Friday, August 10, 2007

Kids and Stuff

Yesterday went to Ampang P*int. I wanted to (a) buy the kids new eid clothes that I can also use tomorrow, and (b) not miss Maghrib prayers since nowadays Husband has morphed into my Dad in terms of reminding me to fulfil my dates with God. (I think its ok. I think).

Anyway..we thought about Sogo, (too jam) or Ampang Park (too jam) and then decided on Ampang- convenient. First thing we saw when we came in, is a stall selling- kids' baju kurung and bajumelayu! In the shade that I want! Perfect or what! So we boronged (ie bought them all) - 4 identical baju and also a baju melayu for Jojo. Now to find for mummy . Daddy allready has a baju melayu in that shade. Hope no one is wearing pink for Hari Raya...!

Anyway once we came home - (btw the surau in Ampang Po*int is on the 3rd Floor and its kinda ok - except don't forget to bring your own cause again they do not have complete sets of telekungs)

Anyways where was I- once we were home we got "entertained" . Johan showed me his breakdancing moves- and his silat moves- and his kungfu steps. Boys will be boys, I have no idea where he learns them. Although it was a bit worrying at first as he greeted us with both ears having tiny stickers on - like earrings, and telling me that "Im a girl" . But once he started showing me his kungfu steps I was not so worried hee hee.

Sophia also showed me her Indian dance (which involved putting both hands under her chin and then swaying her bum downwards).

Dahlia was too busy preparing card for her Uncle Shah who is flying back from Japan today.. Sara was too. Never mind that she has Science exams today.

Nadine was too excited to play the Sudoku game on my new h/p. (the old one was finally traded had a virus)

Anyway Johan told me he loves Ms x- cousin dia. This is a very open secret. And then he tells me he "has to love a girl" cause he is a boy. Eh??You're 5 lah. I tell him you must say "like" - you only love your mommy. Hmmmm..I can see Im setting a big obstacle for future girlfriend

Ok lah enuff merepek..Taraaaaa

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