Friday, August 17, 2007

More pictures...

This is the bridegroom to be. Or the engagee is there such a thing? Anyway congratulations on almost getting hitched. We'll try and save some moolah to go and visit you next year ok (maybe airasia will fly to ireland soon??)- and no , this is not to spotcheck that you stay good ok -well, it is, but so what lah Im the eldest and I get to be the JAIS of the family hee hee, its one of the perks.

My handsome youngest baby brother whom I fed with a bottle when he was a baby and is now in Saitama, Japan...
The 2nd in the family (and perasan just cause he's a boy he is the real first born hehehehehe- sorry) and mistaken often for some hindustani a dad of 3.
Hmm..a picture is worth a thousand words..hehehehehehehe!
My family (sans the engaged guy) - that's my sis inlaw in blue. Cousin behind us.

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