MIL has instructed the Ustaz to train the kids to recite their "tahyat Awal and akhir" ie so that they can recite them during prayers. Also all the other verses they need to memorise.

So anyway, yesterday I thanked Ustaz for his efforts. I said I do try, but they come up with so many excuses.

Ustaz said: "Sophia lagi cantik- semalam suruh dia hafal Doa Qunut, dia kata, dia tak sembahyang subuh jadi tak payah lah hafal!"


Maluuu maluuuuu

(!!basically she said that she does not need to recite it because she does not pray!!How embarrassing..)


Dad of Four said…
Kida say the darndest thing! Sumer secrets out with these kids, huh!
hee hee..rasa malue nak cerita..salah mak bapak gak akhirnye
pu1pu3 said…
and I thought my children are funny...hehehe...you sure have a lot of tales to tell seeing that you have 5 of them..Each a story of his/her own...
Still not too late to guide them. Kids are like sponge, boleh absorb macam2 sekejap aje.
all jazzed up said…
maybe she'll be a lawyer when she grows up! :)
hi mammamia..

insyallah....we can try...
hi mammamia..

insyallah....we can try...
hi All Jazzed UP!

Very little likelihood as she wants to be an artist first!

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