Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Nadine!!

Happy Birthday to wuri Nadine!!!!

12 years old today..ish ish ish ish tak percaya!!

I can remember delivering her in St John's Woods Hospital...WARNING NOSTALGIA AHEAD!!!

......admitted due to bleeding..tak sakit pun.....walking around the hospital grounds in my kain sarong...all those white ppl staring ...and then the doctor (Mr Robarts) coming to tell me they were going to induce me..since I had something called placenta abruption, bleeding inside which may endanger life of mommy and baby,hence 2 days warded with the minahsallehs - I remember thinking these white women have such low threshold of pain (cehwah sombong) as they were moaning and huffing beside my bed. Also husband bringing flowers and pancake to the ward as I had mentioned wanting pancakes (aaah those were the days when I got flowers)...then the actual labour- me wanting to get off the table and telling the docs and nurses I need to poo..and them telling me that's the sign the baby was coming down- awat tak habaq!!! I didn't want to embarrass myself!! The "action" registrar telling me to stop moaning. (tampar kang!) and then I heard them saying the baby was in distress and they need to do a caesarian section, and then how instantly and miraculously my pengecut cervix said hey waddayaknow, I can deliver the baby naturally after all!

And of course, the first visitors are my lovely friends Sharan and Nivi and even her brother Nikhil! seriously I think they were cleaning Nadine up- oh yeah the nurses did think it was weird when Hubby took Nadine away for azan-ning. Or when we ask for the placenta back.

.......END OF NOSTALGIA.....

FLASH TO 2007....

Nadine now, a budding teenager, a model daughter, a fantastic enforcer for her mom, heheheheh, a good student, someone emotional, and very loving.Someone who actually turned down the offer of a handphone for her birthday!!!!!

So sayang, Happy Birthday to You!

(yesterday took her to GH as it was her 8th day having fever- doctor said she was ok and upon the pronounciation , she actually became better!)


Dad of Four said...

Happy Birthday Nadine from all of us next door!

How time flies!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nadine!

Fulltime Mom

Channel 11.5 said...

Happy birthday Nadine! What? Tanak handphone for birthday? You can say yes and give to aunty aida. I need new handphone! Hehehehe.

Teringat macam baru semalam ja the kids balik dari UK. And then pergi balik, then balik KL, and pergi Aussie. Now diorang semua dah besar. Cepatnya time jalan!

auntie mimi & unc kiki said...

happy birthday nadine! take care and good luck for ur UPSR.

MRSHUSiN said...

happy birthday nadine!!!!
young lady now! hope you had a good one! & good luck for the coming UPSR! we know you'll do well!

love ya,
auntieIz*an & uncleHus*in

Lan0stZz said...

Nadine dearest,



ALLLLLL THE BEST for your UPSR exam.

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