Friday, August 17, 2007

Supermom and Superdad

Taking tips on parenting from

Believe it or not.

I admire how they do it. How DO they do it? Firstly they always carry one of their children and Im sure by now all of them know how to walk. I think we are all familiar with the "pushing-empty-stroller" syndrome or the"Stroller- to - carry- bags " syndrome.

Another thing I admire is how they take their kids out on individual outings. There's this posting where Ange is taking the son to Borders. I can't imagine taking say, Sophia to Borders without the rest screaming. I took Nadine to Bombay and I had to make SO MANY DEALS!! So kudos to them for giving each of their kids quality time.

What I cannot get over is how they can do all this, in the fish bowl that they live in!! My mom watches me and critisises how I handle kids and my hackles are up allready. Much though I love my mom.And much though I need her advice on how to handle the kiddies. For this couple- the whole world (of shallow people who can't be arsed to do another agreement now that its friday evening and wishing her husband would come fetch her allready) is watching them and blogging about them and cursing them and generally making comments on them. And wherever they go they have those very very huge and very intrusive cameras on them and I saw one picture - the camera was really in their face!! Literally!

So discounting the fact that they are gorgeous people, I would keep on being amazed by Ange and Brad for their parenting skills.

I , would never let my son walk around with a mohiccan hairstyle.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sheila, Just spending my weekend lazing around, baked an orange cake now reading updates on yr blog. Congrats on t wedding. you look cun melecun !

Superwomanwannabe said...

hee hee thanks cun melecun eh- you sure you got the right girl? hehhhehehehehe..

spare some of that orange cake !


Bj said...

I agree with you! How did they do it?!! Always carrying the kids on their arms / hips tho' I know they all can walk already. I saw this one pic where Angie was carrying Zahra on her left arm and the baby girl on the other. My God! Tak berat ke? And she looks so style!! (I think that's the part that we don't get.)

Superwomanwannabe said...

tell me about it. I sorang nak angkat pun dah nampak sememeh. 2 orang definitely gelebeh. hee hee

but you so style oso...hehe he

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