Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Headlines today

Single Sessions Schools!!

Prime Minister suggests single session schools - well ABOUT time. How come we don't have enough schools this 2007? Can we have a school with several floors and lifts etc? And fields and working toilets? And can the school really take care of the kiddies?

Its our joint and collective responsibility but sometimes the Government can help reduce the need to let our kids loiter outside etc etc. I think its our tidak apa attitude lah- how can Nurin hilang at a busy pasar malam...did NO One see her?? At ALL?

First Astronaut!

Hey Congratulations lah you, getting to be Malaysia's first astronauts and all...you must be quite tough to have passed through the tests etc- you are I hear the most eligible bachelor in Malaysia today- is it true you swing for the other team as they say? Anyway my husband said you used to be his houseman (his claim to fame).

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