Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Toing Toing and Bong Bong

Semalam the kids and hubby fetched me from work. They were at the nearby pool. I was forced to do work at the office while waiting for them as hubby said there was no point in me coming over since they all had to walk back to my office where they had parked the car anyways.

They were in high spirits last night, Yelah duduk rumah no astro and no internet so agaknye keboringan tahap giler ..hehehehehe although they tell me that Sara had built a boarding house for her dolls. I wish that I could have stayed home yesterday to see that!

Anyways. While hubby and I were chatting away ,with Johan lepas geram duduk on my lap, the girls were humming kat belakang. Suddenly, raised voices:-

Sophia: I get to be bong bong lah!
Sara: No, you are not bong bong, you are toing toing!
Sophia: I was toing toing last time!! I want to be bong bong...!
Nadine: Ok ok I know, Sophia is toing toing,Sara go bong bong. I will sing the tune.
Dahlia: And me??
Nadine: Dahlia you can clap in time.

And the rest, since the kaklong has delivered her edict, pun diam...and started to do their singing and their music..

So we were entertained by this percussion takjadi of bongbong, toing toing and clapping.

Maybe they WILL be the Corrs eh??

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