Sunday, August 05, 2007

Today is Luxury Day

Just had dinner date with some friends, at OPUS. Didn't actually planned to go back at midnite, had promised Nadine that we'd be back by 10 something. Underestimated own capacity to yak. Towards the end was joined by another couple, had sworn that we were absolutely too too tired to stay on , but another hour later saw us STILL yakking. Came home to find my babies sleeping peacefully. Before I left I had made sure that everyone got a kiss, and since Jojo was asleep , I put on RED LIPSTICK, and then kissed him, so that he'd know of the kiss.!

If you want to appease the wife over any alleged wrongdoing, taking her to a posh hotel is not a bad idea. Last nite lepak at ONE WORLD HOTEL- fantastic value- until the end of September you get a 5 star hotel for the price of 3 . Well, the price of 3 star in KL I mean. For the same price you can rent a semi detached in Kelantan- for one month.

We had wanted to indulge the kids and anyway they love the hotel life, so we scoured around for a nice (reasonably cheap) hotel. Ok here's the thing, there is no such thing in KL. Anything ending with "-ton" is way over RM500. Le Meridien, where we spent our 12th Anniversary, was also RM400.HAs it been THAT long ago that we did this? - Stay in a hotel , I mean?

Occassionally we do like to spend a nite away from home, with huge downy pillows and lovely warm bed, and that's true even if it meant all 7 of us lying the wrong way on the kingsized bed, or if, as was yesterday, dad slept on the sofa-Sitting up. It's the hotel experience, I love it, Dad loves it, and now, the kids love it. They would come in to the room, see it, go "Wow!!! THANK YOU Moommy and Daddddy!!" in a chorus, then start putting their shoes in a neat line. And then look outside, in to the minibar, at the stationery etc. They will NOT eat the chocolate in the minibar - yesterday it was me who wallaped the ferrero rocher, necessitating dad's search of the same choc at 7eleven. 7 eleven- RM2. Hotel- RM12 .

Anyway after loads of calls we finally found One World Hotel which had JUST opened and therefore had a promotional rate. My kids loved it. Their routine included a sinfully long bath for each of them , (Hotel on good terms with Syabas, I see) and/or the rain shower- and One World hotel has 3 types of shower. The next morning Dad was out as usual- he'd always go out early whenever we stay at a hotel- he'd be buying us the cheap nasi lemak- the one that cost RM4 and not RM40...crazy kan hotel prices?

After breakkie, the kids and dad went to the pool. I don't know how the hotel does it., but the pool is soo breezy! You do NOT feel like you are right next to One Utama, or next to a residential area. You feel you are on holiday in some resort. I found out later that they had planned the design of the pool area so that it would attract all the breeze.

While they were swimming, I went for my free breakfast. I was the last one there , so had to get everything, as they were cleaning up. By the third plate, felt like I was going to pengsan from overeating. But since they had personally taken the stuff for me and delivered the dishes to my table to help me and ensure that I don't disturb the cleaning up process, I felt obligated to finish my 5 plates of food. A bit of relief when my cousin turned up and said hello!- he is the head of kitchen there. HOW could I forget???? Finally finished my fruits etc and joined the kiddies over the pool.

Letting mummy spend an hour eating breakfast and enjoying her Star while he tended the kids is definitely a plus point. All is forgiven. Hehehehheheh

If you want a nice evening , next to a shopping centre , with people who are nice to you (ok you paid them to be) -You cannot go wrong with One World.

I'd definitely recommend it.

Now tired. Stuffed.


pu1pu3 said...

Wahhhhhhhh..bestnya..One World dah open?Thanks for the info.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Sheronokkkk...burn sikit ler. Its worth it as if we have to go out with the kids pun for sure dah cost banyak- minyak, makan etc etc. try it!

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