging to hit the board - nevermind the bulls eye. I did a lot worse than the kids.

Ok, we are home now.

I just got back from the clinic. Nadine has measles. Sophia and Johan, viral illnesses.

Back to reality- eh??

Friday, August 24, 2007

Microwave Died.

Ever had one of those days when you wished you had never woken up??!!

Yesterday was one of those days. Sigh sigh sigh.

On the home front- there was no gas for cooking. Usually, that means microwaved meals. But then, the maid/kids tried to boil an egg and the 10 year old microwave died on them. So no cooking on microwave! Nasib baik this happened after they ate lunch!!

Hai..sedih pulak atas kematian microwave nie...Dah 10 tahun tau...Macam macam torture it took, but so far, not a boiled egg so I guess that was the ultimate straw that exploded the microwave. (Seriously, exploded). Dad finally bought a new "canggih"looking microwave - its LG- its silver and therefore looks a bit spacy, it has a picture of a pizza in front of it - AS IF!! Hee hee hee. We have learnt long ago to buy basic basic stuff saja as we don't really use the mic/oven/handphone for all the extras . Buat tengok je. Tried scramlbling an egg this morning in the microwave- jadik lak tu!!

Anyway hope today is better - seing that its a Friday. Planning to go off to Frasier's Hill tomorrow. Actually can't wait allready- the hills, the greenery, the cool weather I hope. Or should I go to Genting only. However this means we will be missing 2 weddings. How lor.

Ok see you I got to check something.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Update on the Thief Penyangak Hantu Keji Jijik

Semalam , my mom got a call from the secretary of another mosque, saying that they found her bag in the toilet at their mosque. The thing had put my mom's bag on top of the toilet. Mosque ni quite far from the first mosque where the stupid brainless idiot did it. This evil hantu is a pro at targetting mosques rupanye..

My mom got back her IC and her banking books. All the yens and ringgit are gone.

CCTV for Mosques!!!!!!

Toing Toing and Bong Bong

Semalam the kids and hubby fetched me from work. They were at the nearby pool. I was forced to do work at the office while waiting for them as hubby said there was no point in me coming over since they all had to walk back to my office where they had parked the car anyways.

They were in high spirits last night, Yelah duduk rumah no astro and no internet so agaknye keboringan tahap giler ..hehehehehe although they tell me that Sara had built a boarding house for her dolls. I wish that I could have stayed home yesterday to see that!

Anyways. While hubby and I were chatting away ,with Johan lepas geram duduk on my lap, the girls were humming kat belakang. Suddenly, raised voices:-

Sophia: I get to be bong bong lah!
Sara: No, you are not bong bong, you are toing toing!
Sophia: I was toing toing last time!! I want to be bong bong...!
Nadine: Ok ok I know, Sophia is toing toing,Sara go bong bong. I will sing the tune.
Dahlia: And me??
Nadine: Dahlia you can clap in time.

And the rest, since the kaklong has delivered her edict, pun diam...and started to do their singing and their music..

So we were entertained by this percussion takjadi of bongbong, toing toing and clapping.

Maybe they WILL be the Corrs eh??

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mosques and Thieves!

Is nothing sacred these days?????

Are mosques no longer safe???!!!!

My mom was praying with 2 others yesterday, and while she was doing her sujud, her bag was grabbed. Someone pushed her head down, and her glasses fell off, and her bag was gone. She shouted but it was no use. The mosque was dark and the guy was experienced and had disappeared. The imam said "oh yesterday this happened too". Haaaaa????!!! relaks nye ko....

It is doubly tragic as mom had a lot of cash last night- my brother was flying off to japan this morning and the money was for him . There was also his money to her for her to donate to an orphanage.

My first gut reaction is that Im glad she was safe. Second- let's kill the bastar%%D

My mom is very very traumatised, she was sobbing and shaking and very very very scared as it happened in a mosque, the last place you'd expect to be robbed, and while she was praying. She was praying with her bag very close to her and within her reach , so I guess the monster hina keji yang did this had to push her to get access to it.

I hope the guy gets cancer. And die a slow death. Its evil , targetting defenceless people.

Went off to report to the police station. Alahai.....our policemen are the softest spoken cops ever. Which is good. For my mom's nerves. But bad - for mine.

" if we dont catch them in this world they will get it in the next" is not something that Miami Vice will ever say. I dont think Horatio of CSI will say "oh well, biasalah tu..." to his vics.
No one suggested sending investigative officers to comb the area. No one asked for the names of the witnesses to the incidents. It's almost like they blame my mom actually for daring to take her money out of the bank.

Never mindlah!!!! My mom very ralat .'s only cash and Im soo glad she was not hurt. I hope she will heal emotionally soon...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Morning Surgery

Kids are playing pretend this morning.

Suruh bangun everyday for school, susah. The moment their term break starts, they wake up at the crack of dawn. Where is the fairness .

Anyway yesterday they got some plastic dolls -cheapo only- Rm5 or something. Due to Astro being on the blink again- monkey must have jumped on the sky dish or something- the kids had to think of something else lah.

So this morning, we have a clinic in my living room. There is a receptionist (sara) who welcomes in patients (jojo) to see the Doctor (Dahlia of course) - who has the knee reflex thingy (and actually told her dad he was using the wrong end) . And suddenly Jojo used his rocket to transport his patient (he's now the pilot) to the hospital.

Dad pretended to hit his leg with the toy reflex thingy only to find that it hurt just like the real one...heheheheh

wonder how long this fun and camararderie will last before someone hits someone else...hehehehehehe

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Our Date


- The other night we went to Prego, in Westin. The plan was just to get a drink. I pun dah makan banyak that day. Prego is not your Mc Donald so it was kind of a date lah. We happen to be nicely dressed pulak tu (perasan Sendiri) . Anyway , ingat nak "chill" je lah.

But Prego was soo invasive!! The minute we came in, someone slapped down this plate of bread on our table , with the sauce. Then, this lady came in and asked me something about still or spawkleeng. Amende?? I had to ask her twice to repeat herself and still I tak faham so I decided to chance it and said "Still". Then she asked me how to address me. Come again? Are we going to be related? Or work colleagues? I told her my name in a small voice.Then, blissfully, she went off.

So we tucked into this free (I think) mound of bread. Sedap gak ek. Anyway belum dua minute into the conversation , this mamat came in and asked us whether we were ready to order. Dah orang tanya, rasa terpaksa lah order hehehehehehe. So I ordered icecream, ie makanan ruji , and hot chocolate with marshmallow (yes, in keeping wiht my diet) . And hubby ordered lasagna.

The rest of the meal went pretty much like this- eat , eat,stop, waiter clean crumb, eat, waiter replace plate, eat, waiter come to comb hair - you get the picture... hehehehhehe.

The food- well, the icecream was divine. Very rich chocolate. and with very thick chocolate flakes. And the hot chocolate with marshmallow? Well let's just say until today I don't have any craving for chocolate - it was that chocolatey it seemed to have cured my fondness for chocs!

Hubby's lasagna- was a bit of disappointment to him. First off, the top was not white as per his purist idea of a lasagna. it was actually full of meat.And it was not sloppy it was quite solid. And the meat was a bit mushy.

It did not look good next to the salt encrusted talapia that the neighbours got- hehehehehe. (as a revenge, yesterday dad cooked lasagna- yuummm. )

Anyway stop complaining allready!! I got a nice meal and really commend the waiters and waitresses for their efficiency! Suuuuper efficiency!!!????

On a bad note, Hubby got severe diarrhoea the next day. Could it be the meat, you think??

Friday, August 17, 2007

Supermom and Superdad

Taking tips on parenting from

Believe it or not.

I admire how they do it. How DO they do it? Firstly they always carry one of their children and Im sure by now all of them know how to walk. I think we are all familiar with the "pushing-empty-stroller" syndrome or the"Stroller- to - carry- bags " syndrome.

Another thing I admire is how they take their kids out on individual outings. There's this posting where Ange is taking the son to Borders. I can't imagine taking say, Sophia to Borders without the rest screaming. I took Nadine to Bombay and I had to make SO MANY DEALS!! So kudos to them for giving each of their kids quality time.

What I cannot get over is how they can do all this, in the fish bowl that they live in!! My mom watches me and critisises how I handle kids and my hackles are up allready. Much though I love my mom.And much though I need her advice on how to handle the kiddies. For this couple- the whole world (of shallow people who can't be arsed to do another agreement now that its friday evening and wishing her husband would come fetch her allready) is watching them and blogging about them and cursing them and generally making comments on them. And wherever they go they have those very very huge and very intrusive cameras on them and I saw one picture - the camera was really in their face!! Literally!

So discounting the fact that they are gorgeous people, I would keep on being amazed by Ange and Brad for their parenting skills.

I , would never let my son walk around with a mohiccan hairstyle.

More pictures...

This is the bridegroom to be. Or the engagee is there such a thing? Anyway congratulations on almost getting hitched. We'll try and save some moolah to go and visit you next year ok (maybe airasia will fly to ireland soon??)- and no , this is not to spotcheck that you stay good ok -well, it is, but so what lah Im the eldest and I get to be the JAIS of the family hee hee, its one of the perks.

My handsome youngest baby brother whom I fed with a bottle when he was a baby and is now in Saitama, Japan...
The 2nd in the family (and perasan just cause he's a boy he is the real first born hehehehehe- sorry) and mistaken often for some hindustani a dad of 3.
Hmm..a picture is worth a thousand words..hehehehehehehe!
My family (sans the engaged guy) - that's my sis inlaw in blue. Cousin behind us.

The gambar

Actually there were seven trays of gifts. In the middle is my proud Opah. On the left in yellow, my cousin from dad's side, my cousin from mom's side, my cousin from mom's side whose engagement was in Perak a few weeks back. On the right, my cousin from dad's side, my cousin from mom's side, and i have no idea who that guy is who's cut in half- er...aizat ke??? We obviously did not get that this was not a reunion and therefore not about us...heheheheheh . This pix was actually taken after we have arrived at the girl's house, ie not our territory allready...heehheee . This is my gorgeous family. Sorry semua dah taken 'k.
The pink family (and one guy who insisted that peach is pink) . The one in blue is my niece. The grown up blue my cousin and ex secretary of family club (lets take the position back nak , the current pres and sec tak leh harap la)
With the trays of bribery - er gifts - laid out, the negotiations can begin ...

elehhh!! Sayang nye my mom with her new daughter in law to be...sheessssssshhh jeles jeles hehehehehehe...

HitzFM rocks

Adek's engagement in pix follows .

I listen to now. Protesting against the loss of Krill of K&K. Don't like Hani and AC Mizal. Not that I don't like them, I just don't like them as Kieran's partner. Bring back Krill.


Anyway Hitz is very funny- JJ and Rudy brings a Malaysian Icon every morning, and so far we have heard from Mr Malaysian Excuse, Ms Sipadan (very very steamy) Mr Char Kuey Teow (call him Mr Char), Mr Nasi Lemak and Mr Teh Tarik etc etc- they are hilarious and very bersahaja. They speak English in Malaysian style- something that Hubby should start doing , according to some people- honestly, he is NOT making that slang up. He thinks he's allready very melayu . I told him he does not speak in the melayu sing song.

Kids are ok...Semalam Solat Hajat at Nadine's school and of course we were late. Dapat solat hajat je- itu pun i balik rumah..hubby yang pergi. sebab ada surprise guests....


Sis in Law Atie and Husband were at home. I told her I have not seen you in 7 months! (betul pun) Now Atie's husband has been transferred to KL . We only know when he came to KL and husband later told us that he bumped into Atie's husband at GH..hehehehehehe. Kantoi...anyway they have moved to KL and are now living in Cheras. Can you believe it , if it was any of MY Siblings, I would have been roped in to help in their move to KL...hehehehehehe. My parents would have made sure that the other siblings have pleeennnnty of notice that their baby brother/sister is coming to town. Just another difference in upbringing between my family and Hubby- his family is more "do first tell later" - very independent. But of course we are going to menyebok and help them move and settle down aren't we.

Hubby thinks they are very intimidated by us- ye ke. I must say, trying to get info was a bit like what they do for a living - extracting teeth heheheheheheehhe. maybe they were segan kot...

eh i put up the engagement pix sat ah..
apa susah sangat blogger nie.....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weekend - Pre engagement

Believe me, I have been trying to update my posts...but adaje orang masuk lah,phone ringing lah etc. Have been rather distracted at work. I tell you, I need to be more paranoid at work, ie no errors or omissions.I hate it when ada mistakes.
FIRSTLY, Takziah kepada Chik for the passing of his sister - we heard it yesterday. Semoga roh beliau berada di tempat orang yang beriman..Amin. Be strong Chik.....
Anyway we had a hectic weekend, the Friday I had to go to TTDI to get some datuk or other to sign the documents, and then at night went to Opah's house to see my brother - actually we had gone to my mom's but they weren't home yet.
FRIDAY- the return of the Samurai
My brother Shah , no 4 in the family, youngest boy and baby of mom, (yah you are,Shah dont bother denying it hahahaha) , is now working as a [network engineer??] or something very crever like that, wayyyy in Japan. He's back for about 10 days. The minute the kids saw him they virtually jumped on him. He was eating Nasi Lemak Ayam Dara, dengan penuh lepas geramnye. Husband yang mulamula tak lapar terus join. Auntie Dah and Chik, jamu loads of durian after that- which Chik got free kata dia. Sophia slept at her Opah's house. I did not know about this. rupanye dia menangis menyayat hati sebab nak sangat tidur sana.
SATURDAY - the end of someone's bachelorhood
My brother got engaged.
I went to CarreEmpat to get clothes for me...girls dah sorted, takkan mak tak glamer kot!! Husband rupenye ON CALL - erk! If he had to go to hospital during Adek's do, mom would have a fit.!
I took Dahlia , Johan, Sara and Sophia to carrefour. Nadine too.
Mula mula we went to Mc D. Lunch has to be sorted . Everyone was very creative in their ordering ., ada sundae, apple pie lah etc. Then we went off to look for baju. Then they got bored and I promised them toys if they just would be patient. Then we went off to a lingerie shop,(want to be glamer outside and in also lahhh) and Johan maluuuuu - he was soo shy (for all of 3 minutes). After that they played hide and seek in the lingerie shop. I promised them toys if they were good.
Then we went off to Carre4 to get the &*(*&*& toys . Toys selection not that great . Jojo nak Autobot. Yang ada just Decepticon. Somemore , some sedih looking Decepticon. Sara and Nadine nak magic secret spy stuff. Dahlia just took toys she can see., not that she really wanted. Macam the game grab what you can in 3 minutes pulak. In the end I said no toys, books only. Except for Jojo who got an Autobot- the only one left, packaging torn and sealed with sellotape. I thought this can't possibly be the normal price.
Hey what do you know. It was. I said you can't expect me to pay you RM50 for this damaged packaging. How do I know it has not lost vital parts?? The cashier said that's the price, too badlah. Really the woman seem so tired I wish I can go to her side and scan the stuff I bought myself. Well, the manager came and said "Take Decepticon lah". Ade pulak ek? In the end I put it back - can get more choice in TOYS*rUS I think. Johan was down...but understood no tantrum.
'Pas tu, Dad joined us. So we went off to more and more shops -as dad is a super shopper and has more patience in looking at stuff than me. In the end we bought 3 shoes (takda dalam budget pun) and groceries and one baju kurung, (price of Decepticon, believe it or not) and some hairclips for the girls.
At the last shop - dad noticed the lingerie plastic bag was missing - we lost them...I went to the Security Room of Carre4- and lodged a to the crook who took my undergarments .I curse you and hope you get an attack of rashes.
Ok...update on engagement soon.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Kids and Stuff

Yesterday went to Ampang P*int. I wanted to (a) buy the kids new eid clothes that I can also use tomorrow, and (b) not miss Maghrib prayers since nowadays Husband has morphed into my Dad in terms of reminding me to fulfil my dates with God. (I think its ok. I think).

Anyway..we thought about Sogo, (too jam) or Ampang Park (too jam) and then decided on Ampang- convenient. First thing we saw when we came in, is a stall selling- kids' baju kurung and bajumelayu! In the shade that I want! Perfect or what! So we boronged (ie bought them all) - 4 identical baju and also a baju melayu for Jojo. Now to find for mummy . Daddy allready has a baju melayu in that shade. Hope no one is wearing pink for Hari Raya...!

Anyway once we came home - (btw the surau in Ampang Po*int is on the 3rd Floor and its kinda ok - except don't forget to bring your own cause again they do not have complete sets of telekungs)

Anyways where was I- once we were home we got "entertained" . Johan showed me his breakdancing moves- and his silat moves- and his kungfu steps. Boys will be boys, I have no idea where he learns them. Although it was a bit worrying at first as he greeted us with both ears having tiny stickers on - like earrings, and telling me that "Im a girl" . But once he started showing me his kungfu steps I was not so worried hee hee.

Sophia also showed me her Indian dance (which involved putting both hands under her chin and then swaying her bum downwards).

Dahlia was too busy preparing card for her Uncle Shah who is flying back from Japan today.. Sara was too. Never mind that she has Science exams today.

Nadine was too excited to play the Sudoku game on my new h/p. (the old one was finally traded had a virus)

Anyway Johan told me he loves Ms x- cousin dia. This is a very open secret. And then he tells me he "has to love a girl" cause he is a boy. Eh??You're 5 lah. I tell him you must say "like" - you only love your mommy. Hmmmm..I can see Im setting a big obstacle for future girlfriend

Ok lah enuff merepek..Taraaaaa

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Annoyance- grievances etc etc

Annoyed, being annoyed, insulted , being hurt, etc etc etc.

Sometimes you should be frank, sometimes you just "telan"

I guess you have to weigh the pros and cons

I used to think I would like to know if I have hurt you. If its done unintentionally, I can apologise and make it better but if its over something that you can't rectify? How to make better? Sometimes takyah tau lagi bagus..hee hee hee.

Anyway I am the "telan" sort - tolerance level very high...I think.

But if you are annoyed with me, please let me know. Ok?
Doing work on laptop with Johan on lap. Sleeping.

Yesterday fell asleep without kissing the kids.

Today their father sent them while I was getting ready and when I came out, they had allready gone and still without kissing me

And yesterday the father commented that other mothers would spend time getting their kids ready rather than themselves. My girls get ready themselves , what with them being 7 , 10 and 12 and all, I don't really think I'm less of a mummy simply because I do not comb their hair- although I do comb their hair (usually in a style none of them likes) occassionally.

Anyway I can take constructive criticism, I take that to mean that hubby would like a more domesticated wife and mom. Must be the midlife crisis they talk about as he had no problem wiht me being me so far. So let's try to increase the domesticity. I was already thinking of asking for 2 days work at home. And lets go back promptly at 6 ok

Heee..hope the kids are ok

Tuesday, August 07, 2007



Played with the kids the other day.You know the game, where you put your foot out and then chant "Whose shoe is the dirty shoe..something something , please go out and clean your shoe" and that person would be out- well, my daughters went "Ooooohhhh so THAT's what the song means!!!" - Rupanye, they have been singing- "Ooo shu di atas tissue, mak minah minum susu, please go OUT!"

Hehehehhehehe..corrupted version.


Husband ada bagi joke the other day which I gelak nak rak but forgot to tell people. He said our Football Association should not be called Persatuan Bola Sepak but Persatuan Kena Sepak. Hahahahahahahha!!


Wah haritu I caught one story- damn fascinating lah - about this indon girl who has shaved her hair and was being matchmade with this pondan guy. Apa ntah nama citer nie. Anyway I must tell you I can't understand a thing. It went "lu ingat lu something something di something guwey, lu boleh something something sama guwey! Haprong! (or something that sounds harsh)- nonetheless I was still glued to the box and the translation.


Monday, August 06, 2007

Hmmm ..bukan boleh percaya..

Son does not want to go to school. Son promised me yesterday , when he wanted to eat icecream at 11 pm, that he would be a good boy and would go to school today. Son at 11.30 am this morning, was, as reported by GoodCop daughter Sophia, still in his jammies, watching the telly.

Next call from home, all I can hear is Johan screaming in the background going "donteller donteller". I put the phone down., next call is Johan himself sobbing and saying I dont want to go to school, and something about his back hurting? I said "ok lah johan" , and then immediately he stopped sobbing! Mommy = sucker.

What is it abt my son - he does not like to go . he goes in the afternoon as I thought morning he might want to sleep in. Ini petang also malas nak pergi. How lah.

Apparently its quite common for boys to be a bit lazy studywise. Neighbour advised to leave them alone - and he should know he has 3 boys and they seem allright! Hm.. ok lah leave Johan alone then. Hope he will realise the value of education soon.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Taman IbuKota

My grandparents live in Taman IbuKota. As nomadic my childhood was, my opah and atok's place was my safe haven and the one thing that has stayed the same all this time. The Lee Rubber stinky smelly rubber factory that after a while, goes unnoticed, the lombong-mine at the other end of the taman. The row of wooden shops by the traffic light, where I used to buy fruits and send my clothes to be tailored. The kedai runcit at each end of the road where my Opah's house is. Eventually, the taman became home when my parents moved there in 1984. Visits to my grandma were more frequent, the daily sight of my grandfather cycling to the surau in his kain pelikat or to the market, at his old age, to visit his friend Ong Tai Kim..nostalgia.

Then, I got married, and went off to the UK until close to the year 2000. I came home sporadically, to listen to my atok telling me to do well in my studies, and when I was a stay at home mom there, to listen to him telling me to work as what was the point of me doing well in my studies? hehheheheh.

He was to the last days still on his bike, and Opah was with her penyapu lidi (the coconut tree's spine of the leaves- what do you call it- that ppl turn into a broom) around the house. She was a clean freak(still is, hence her constant headache as she is not as strong as before to clean the house as before!) -

Mom used to drop me off there when I was younger and Opah and Auntie Dah used to baby sit me - she would cook me TELOR GORENG and KENTANG GORENG for lunch- sampai harini kalau demam mesti cari that food. Sebab I cant take hot food! The perennial sambal ikan bilis for my Uncle Nuar(Now missing - where ARE YOU Oh Uncle dah berapa lama tarak tengok Opah daaa ).Whenever I had to sleep there, it was soo nice.. it was such a ritual- . had to put up the mosquito net first. The mosquito coils next. The smell now brings back memories. And the smell of the kekabu pillows...Opah used to churn the pillows out.

And dulu dulu rumah tu selalu banjir...

Now...tak banjir they widened the river. The mine , has become Taman Danau Kota. The row of wooden shops has made way for a wider road. The Lee Rubber factory- gone to accommodate shops . Ong Tai Kim is now a big supermarket and not the apek tua dulu. Jalan gobak..widening at the moment. The huge trees that lined the roads- bye bye lah ngko.

Rindu pulak...How things have changed....

Today is Luxury Day

Just had dinner date with some friends, at OPUS. Didn't actually planned to go back at midnite, had promised Nadine that we'd be back by 10 something. Underestimated own capacity to yak. Towards the end was joined by another couple, had sworn that we were absolutely too too tired to stay on , but another hour later saw us STILL yakking. Came home to find my babies sleeping peacefully. Before I left I had made sure that everyone got a kiss, and since Jojo was asleep , I put on RED LIPSTICK, and then kissed him, so that he'd know of the kiss.!

If you want to appease the wife over any alleged wrongdoing, taking her to a posh hotel is not a bad idea. Last nite lepak at ONE WORLD HOTEL- fantastic value- until the end of September you get a 5 star hotel for the price of 3 . Well, the price of 3 star in KL I mean. For the same price you can rent a semi detached in Kelantan- for one month.

We had wanted to indulge the kids and anyway they love the hotel life, so we scoured around for a nice (reasonably cheap) hotel. Ok here's the thing, there is no such thing in KL. Anything ending with "-ton" is way over RM500. Le Meridien, where we spent our 12th Anniversary, was also RM400.HAs it been THAT long ago that we did this? - Stay in a hotel , I mean?

Occassionally we do like to spend a nite away from home, with huge downy pillows and lovely warm bed, and that's true even if it meant all 7 of us lying the wrong way on the kingsized bed, or if, as was yesterday, dad slept on the sofa-Sitting up. It's the hotel experience, I love it, Dad loves it, and now, the kids love it. They would come in to the room, see it, go "Wow!!! THANK YOU Moommy and Daddddy!!" in a chorus, then start putting their shoes in a neat line. And then look outside, in to the minibar, at the stationery etc. They will NOT eat the chocolate in the minibar - yesterday it was me who wallaped the ferrero rocher, necessitating dad's search of the same choc at 7eleven. 7 eleven- RM2. Hotel- RM12 .

Anyway after loads of calls we finally found One World Hotel which had JUST opened and therefore had a promotional rate. My kids loved it. Their routine included a sinfully long bath for each of them , (Hotel on good terms with Syabas, I see) and/or the rain shower- and One World hotel has 3 types of shower. The next morning Dad was out as usual- he'd always go out early whenever we stay at a hotel- he'd be buying us the cheap nasi lemak- the one that cost RM4 and not RM40...crazy kan hotel prices?

After breakkie, the kids and dad went to the pool. I don't know how the hotel does it., but the pool is soo breezy! You do NOT feel like you are right next to One Utama, or next to a residential area. You feel you are on holiday in some resort. I found out later that they had planned the design of the pool area so that it would attract all the breeze.

While they were swimming, I went for my free breakfast. I was the last one there , so had to get everything, as they were cleaning up. By the third plate, felt like I was going to pengsan from overeating. But since they had personally taken the stuff for me and delivered the dishes to my table to help me and ensure that I don't disturb the cleaning up process, I felt obligated to finish my 5 plates of food. A bit of relief when my cousin turned up and said hello!- he is the head of kitchen there. HOW could I forget???? Finally finished my fruits etc and joined the kiddies over the pool.

Letting mummy spend an hour eating breakfast and enjoying her Star while he tended the kids is definitely a plus point. All is forgiven. Hehehehheheh

If you want a nice evening , next to a shopping centre , with people who are nice to you (ok you paid them to be) -You cannot go wrong with One World.

I'd definitely recommend it.

Now tired. Stuffed.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


MIL has instructed the Ustaz to train the kids to recite their "tahyat Awal and akhir" ie so that they can recite them during prayers. Also all the other verses they need to memorise.

So anyway, yesterday I thanked Ustaz for his efforts. I said I do try, but they come up with so many excuses.

Ustaz said: "Sophia lagi cantik- semalam suruh dia hafal Doa Qunut, dia kata, dia tak sembahyang subuh jadi tak payah lah hafal!"


Maluuu maluuuuu

(!!basically she said that she does not need to recite it because she does not pray!!How embarrassing..)

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...