Taman IbuKota

My grandparents live in Taman IbuKota. As nomadic my childhood was, my opah and atok's place was my safe haven and the one thing that has stayed the same all this time. The Lee Rubber stinky smelly rubber factory that after a while, goes unnoticed, the lombong-mine at the other end of the taman. The row of wooden shops by the traffic light, where I used to buy fruits and send my clothes to be tailored. The kedai runcit at each end of the road where my Opah's house is. Eventually, the taman became home when my parents moved there in 1984. Visits to my grandma were more frequent, the daily sight of my grandfather cycling to the surau in his kain pelikat or to the market, at his old age, to visit his friend Ong Tai Kim..nostalgia.

Then, I got married, and went off to the UK until close to the year 2000. I came home sporadically, to listen to my atok telling me to do well in my studies, and when I was a stay at home mom there, to listen to him telling me to work as what was the point of me doing well in my studies? hehheheheh.

He was to the last days still on his bike, and Opah was with her penyapu lidi (the coconut tree's spine of the leaves- what do you call it- that ppl turn into a broom) around the house. She was a clean freak(still is, hence her constant headache as she is not as strong as before to clean the house as before!) -

Mom used to drop me off there when I was younger and Opah and Auntie Dah used to baby sit me - she would cook me TELOR GORENG and KENTANG GORENG for lunch- sampai harini kalau demam mesti cari that food. Sebab I cant take hot food! The perennial sambal ikan bilis for my Uncle Nuar(Now missing - where ARE YOU Oh Uncle dah berapa lama tarak tengok Opah daaa ).Whenever I had to sleep there, it was soo nice.. it was such a ritual- . had to put up the mosquito net first. The mosquito coils next. The smell now brings back memories. And the smell of the kekabu pillows...Opah used to churn the pillows out.

And dulu dulu rumah tu selalu banjir...

Now...tak banjir dah...as they widened the river. The mine , has become Taman Danau Kota. The row of wooden shops has made way for a wider road. The Lee Rubber factory- gone to accommodate shops . Ong Tai Kim is now a big supermarket and not the apek tua dulu. Jalan gobak..widening at the moment. The huge trees that lined the roads- bye bye lah ngko.

Rindu pulak...How things have changed....


True....some memories lock in our head, even the smell of the surrounding, the breath that we take, the stories behind it. Tetiba rindu plak kat kampung....
yah..my kampung is now bandar unfortunately! Where is yours?
Anonymous said…
Yes its sad how things have changed. I used to come out at 5pm in the taman along with all the other kids we used to play batu seremban, galah panjang, teng teng etc and even create our own games like build your own taman in a styrafoam box.

I feel sad that parents give their kids everything and leave little to their immagination. Also computer games have taken over n it doesnt promote healthy interaction amongst kiddies.

Lovely post !
Hi Anon...

Thank you!

I had alovely lovely childhood and it is indeed sad that the kids nowadays would not know what is teng teng!

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