Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I would not have chosen to take a maid, if it was not for my mom. We had returned from years in the UK and 3 kids, and were quite used to having just us for company and each other to rely on. However, in KL, you have that many more visitors and especially if both are working, a maid becomes necessary. Still I was willing to consider other options like daycare etc - I did NOT want a strange woman in my house. Mom, coming across me mopping the floor at 1 am, (she came to tell me my grandmom was not well- that's another story) put her foot down. So we got a maid.

Her name was Siti. She was a hairdresser before and the first thing she said when she arrived was that she had 3 relatives in JB and Penang and can they come over when they are in KL? And by the way she needed RM500 to pay back her hutang back home.

I had no idea what to do or how to act. I said no to the RM500 (only because we didn't know her well enough!), and yes to the visits from relatives. Again, a horrorstricken mom, had to intervene. It was my mom who said to me that maids do NOT sit in front and chat with your guests along wiht you, and maids do NOT wash her clothes along with ours. I dont know, I felt that's like saying, I'm better than you.

Well..the maid left. Citing that she missed her kids and that she wanted to see them as they were ill. I think she just got bored. She thought KL was full of lights and that she would be going out etc . She took a lot of my curry powder etc etc.

Then, Mak B brought along an illegal maid. I was at first apprehensive - alamak, illegal lah! Oklah, kejap je...

But, 7 years later and 1 more kid, Aminah is still with us. I think its a balance between treating them like a person and also having boundaries- of course not everyone will agree with the "Do not talk to my husband!" policy that I adopt and strictly follow (that's also another story).

Now, she wants to go home. I told her, if you want to go home, must tell me in advance. So she told me, 6 months ago. kept asking me to "pujuk" her. I did, I even offered her better pay. But she wants to go off, she wants to go off. I think if someone wants to go, let them. No point hanging on.

Anyway now I am stuck- so many choices- I have seen quite a few biodatas but then I can't make up my mind. Should we take a married maid or a widowed maid? If married, would they miss their family? I would. If not married, are they going to have boyfriends over here (and interfere with their work?) ..Should I take the younger ones or the older ones? What is the right age? I wanted around 30s so that they are not that inexperienced - then they give me the biodatas of the married ones with kids- if I were the maids I would miss my kids definitely. But then they need the money.

What if she has worked before- is this a good thing? Or if she has relatives- I don't want her to depend on me for her happiness - ie if I don't take her out she does not go out- boring lah . On the other hand, if she does have relatives and friends would she bring them over? Would she be "wild"? Actually I prefer those who have relatives here and I can send them away once a month like we do with Aminah. At least she would not feel lonely etc etc. I think lah.

Did you know that nowadays the salary is RM550?? Agensi Srimanisa said so. But does this mean better service?

Sigh to decide.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Headlines today

Single Sessions Schools!!

Prime Minister suggests single session schools - well ABOUT time. How come we don't have enough schools this 2007? Can we have a school with several floors and lifts etc? And fields and working toilets? And can the school really take care of the kiddies?

Its our joint and collective responsibility but sometimes the Government can help reduce the need to let our kids loiter outside etc etc. I think its our tidak apa attitude lah- how can Nurin hilang at a busy pasar malam...did NO One see her?? At ALL?

First Astronaut!

Hey Congratulations lah you, getting to be Malaysia's first astronauts and must be quite tough to have passed through the tests etc- you are I hear the most eligible bachelor in Malaysia today- is it true you swing for the other team as they say? Anyway my husband said you used to be his houseman (his claim to fame).

Snippets 2

Tun Mahathir- Hope you regain your strength back and get well very soon- thank you Marina Mahathir for updating us and letting us share your concern for the man who dragged us into the 21st century but whom you call "Dad".

Nurin- what the BLARDIE fishes are the police doing??? Only NOW want to interview Nurin's parents? Only NOW want to set up committee or what...aiyahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..Can we call CSI Miami,please? Or is there ANY one we can call- what about the invisible stuff that the cops in CSI are always picking out of the "victim"'s hair , ear, nostril etc etc?? I am still v very disturbed about that little darling...serious.. (yes no arguments there, I hear you say)

New house- have brought kittens back- the 2 boys refused to go in the car and scratched Sara - poor baby. As soon as the others arrived they scattered. Today I've called Astro and we've just arranged for phone/streamyx..everything takes SO LONG! Astro is really weird. Everytime I call I get a different answer for the same question - hence I had to call again and again for the answer!

We are still furniture less- anyone wants 2 sets of leather sofa which are old and torn? (one is torn but not old- can lah repair- actually I wanted to bring allready, but then the lori people started to make comments like how did it get torn etc and we got "malufied" so in the end we waved our hands and said- takpalah just leave it! Now I wished I had just said- can you please just bring this torn sofa into your lorry which I have allready paid for, and take it and shut up- Instead of giving me your running commentary?? )

Hubby said no orphanage wants a torn leather sofa..but its still ok what...just need to be covered up with something thats all..ANy takers??

Maybank 2u- what is wrong with them also today- I need to make some payment and top up my number....but I cannot get my TAC number- when it finally is smsed to my phone, I was "logged out"! Then I call their number they put me on hold so forGET it lah.

Ok then...hope the Astro can come fast- so far we have been watching old DVDs.

Monday, September 24, 2007


I am sooooo sleepy.....and sooo bored.....


Have finally moved. Ie spent Night 1 in the new place.

The old place looks like a bomb has been dropped on it. The new place looks the same, except that there is evidence that the bombsite is being cleared.

Yesterday we had our first meal and first guests - Dadof Four and Kitchen Guardian and family came bringing their delicious and authentic Briani rice- THANKS VERY MUCH! Kitchen Guardian with her huge belly and due anytime moving like she is NOT pregnant and that the baby is NOT heavy - she puts all the wailing and moaning mummies to shame , me included, I tell you. She managed to cook the rice, the falafel meatballs, the salad and the dalca as WELL! Beruntung your husband...

Kids are settling in amazingly fast- Nadine and Sara finally has their own room, and Dahlia sharing with Sophia. No longer do they ask me to sleep with them so that they can feel my wobbly belly to soothe them to sleep..! They went to their rooms, no fuss. I yang miss them...Sigh.. can I get them all in my room? As for mummy and daddy, slept depan TV in the family hall! Yang penakutnye I ...staring at all the windows almost willing some hantu to make their appearance...eeeeehhhh, Hubby saw my intense concentration and asked me, "What are you doing?" And I said- "scaring myself"

Jojo said to me.." I see eyes- orange eyes.." Yikes apa lagi ni....tapi in the end I found out it was the reflection of some lights on the wall....phew!!!

Now worrying about the cats/kittens left at home. Tonight, despite my maid's expression, I will go and get all NINE of them to the new place. Sekarang berkeliaran-- apa lah bau belakang rumah tu...kesian neighbour..I'll get the maid over to clean yah.

Oh yeah, discovered something about my maid this weekend. Cant say much over this blog as my kids read as well but suffice to say that it means my maid is normal and not a saint as my mom and dad and grandma and semua orang lah! has been saying.....not too sure how to react to this..Anyway she is entitled to her own life. But still....scary gak

Kids have been forbidden to go outside unless the maid is outside with them too.So defeat the purpose of having an outside I guess but who wants to take a risk??

Ok byeee

Friday, September 21, 2007

Nurin NIghtmare

I could not sleep at ALL last nite.

Oh mighty God please please rain down your heaviest wrath on to this evil evil thing, please please bring about justice….so that as a parent, we know our streets are safe for our little kids- what kind of sick persons- and I know it has to be more than one- do this to a defenceless 8 year old????!!!!! Kalau jumpa I hope police torture lah mamat ni- accidental death while in custody would be nice.


As shoppers- Watch out for the kids who are running around at that mall alone , or whose parent is not exactly attentive…watch them , watch where they are going, and remind them to go back to their parents. I have done this at Ampang Point – a 6 year old boy was running around alone and I actually asked him where his mom was and immediately his mom called him from the other side of the shop and the LOOK she gave me!! Hello makcik- you should thank GOD that I was concerned. I‘d want you to tell me if my kids are running around !(and they do)

Say something!!!! If you see anything suspicious – the time to be polite and “not interfere “ is O-VAH!!! I am soooo sorry that that day at a traffic light when I saw one boy (malay) walking with an Indian lady, who was obviously NOT the mother, I did not stop them and say “sorry is this your son??”

But I just followed them until they got lost in the housing area- I felt very awkward – how to accuse them – but I SHOULD HAVE said something!! (but what????)

er…sorry lah. Can I see proof that this is your child?” OR
“Er- is this your child? Yes ah? Er sorry ah..” OR
“Adek , ni siapa???!!” (
but then that boy looked about 3 and probably
couldn’t tell me)

As parents- tell and tell your kids again and again/but you know, sometimes they know but they STILL , for example , walk home from their bloody school kan. So how????!!!! My neighbour tells his kids to scream if anyone touches them. Good idea. I told my kids to say “Tolong!” or “Help”. Of course, Johan wants to say “Help Police!!”

And Dad of Four's idea- LEAVE YOUR KIDS BEHIND if you cannot cope!!!

As for the dad – LISTEN To your WIFE when she tells you to keep an eye on the kids while she picks out any item!!!! BELieve it or not this means looking at them 247 ok , not reading a mag while the kids are wandering around the shop unsupervised! (I think Yin’s dad was guilty of this too!)

As the government – PUT POSTERS UP FOR ALL THE MISSING CHILDREN!!!!! This cannot be tolerated!!! Media too must make this a NO 1 PRIORITY!!!! Have numbers you can call free(ok they do but do we know what they are??) ! Pretend this is an election point and pour money into it!!!!

As Shopping malls- have more free- (ok Im pushing my luck) centre where you can actually drop kids and then shop!! What’s wrong with you people- its time to give a little back to the shoppers who have spent a lot on your products!!! In the UK Bank pun ada play areas!!!!


This morning I saw children cycling to school - it's easy to say don't let your children out of your sight but sometimes it's economic necessity! I guess it cannot hurt to be more vigilant....

I pray the parents will have the strength to get through this. ....and I also think it's time for those tae kwon do lessons.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today we met the Landlord.

Well, correction, Husband went off to meet the landlord - and apparently he's very sweet! He was a former director of a government department (the one that rhymes with MGR) and he was so enthusiastic to show off the house and how it works,and all the history the place has for him (certain plants were imported from India I believe- yes, that must be that peculiar weed in front of the gate haaa haaa) . There are still kinks however- the key to the front door of the new place is wonky...therefore.....we are still here. .

Curtains for us

Anyway we went off to get curtains yesterday and today - wanted to get readymade but then discovered

(a) they are expensive

(b) they are horrible

Aiyah- crap designs and you charge me how MUCH!! Yesterday we even went off to the famous Jalan Tar - but due to puasa we decided to break fast at the briani place and after that we were pretty much useless for browsing so we went home to see the kids. Basically, no curtains. Picked up the kids , Husband dragged us to this fabric shop and could not decide which gawdy colours we want for our curtains. So went home empty-handed.

How do you do it Dad of Four?? He made it look soo easy....

Never Say Die!!!

Today we again, dragged the kids to look for curtains. This time it was NAGOYA . We chose randomly (well, I think if we had not had the five very active kids running up and down the aisle pretending they were spies, we would have probably chosen something else) As it was we got a nice floral design - Floral as husband has announced that he is thoroughly SICK of the sedate yellowing gold curtains I picked out and he wants BRIGHT! COLOURS!!! There was this old chinese man who cut our fabric and he was rushing us to pay as the shop was closing and for some reason he thought that that meant we should let him go home..Entah apa apa ntah.

For the first time I was locked in Nagoya hahhhhahaa. Dah bayar habis , ternampak this fabric that I absolutely LOVE!! Aiyaaaahhhh ....nevermind lah.

So now my whole house will be floral- never mind that it does not match with anything. Hee hee hee. .


We also got the thingy to sew the curtains. Being the cheapskates that we are, we thought (Husband thought, I mean) that we can sew the curtains. Have you seen the prices the tailors charge for sewing curtains?? Managed to persuade him to let my AUNTIE YOT THE SUPERTAILOR to help us at least cut the fabric. I remember my own efforts with Aminah...when the maid asked me "Kak, kenapa dia senget??"

Yesss...uneven nightmare.

Dont worry Aida, we think we should pay Auntie Yot. The thing is, we need the curtains basically tomorrow. And Auntie Yot , er..takes her time..How to rush her...own auntie...hmmm.

Ok , by the way..

THANKS UNCLE ALEX and AUNTIE FOR THE LOVELY LOVELY BASKET!!! We love it and its soo beautiful!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kids are not Safe anymore!

Whats going on in this world today.....!!

Today's headline saw a body of a little girl no older than Sophia , naked and stuffed with eggplant and cucumber in her private parts- what animal is this- actually i can't call it an animal as this would be an insult to animaldom- this satan, this being., this sampah masyarakat. I hope he will be caught and if he is, will not escape due to any technicalities. What is our police doing. Where is our SVU- special victims unit. Where is our CSI. Who cares about some mongolian model who died while trying to blackmail our politician when we have so many sick sick mosters around. THAT, they got the case down pat on day 1 of discovering bone fragment.

And my boy is just at risk. I will ask Allah SWT now, not for riches, nor fame (ok I never ask for fame) , - just for us to survive this life happily and without any major trauma like this ! I can't imagine the horror of having to go identify your child's body. Eeeeeeeee...and my kids are soo berani. Walk home some more.

When I was younger I used to say my worst fear is infertility. Now that we can discount THAT out, I think we can safely say that my worst fears are what we read daily in the papers.

And where is Nurin??

Monday, September 17, 2007 progress.


The trauma of moving ..

is not realising that it would be such a trauma.

FYI, my house now bears no sign of us moving. There are boxes yes, but the main furniture and mainly, the TV , are still where they are. Pillows and mattresses are unbudged, clothes, unpacked.

FYI. we are moving into a house down the road. Purely so that my kids can take their arguments, fights, roughhousing, outside. Since the new place has an "outside" rather nicer than our current outside. What am I talking about, we DON'T have an outside now. Also, wanted to give the girls a bit of space they can call their own- it means renting for the moment, as if we want to buy all this,it'd be a looong wait. So, rent is the answer...!

So, landlord has prised half a month's deposit from us and insisted that we move in . The landlord, bless his soul, has decided to renovate the house before we move in. But, his contractor told him that we wanted the contractor to delay finishing the work so that we can start tenancy late. So the Landlord marah lah and insisted that we move in NOW NOW NOW. It turned out his blardie contractor malas and lambat siap. Rumah ada lagi nak cat etc.

Sebab dah bayar, rasa terpaksa move in this month- Semalam went to clean the house. The house is MEGA dusty. So we went upstairs, my husband, me and my maid, armed with a pail and a mop each, kids safely tucked with their grandparents, having promised them that we would be back in an "HOUR". .

FOUR Hours later.....we were still scrubbing. So many windows or WAT man. It became patently obvious that the previous tenant never bothered to use certain rooms and had no idea that the top of her cabinets were used as the loo for cicaks. If left to me, I would not have found this out, being the lazy undomesticated person that I am, but due to husband's orders , I had to peer at all nooks and crannies to clean them all.

Like I told DadofFour- I have not ever seen hubby clean a single window pane at our own house, now we are on our hands and knees with this mamat's house. Tiba tiba Husband siap polish the bannister, ok. Kat rumah hari hari step over the broken tiles dengan segala rileks saja.Sampai rumah sewa ni, crack sikit terus call agent..hehehehe.

Today we will hopefully get our curtains and get the lorry to come over for the big stuff.

As for me, I hope we have not made a mistake....

Friday, September 14, 2007

Jumbled Thoughts

Today I am a Bill Collector. Call sini call sana mintak bayar duit . I know, you guys think our job is just join-the-dots kind of work but its not easy to join certain dots ok. Sigh..however someone has got to do the dirty work.

I have to change my phone persona with my clients. I sound far too lembik and , depending on the speaker on the other side, like a makcik, or amoi, or mengada-ngada not like the mother of five that I am.

So today is the second day of fasting- how is everyone? My kids are fasting - says Nadine and Sara. Sophia too - she got very upset that we did not wake her up for the morning meal. Dahlia & johan nak bangun sahur as well. I happenned to have lunch at Treats Westin the day before puasa and it was SOO packed- semua orang lepas geram ke? Its so easy to forget that puasa is not about gorging yourself .

The kids are reminding each other that puasa is also about refraining - from putting fingers in where they aint meant to go, for example.

Talking about the kids- Sara gave me a near heart attack - I got a call around 2 from Nadine, she told me that Sara was not back from school ye ie 1 hour late. Called the van driver- he said he did not see Sara and he was looking for her. Was just getting ready to pack and go home to find this daughter of mine, when I got a call from Nadine telling me someone had dropped Sara home. I asked her what happened, she said she had to stay back and do work in the class and missed the bus, so she started to WALK HOME and half way back this LADY in a CAR stopped and offered her a ride.

When I went ballistic she said to me" The lady said "Saya tak jahat!" " (The lady said "Im not evil"). She later told me that the lady works at the bookstore . Regardless of WHO she was Sara should not have (a) walked, and (b) gotten in a car with a stranger.

ARRGHHHH- What do I do to get my kids to have a healthy sense of paranoia??? The only one who has not walked home so far is Sophia and Johan. Johan because he's 5 and really as of yesterday, he has QUIT SCHOOL, and Sophia ,because she is like me- TOO LAZY and HATE WALKING!

Yes Johan is a school drop out- at the age of 5. Oh dear...I hope this is not an omen. We just got so tired of having to force him day in day out for months to go to school, that we decided to listen to the tyke and take him out of school. And apparently he was doing well too. But he hates all that reading and writing pahlava- sheesh some preschools are just so unreasonable!!! :;) Needless to say everyone else is claiming bias and favouritism as no one ever dropped out totally. Dahlia pernahlah tak pergi sekolah lama...she did not like the montessory pulak...Dahlia used to just walk out of her class if she was bored . Now that she is 7, she is so particular about her work and her time - so ketua darjah like. She even asked the ustaz to help her with her ugama work book- and its not her school or ustaz yang suruh- its the ones that I bought for her to do at home!

Anyway for Johan...we will send him to another school - looking for a more fun based school- I think boys and girls learn differently. Johan kalau nak learn have to stick the A B C on the face of Spiderman or Jimmy Neutron

Hahahah (gelak sendiri) - I just remembered on the way back from Kijal, we did not watch a single Barbie..semua movies like Paycheck, James Bond - sign of my kids having grown up sad..They had to watch all these movies as the DVD player decided to stop accepting DVDs and only play VCDs ...hehehehehe. So anyway when we put in James Bond, we asked the kids to guess what movie this was. And one of the answer was- Jimmy Neutron!!


Selamat Berpuasa everyone!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


So we have gone to Kijal, everyone is now 2 shades darker, and its back to real life....(Pics later)

Kijal was good- highway almost all the way but long windy road the last hour- we were so tired by the time we arrived (at 10 at night) we could have happily slept in the car. It was also raining heavily on the way so we had to move slow on the highway (we left at 3 pm- and no, it does not take 7 hours to get to Kijal) . But , the apartment was nice, it was on the 4th floor - oh kejam nye - so we (by "we" I mean "me") huffed and puffed up the stairs, quite grateful that my husband did not mind that he has to take most of the bags up while his madam wife takes the foodies. (Semalam I mimpi he told me , he really minded!)

Anyway the apartment was big- 2 rooms, and a double bed sized sofabed in the living room. Kitchen well equipped with hotplates, kitchen cloth as well as washing up liquid! We even cooked our dinner one night- spaghetti with instant 3 cheese sauce. No microwave, that's the only bummer.

The kids would tell you that they adored the pool which had a game wilderness thingy - plastic crocs they could sit on, slides etc. Hubby went off swimming in the other grown up pool.I of course, spent the morning watching the kids.Then we went off to the beach (left hubby who said he would bring our stuff over to the beach but I suspected he enjoyed extra long laps in the pool)

The beach was long and we had it almost to ourselves. We could see why- sea was not calm, only a foot into the sea and its already almost to your hips which is ok for hubby but to me I saw my kids being swept away by the raging waves. Sorry lah over dramatic. In the end we all could not resist the sea however garang it looked so we all jumped in. Water very nice and still very clear - we were 20 miles away from the nearest town so you dont have the fear of swimming with human stuff there...eeeyuuuuuu.

(Eeehhh malas nye nak tulis report lah. No wonder I am not a travel writer.)

Eh but have to tell you that that night we went out to look at the sea, and we watched the SIME DARBY function - they had a treasure hunt(?) thingy and on Saturday nite we watched them parade in fancy dress and I mean fancy dress! Pity hubby did not take pics of the Cat woman, the Captain Hook, the Tinkerbell wiht her humongous wings. It was 2nd hand fun lah.

Sunday time to go home....I went for JAVANESE MAssage or better known as slow death by fingers. I did not realise I had that many muscles to picit. At one point I was positive the small young woman was standing on me. She may be small but she packed a punch! I have no idea what possessed me, but i gave her my card. Maybe she wants to take a loan???

All in all , nice hols and now time to start thinking of moving...we have been told we can move in by 13th...satu benda tak pack lagi.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tunku the Musical- and my rant

Tunku the Musical- what a night. Thanks DadofFour & Kitchen Guardian! We truly enjoyed ourselves.

We went from work, me still high from the "Success" of my that i mean I did not say anything stupid. I think. Well, no one has come out to tell me at any rate.

Tunku the Musical. It was the GALA performance so a lot of very well dressed people and those "celebrities' were mingling around. I think they're celebrities lah, they had that look of "please dont gawk at me" although more often than not, if you are not in the industry, you would not know them... The food buffet was good, we chatted with James and Adeline, a very nice couple - only later we discovered that James Boyle is famous- musical director or something and jazz freak. Has a band. If google is to be believed, he came up with Penang lagu kebangsaan. (er but that James Boyle is dead- cancel that)

We lingered outside for awhile waiting for Dato Seri Pak Lah - but all of a sudden we heard the announcement that he was not coming and we were to go in. Someone called Mel Gibson attended however and there was bit a commotion when he came in.

Our seats were smack in the middle of the auditorium and could not be better had we actually booked it ourselves.


First up, Joe Hasham gave a speech. He was very casual , such a good speaker, nice gravelly voice, and also mentioned that they would be presenting the first Datin Endon award for performing arts - a bit about the late Datin Seri , the birth of Tunku the musical, the generosity of the friends who include Datuk Vinod Sekhar, who asked in return if they could give one free ticket to his friend, Mel.

Then Francis Yeoh came (I bumped into him earlier and wanted to shake his hand but I kept wanting to call him Vincent Tan so better not approach him at all lah kan) and gave a speech about performance art ,Bangsa Malaysia etc etc, and also that he heard some one called Mel something or other was there so the perrformers would want to give 300 percent (eh my attendance is not enough ke hee hee)

Then the dancer choreographer, ARIS ISKANDAR was announced as the winner of the award and RM50,000- sweet if you can get it eh. He was in tears, this Aris, hugs and more hugs, and cium tangan Francis, Heck if you give ME RM50,000 I'd kiss your hand too man.


Firstly, who knew Tony Eusoff could sing (and sing well!). Secondly, who knew that Tunku does not appear at all here (that would be another show- DUH read the programme la). Briefly the musical is about the aide of Tunku, someone who, after indepence, did not like the way we merged with otherraces and see it as the Malays giving away the rights and basically fiercely protective of own race and openly racist. He has a chinese mistress, and a son who has a chinese adopted by malay girlfriend- eh nowadays if chinese adopted by malays do they say their chinese or malay ah. Anyway the Chinese said they had the right to be there too, Malaysia history has them in it also, and Laksa is a chinese dish too. Then, as both camp were equally racists (*yes , they were.), eventually it erupted as May 13 1969 riot when the DAP wanted it ALL (Muaahhaahahahahah evil laughter) . However the show showed Malays as the evil one who attacked first. There was even a sketch where the malay silat boys raped the Tuan Syed's son's chi-lay (hows that?) girlfriend- you know what they were doing lah from the way they moved ok. Rather graphic eh.

You know something, these boys may not really be anti chinese or anti malay as it were but got caught in the moment - when emotions run high, you can riot over the stupidest thing. Didn't I read that sometimes people are paid to riot??

(By the way May 13th saw me as a 28 day old baby and my army dad had to smuggle me out of the camp into my grandma's place in Keramat !)

Anyway what do I think of it? Thought provoking plot. Singers were very high quality. Lyrics- biasalah when Malaysians write English songs- rudimentary. too much emphasiis on the riot and not enough evidence of happiness - what MUST Mel have thought.

A bit on merdeka. This is purely my view ok..You may choose to skip this part. Very wordy. Very long. Very worked up, I am.

I think, if we wanted a purely Malay state, the Japs and the English should have left the country and then the land has to be "reclaimed" as Tanah Melayu. IF that happened, there would not be any independence (we were allready independent what - before the penjajah came) and revert to status quo of Raja raja etc. If that happened, then it would be a Melayu state, but with other races lah (in this century where got one race countries) ?

However, it did not happen that way. We were "given" independence, and by that time, we had other races and people who could not longer call any other land their home, except for Malaysia, and who was happy to work hard alongside us. The pact was entered into that a new country where all three races would exist and share power with a nod to the history behind the Malays. So in that regard, it is not so much an independence rather a birth of a new country. This country is Malaysia and it is nothing like the Malays, Indians or Chinese have ever known. We have to accept that country, new rules.

However, every one wants a piece of the land, and everyone will claim that this land is theirs. Be it Malaysia, Denmark, England even, no one race can ever claim a land as theirs (except for the Jews- they dont understand this concept heehhehehehe). Even if your ancestors have been here since time in memoriam, globalisation is such that it no longer gives you the sole right over your land.

So there- I dont have any answers, but I dont think we are wrong to have conflict and I dont think its purely a Malaysia problem . An interesting and disturbing question raised by the Musical is - how long can Malaysia last???

You know, I predict we WILL have a Bangsa Malaysia one day- he will not be melayu, or chinese or indian, even, He will be a MatSalleh clone!!! Speak English, western educated, watch highschool musical, speak in English accent even, and pooh pooh Malaysia- tengoklah. Nau' zubillah.....

Its a complicated thingy. My conclusion- Malaysia needs therapy. In the meantime, lets just ignore the issues of who has what and enjoy what we have war, no famine, no incredibly racist cabinet where the only malay minster handles religion (another testimony to the lepakness of Malays that we dont mind) ..Chinese has their temples and their religion and customs celebrated, so does the Indians., everyone actually has no cause for okay WAT???? If only we are ever satisfied......

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Message to Nadine

Nadine, I know you read this so here's a letter for you.....

NAdine, it's ok that you did not do one whole page of the science thingy - it's only 4 questions, right. Don't lah cry. Next time check ok. So the rest must get A ok- er not that A means anything lah to us, we are not pushy parents..not at all. (but get A ok). Takpa..if tak get A pun takpa..we all love you...and anyway there's PMR.hehehehe AND You can always say you never went to tuition...

Anyway - dont forget to pack for Friday- going to take you to Kijal in Terengganu you know- surPRISE!!! Birthday and also because daddy's friend is giving away his allocation of the vacation resort club he joined (Thank you Uncle). Please make sure you pack 5 day clothes and 3 night clothes - and tell your siblings too ok. You bring the swimming suits. Do NOT pack the tshirt berbulu bulu no matter how much they like it. And tell Dahlia that her pink trousers that she love so much is SHORT- she will never believe me. Why ah?? Can you also tell Sophia her SEED teeshirt has choc stain on it and she cannot bring it except as baju tidur.

I heard from Kak Minah that your friend Sabrina is in the house- play nicely ok, if you want to go to her house, tsk.. can lah (Dont tell daddy) but make sure Kak Minah comes with you when you cross the road- and make sure she takes Jojo, Dahlia and Sophia and Sara with her when she comes with you - er tutup terus lah rumah. I'm ok with you finishing my carrots for your face mask (can leave some for me - my face is horrible also)

Oh yeah, mummy balik lambat sikit ok today...Auntie Yani has very very very very kindly given me and daddy tickets to go see Tunku the Musical so this is like a date lah .we will try to be home early.

What else ah..welldone on the UPSR (in advance) - why you dont want to go to CBN?? Habis, which school do you like?? Hmmm nantilah I think about it...oh yes...don't forget to pray!



Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Membebel.(Part 2)

Ok second edition

Where was I..

Oh yes, after getting the expensive antibiotics and ubat telinga etc, miraculously they all got better!!! Actually lepas GH pun Nadine dah better sikit, then the telinga acted up lak.. As the GH visit was on eve of her 12th birthday we went to Mc Donald at 12 am. And in the car Johan said loudly "NADINE"S NOT SICK!!"

Anyway happily I can report that everyone is now better. Walaupun by the tahlil of Mak Z, they were all unwell...sorry ye Mak Z we had to miss it...nanti Lana demam macamana....Plus Hubby takda lagi at that time.

Last Sunday pi Zoo, siap. Ye lah, down the road je kan. Mak ooi Zoo dah mahal ek? RM15 for adult,and RM7 for kids (I think lah for kids) . I dont mindlah but it rained after we visited the aquarium and taken one round in the tram (my idea of walking around the zoo is by taking the tram). Nadine had to stay behind as she wanted to do last minute studying. My husband said if u dont know ur stuff now, Nadine, you would not know it at all. Eh, I Beg to disagree. I set great store in studying lastminute ok..I am where I am because of the last minute thing. Although I cant say much about retaining the knowledge har har..kidding ok clients..I am very terror one.

Back to the zoo. we had to go home after about one and a half hour because it rained, and my tummy was playing up. But sempatlah gak tengok animal show. where the seal showed how clever it is to be able to balance a ball on its nose, and to follow the trainer's instructions. Also there was an orang utan who could open the coconut with his mouth.

Actually, I kesian to watch. I mean, I enjoyed lah and all, but I really think something is wrong with the picture and that they should not be made to do all the humanlike stuff like play with the ball, etc etc, Rasa sungguh tak patut. I took the kids to the London circus all those years ago and I almost wept at the sight of the pathetic tiger having to perform..So now the kids' appeal to go see the circus tidak dilayan....

Anyway Nadine said her exams tadi ok je..not too bad. Here's praying dad's genes win over. HaHahahahah.. I think she should go to my alma think????

I found out today that I'm supposed to man the career booth at UIA this Monday. Yikes!!! Im still in knots trying to memorise my MC speech for our talk lusa- 70 ppl attending ...aiyaaa.. I have not gotten passed "Good morning" so far.

Come to the most important part of this bebelan..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAREST MOTHER....!!!! 2ND SEPTEMBER ....Oklah, mom, you ARE 2 years old (as she said to Sophia)

She is the wisest woman I know and even when I disagree with her her voice is who I would hear as my conscience... We all love you Mom and hope you had a good birthday...

Bought Nasi Briani from RuzAlladin- WICKED!!! And a huge chocindulgence cake from Rahsia Resipi- laaaagi wicked...tak malunye membawak balik tapau daripada rumah mom...and today posa and sahur on the same briani..Husband buat cool je and said briani tu ok je lah but today siapa yang redah fridge for the rice haaaaa kantoi.....

Ok lah i nak tidor..Dont ask me what I am doing up now....

Monday, September 03, 2007

UPSR and whats been happening..(part 1)

Nadine UPSR TODAY!!!! Yikes

Hubby went off to KK most of last week. Wanted to bring me along, he said, regretfully, but what to do, I should stay home and give moral support to Nadine as she was preparing for her UPSR...the first biggie exam (at 12, ok) of her life. The first of many many many we hope (and I dont mean re-sits ok) . He came back with a tan, by the way.

Anyway Nadine had measles last weekend, and a few days later, ear ache. We went to GH and heard the (obviously pissed off GP as we marched straight to the ward- hey gomen doctor has so few privileges as it is waaat) - anyway he declared her to be ok and not too bad.

By Wednesday kids were coughing. Thursday, dad went off. (he was supposed to go on Wednesday but he missed his flight due to being in the OT too long and went off very early Thursday morning) The minute he was gone, Thursday morning I packed the kids to the clinic and got a round of antibiotics for all of them - HAH! (Hubby would never hear of it - its all viral...) . Took EL.- Cat also in hospital - broke leg- okay it was not broken, but it got into a fight while we were in Frasers Hill and its leg was bitten and became severely infected.This is the girl kitten from the 2nd batch. (We are on the third batch- did I mention we have 10 cats , 5 of them 2 weeks old?)

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...