Annoyance- grievances etc etc

Annoyed, being annoyed, insulted , being hurt, etc etc etc.

Sometimes you should be frank, sometimes you just "telan"

I guess you have to weigh the pros and cons

I used to think I would like to know if I have hurt you. If its done unintentionally, I can apologise and make it better but if its over something that you can't rectify? How to make better? Sometimes takyah tau lagi bagus..hee hee hee.

Anyway I am the "telan" sort - tolerance level very high...I think.

But if you are annoyed with me, please let me know. Ok?


Anonymous said…
you angry with me?????

hahahahaha no lah woman! with you i cannot telan direct i have to also be direct lar...

no lah, im thinking of deleting this post as entah apa apa ntah
Anonymous said…
Hello Sheila,

I know we all have our days but I am also the telan type and let it rest for a bit then i will re think the issue again then confront.I always think its good to talk. Btw i posted some comment but no reply also :( hu hu hu
Hey Anon!

Are you who I think you are?? I replied already hee sorry ...

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