Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Independence Day!!!

Happy Independence Day Malaya!! 5o years of independence rule, eh..pandai lah you!

Because I felt a bit silly shouting merdeka merdeka merdeka without actually remembering the struggle to get there, I read up on Malaysian History- ok I cheated and went to Wikipedia. If it turns out to be not correct and incredibly biased - well, that's Wikipedia for you. Siapa suruh tak ingat Sejarah Melayu. Merdeka is just not about fireworks tau!!

Malaysia of 2007- multiracial, multicultural, first world facilities, no starvation, no more Malaria (well actually husband said due to the foreign workers it is now on the rise again) ,able to respond to problems such as flood with a very expensive flood tunnel ...and having more vocal debate about the Malaysianness of Malaysia..and Bangsa Malaysia...

While understanding the desire to maintain and preserve the Malay heritage that spans several centuries, we cannot use this as an excuse to reward the lazy. As a race the Malays must get off our butts to be successful, in this life and the next. No more Commission Mentality PLEASE!!!!!

On the other hand, other races will, hopefully , understand that the malay psyche today is rooted in that 400 year old history- the "we-were-here-first-and-we-deserve-some-perks" claim- its the pahlawans and the panglimas and the parameswara and the raja raja! it may not be right but its there...Wonder what will happen if it was us who were clever enough to sail to another country to trade...and if we wanted to be part of that country when she becomes independent, what would we give up- would we insist on all the same things ?? As in, recognition and respect?? Is it only natural to discriminate? How long do you have to stay in any one country before you stop being an "outsider"? Dont know, Im Indonesian and Indian. Ask an American, they are all outsiders.

As a nation Malaysia must stop this internal bickering, look around , see our success for what it is- short of a miracle, given we were "ruled" by lazy malays eh, and greedy chinese and drunken indians - all the stereotypes and all the mistrusts and yet we prosper. We prosper and it is very ugly and certainly not trendy to sneer at one self in front of visitors.

And race and religion. You cannot please everybody all of the time, just hope we all have the wit and grace to deal with whatever comes in the future. We were here first, yes, but we will not be here tomorrow if we do not accept that "we" are now a multi racial multi cultural society.

To everyone, Happy Merdeka. It means something. I am proud of it. So those clever writers who bash Malaysia, Merdeka, etc etc....oh just shut up.

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MAMAMIA said...

Sometimes I wonder, those yg dok kutuk the govt, if given the power, boleh ke mereka buat lagi elok?

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