Mosques and Thieves!

Is nothing sacred these days?????

Are mosques no longer safe???!!!!

My mom was praying with 2 others yesterday, and while she was doing her sujud, her bag was grabbed. Someone pushed her head down, and her glasses fell off, and her bag was gone. She shouted but it was no use. The mosque was dark and the guy was experienced and had disappeared. The imam said "oh yesterday this happened too". Haaaaa????!!! relaks nye ko....

It is doubly tragic as mom had a lot of cash last night- my brother was flying off to japan this morning and the money was for him . There was also his money to her for her to donate to an orphanage.

My first gut reaction is that Im glad she was safe. Second- let's kill the bastar%%D

My mom is very very traumatised, she was sobbing and shaking and very very very scared as it happened in a mosque, the last place you'd expect to be robbed, and while she was praying. She was praying with her bag very close to her and within her reach , so I guess the monster hina keji yang did this had to push her to get access to it.

I hope the guy gets cancer. And die a slow death. Its evil , targetting defenceless people.

Went off to report to the police station. Alahai.....our policemen are the softest spoken cops ever. Which is good. For my mom's nerves. But bad - for mine.

" if we dont catch them in this world they will get it in the next" is not something that Miami Vice will ever say. I dont think Horatio of CSI will say "oh well, biasalah tu..." to his vics.
No one suggested sending investigative officers to comb the area. No one asked for the names of the witnesses to the incidents. It's almost like they blame my mom actually for daring to take her money out of the bank.

Never mindlah!!!! My mom very ralat .'s only cash and Im soo glad she was not hurt. I hope she will heal emotionally soon...


Nasib baik your mom tak apa2. Sad that this happened in a mosque, rumah Allah. Nampaknya, dah tak ada tempat selamat... Maybe the thief has been following your Mom's track that day.

Kena pasang CCTV jugak kat masjid sekarang. Sebab tabung masjid pun selalu kena kopak.
Minahsongeh said…

I'm glad your mum is all right. MMg geram dengar benda2 macam ni.

You know sometimes I wonder how the police works. Don't they have like someone to actually ronda a certain area. especially tempat yang selalu jadi.
Seeking Solace said…
Oh no Horatio certainly won't say that!
pu1pu3 said…
MasyaAllah.Glad that your mum is alright but still, duit byk tu, sayang sangat but what to do kan..ish..geramnya I read about this. Which mosque, may I ask?

I setuju about the CCTV. Its sad but true- rumah Allah pun tak spared .

Yg best nye they know that its always happening but they are not that bothered about it. or so it seems to me

She took her savings out tu yang sedihnye..this is the MASJID ALRIDWAN Masjid kat Kampung Pasir-Hulu Klang

Guess what!! ANother masjid has returned my mother's bag!!! Definitely this penyangak target masjid!!
pu1pu3 said…
I know that masjid. My late father was buried there. Opposite tu area setinggan kan?not saying anything la.but whatever it is, these people, entahla..savings pulak tu.ish..i pulak yg ralat...
im sorry about that- hope you were not offended...if this happens a lot maybe we can all contribute towards the increased protection. Yng I heran is why is it still happening...??

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