Friday, August 17, 2007

HitzFM rocks

Adek's engagement in pix follows .

I listen to now. Protesting against the loss of Krill of K&K. Don't like Hani and AC Mizal. Not that I don't like them, I just don't like them as Kieran's partner. Bring back Krill.


Anyway Hitz is very funny- JJ and Rudy brings a Malaysian Icon every morning, and so far we have heard from Mr Malaysian Excuse, Ms Sipadan (very very steamy) Mr Char Kuey Teow (call him Mr Char), Mr Nasi Lemak and Mr Teh Tarik etc etc- they are hilarious and very bersahaja. They speak English in Malaysian style- something that Hubby should start doing , according to some people- honestly, he is NOT making that slang up. He thinks he's allready very melayu . I told him he does not speak in the melayu sing song.

Kids are ok...Semalam Solat Hajat at Nadine's school and of course we were late. Dapat solat hajat je- itu pun i balik rumah..hubby yang pergi. sebab ada surprise guests....


Sis in Law Atie and Husband were at home. I told her I have not seen you in 7 months! (betul pun) Now Atie's husband has been transferred to KL . We only know when he came to KL and husband later told us that he bumped into Atie's husband at GH..hehehehehehe. Kantoi...anyway they have moved to KL and are now living in Cheras. Can you believe it , if it was any of MY Siblings, I would have been roped in to help in their move to KL...hehehehehehe. My parents would have made sure that the other siblings have pleeennnnty of notice that their baby brother/sister is coming to town. Just another difference in upbringing between my family and Hubby- his family is more "do first tell later" - very independent. But of course we are going to menyebok and help them move and settle down aren't we.

Hubby thinks they are very intimidated by us- ye ke. I must say, trying to get info was a bit like what they do for a living - extracting teeth heheheheheheehhe. maybe they were segan kot...

eh i put up the engagement pix sat ah..
apa susah sangat blogger nie.....

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