Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today we met the Landlord.

Well, correction, Husband went off to meet the landlord - and apparently he's very sweet! He was a former director of a government department (the one that rhymes with MGR) and he was so enthusiastic to show off the house and how it works,and all the history the place has for him (certain plants were imported from India I believe- yes, that must be that peculiar weed in front of the gate haaa haaa) . There are still kinks however- the key to the front door of the new place is wonky...therefore.....we are still here. .

Curtains for us

Anyway we went off to get curtains yesterday and today - wanted to get readymade but then discovered

(a) they are expensive

(b) they are horrible

Aiyah- crap designs and you charge me how MUCH!! Yesterday we even went off to the famous Jalan Tar - but due to puasa we decided to break fast at the briani place and after that we were pretty much useless for browsing so we went home to see the kids. Basically, no curtains. Picked up the kids , Husband dragged us to this fabric shop and could not decide which gawdy colours we want for our curtains. So went home empty-handed.

How do you do it Dad of Four?? He made it look soo easy....

Never Say Die!!!

Today we again, dragged the kids to look for curtains. This time it was NAGOYA . We chose randomly (well, I think if we had not had the five very active kids running up and down the aisle pretending they were spies, we would have probably chosen something else) As it was we got a nice floral design - Floral as husband has announced that he is thoroughly SICK of the sedate yellowing gold curtains I picked out and he wants BRIGHT! COLOURS!!! There was this old chinese man who cut our fabric and he was rushing us to pay as the shop was closing and for some reason he thought that that meant we should let him go home..Entah apa apa ntah.

For the first time I was locked in Nagoya hahhhhahaa. Dah bayar habis , ternampak this fabric that I absolutely LOVE!! Aiyaaaahhhh ....nevermind lah.

So now my whole house will be floral- never mind that it does not match with anything. Hee hee hee. .


We also got the thingy to sew the curtains. Being the cheapskates that we are, we thought (Husband thought, I mean) that we can sew the curtains. Have you seen the prices the tailors charge for sewing curtains?? Managed to persuade him to let my AUNTIE YOT THE SUPERTAILOR to help us at least cut the fabric. I remember my own efforts with Aminah...when the maid asked me "Kak, kenapa dia senget??"

Yesss...uneven nightmare.

Dont worry Aida, we think we should pay Auntie Yot. The thing is, we need the curtains basically tomorrow. And Auntie Yot , er..takes her time..How to rush her...own auntie...hmmm.

Ok , by the way..

THANKS UNCLE ALEX and AUNTIE FOR THE LOVELY LOVELY BASKET!!! We love it and its soo beautiful!!


mumsie said...

yeap..there was a day I sew my own curtains...senget benget! But Ok..usable sampai hari ni!hehehe..

Superwomanwannabe said...

Yah, mine now is fraying at the edges yelah jahit tak betul sangat....- i forgot how leceh it was.

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