Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weekend - Pre engagement

Believe me, I have been trying to update my posts...but adaje orang masuk lah,phone ringing lah etc. Have been rather distracted at work. I tell you, I need to be more paranoid at work, ie no errors or omissions.I hate it when ada mistakes.
FIRSTLY, Takziah kepada Chik for the passing of his sister - we heard it yesterday. Semoga roh beliau berada di tempat orang yang beriman..Amin. Be strong Chik.....
Anyway we had a hectic weekend, the Friday I had to go to TTDI to get some datuk or other to sign the documents, and then at night went to Opah's house to see my brother - actually we had gone to my mom's but they weren't home yet.
FRIDAY- the return of the Samurai
My brother Shah , no 4 in the family, youngest boy and baby of mom, (yah you are,Shah dont bother denying it hahahaha) , is now working as a [network engineer??] or something very crever like that, wayyyy in Japan. He's back for about 10 days. The minute the kids saw him they virtually jumped on him. He was eating Nasi Lemak Ayam Dara, dengan penuh lepas geramnye. Husband yang mulamula tak lapar terus join. Auntie Dah and Chik, jamu loads of durian after that- which Chik got free kata dia. Sophia slept at her Opah's house. I did not know about this. rupanye dia menangis menyayat hati sebab nak sangat tidur sana.
SATURDAY - the end of someone's bachelorhood
My brother got engaged.
I went to CarreEmpat to get clothes for me...girls dah sorted, takkan mak tak glamer kot!! Husband rupenye ON CALL - erk! If he had to go to hospital during Adek's do, mom would have a fit.!
I took Dahlia , Johan, Sara and Sophia to carrefour. Nadine too.
Mula mula we went to Mc D. Lunch has to be sorted . Everyone was very creative in their ordering ., ada sundae, apple pie lah etc. Then we went off to look for baju. Then they got bored and I promised them toys if they just would be patient. Then we went off to a lingerie shop,(want to be glamer outside and in also lahhh) and Johan maluuuuu - he was soo shy (for all of 3 minutes). After that they played hide and seek in the lingerie shop. I promised them toys if they were good.
Then we went off to Carre4 to get the &*(*&*& toys . Toys selection not that great . Jojo nak Autobot. Yang ada just Decepticon. Somemore , some sedih looking Decepticon. Sara and Nadine nak magic secret spy stuff. Dahlia just took toys she can see., not that she really wanted. Macam the game grab what you can in 3 minutes pulak. In the end I said no toys, books only. Except for Jojo who got an Autobot- the only one left, packaging torn and sealed with sellotape. I thought this can't possibly be the normal price.
Hey what do you know. It was. I said you can't expect me to pay you RM50 for this damaged packaging. How do I know it has not lost vital parts?? The cashier said that's the price, too badlah. Really the woman seem so tired I wish I can go to her side and scan the stuff I bought myself. Well, the manager came and said "Take Decepticon lah". Ade pulak ek? In the end I put it back - can get more choice in TOYS*rUS I think. Johan was down...but understood ..ie no tantrum.
'Pas tu, Dad joined us. So we went off to more and more shops -as dad is a super shopper and has more patience in looking at stuff than me. In the end we bought 3 shoes (takda dalam budget pun) and groceries and one baju kurung, (price of Decepticon, believe it or not) and some hairclips for the girls.
At the last shop - dad noticed the lingerie plastic bag was missing - we lost them...I went to the Security Room of Carre4- and lodged a report....so to the crook who took my undergarments .I curse you and hope you get an attack of rashes.
Ok...update on engagement soon.

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