Doing work on laptop with Johan on lap. Sleeping.

Yesterday fell asleep without kissing the kids.

Today their father sent them while I was getting ready and when I came out, they had allready gone and still without kissing me

And yesterday the father commented that other mothers would spend time getting their kids ready rather than themselves. My girls get ready themselves , what with them being 7 , 10 and 12 and all, I don't really think I'm less of a mummy simply because I do not comb their hair- although I do comb their hair (usually in a style none of them likes) occassionally.

Anyway I can take constructive criticism, I take that to mean that hubby would like a more domesticated wife and mom. Must be the midlife crisis they talk about as he had no problem wiht me being me so far. So let's try to increase the domesticity. I was already thinking of asking for 2 days work at home. And lets go back promptly at 6 ok

Heee..hope the kids are ok


Minahsongeh said…
You must be a better mother than I am if kisses or getting kids ready for school are indications for being a better mom. My kids- my maid get them ready, I sent them to school bagi duit belanja and peck them on their cheeks. Tido tak pernah cium except of course si pipi tembam tu - she got terlebih doses of my kiss- balik rumah, sebelum tido or anytime in between. If howver I'm home (usually weekends) and we are getting out, I will spend the time doing their hair, choose their dresses. Weekdays tak cukup masa for all that.Lainlah I dok umah.
It's hard to become a mum when everyone accpecting u to be perfect in everything sigh....
Minahsongeh - my maid does a lot too- you at least cook for them!
stefeno-we can only try..!

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