Hmmm ..bukan boleh percaya..

Son does not want to go to school. Son promised me yesterday , when he wanted to eat icecream at 11 pm, that he would be a good boy and would go to school today. Son at 11.30 am this morning, was, as reported by GoodCop daughter Sophia, still in his jammies, watching the telly.

Next call from home, all I can hear is Johan screaming in the background going "donteller donteller". I put the phone down., next call is Johan himself sobbing and saying I dont want to go to school, and something about his back hurting? I said "ok lah johan" , and then immediately he stopped sobbing! Mommy = sucker.

What is it abt my son - he does not like to go . he goes in the afternoon as I thought morning he might want to sleep in. Ini petang also malas nak pergi. How lah.

Apparently its quite common for boys to be a bit lazy studywise. Neighbour advised to leave them alone - and he should know he has 3 boys and they seem allright! Hm.. ok lah leave Johan alone then. Hope he will realise the value of education soon.


Anonymous said…
morning school better for kindie. afternoon session budak dah malas and also tired....

I prefer hantar my kids to kindie afternoon session. It's better for them & for me of course. Kindie level, kalau diaorang malas nak pergi, I pun tak paksa.
FTM: ahahahaha morning laagi bercinta...

Mamamia- i feel the same way- nanti they get put off by school
pu1pu3 said…
but then don't let them trick you all the time.My danish kan, bangun pagi je sakit tulang la, sakit lutut la..pening tu dah teramat2 common. But once AYah dia roared:'Danish! Pegi mandi', segala sakit tulang belulang dan lutut melutut pun pooof!hilang!:)
but having said that, i turned out alright je walaupun asyik ponteng tadika..but then, I jarang ponteng sekolah betul..hehe..then again, nowdays sekolah soo competitive kan..
What can I say, you do what your motherly instincts think right kan?
Moga2 Johan akan jadi Juara di sekolah!

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