Sunday, August 19, 2007

Our Date


- The other night we went to Prego, in Westin. The plan was just to get a drink. I pun dah makan banyak that day. Prego is not your Mc Donald so it was kind of a date lah. We happen to be nicely dressed pulak tu (perasan Sendiri) . Anyway , ingat nak "chill" je lah.

But Prego was soo invasive!! The minute we came in, someone slapped down this plate of bread on our table , with the sauce. Then, this lady came in and asked me something about still or spawkleeng. Amende?? I had to ask her twice to repeat herself and still I tak faham so I decided to chance it and said "Still". Then she asked me how to address me. Come again? Are we going to be related? Or work colleagues? I told her my name in a small voice.Then, blissfully, she went off.

So we tucked into this free (I think) mound of bread. Sedap gak ek. Anyway belum dua minute into the conversation , this mamat came in and asked us whether we were ready to order. Dah orang tanya, rasa terpaksa lah order hehehehehehe. So I ordered icecream, ie makanan ruji , and hot chocolate with marshmallow (yes, in keeping wiht my diet) . And hubby ordered lasagna.

The rest of the meal went pretty much like this- eat , eat,stop, waiter clean crumb, eat, waiter replace plate, eat, waiter come to comb hair - you get the picture... hehehehhehe.

The food- well, the icecream was divine. Very rich chocolate. and with very thick chocolate flakes. And the hot chocolate with marshmallow? Well let's just say until today I don't have any craving for chocolate - it was that chocolatey it seemed to have cured my fondness for chocs!

Hubby's lasagna- was a bit of disappointment to him. First off, the top was not white as per his purist idea of a lasagna. it was actually full of meat.And it was not sloppy it was quite solid. And the meat was a bit mushy.

It did not look good next to the salt encrusted talapia that the neighbours got- hehehehehe. (as a revenge, yesterday dad cooked lasagna- yuummm. )

Anyway stop complaining allready!! I got a nice meal and really commend the waiters and waitresses for their efficiency! Suuuuper efficiency!!!????

On a bad note, Hubby got severe diarrhoea the next day. Could it be the meat, you think??


Dad of Four said...

No sparkling water for you? Wah....Ice cream for dinner..

Super efficient aren't they?

Superwomanwannabe said...

SUPER!!!! I dont think we'll be visiting again....

pu1pu3 said...

wah...romantic spoilt by the superefficiencyness(eh, no such word!)but then, they were in the presence of superwoman wannabe, must keep up, I suppose.hahahah..

Superwomanwannabe said...

heheheheheh..tak taulah pulak tu...but romantic memang tarak hee hee

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