Friday, September 21, 2007

Nurin NIghtmare

I could not sleep at ALL last nite.

Oh mighty God please please rain down your heaviest wrath on to this evil evil thing, please please bring about justice….so that as a parent, we know our streets are safe for our little kids- what kind of sick persons- and I know it has to be more than one- do this to a defenceless 8 year old????!!!!! Kalau jumpa I hope police torture lah mamat ni- accidental death while in custody would be nice.


As shoppers- Watch out for the kids who are running around at that mall alone , or whose parent is not exactly attentive…watch them , watch where they are going, and remind them to go back to their parents. I have done this at Ampang Point – a 6 year old boy was running around alone and I actually asked him where his mom was and immediately his mom called him from the other side of the shop and the LOOK she gave me!! Hello makcik- you should thank GOD that I was concerned. I‘d want you to tell me if my kids are running around !(and they do)

Say something!!!! If you see anything suspicious – the time to be polite and “not interfere “ is O-VAH!!! I am soooo sorry that that day at a traffic light when I saw one boy (malay) walking with an Indian lady, who was obviously NOT the mother, I did not stop them and say “sorry is this your son??”

But I just followed them until they got lost in the housing area- I felt very awkward – how to accuse them – but I SHOULD HAVE said something!! (but what????)

er…sorry lah. Can I see proof that this is your child?” OR
“Er- is this your child? Yes ah? Er sorry ah..” OR
“Adek , ni siapa???!!” (
but then that boy looked about 3 and probably
couldn’t tell me)

As parents- tell and tell your kids again and again/but you know, sometimes they know but they STILL , for example , walk home from their bloody school kan. So how????!!!! My neighbour tells his kids to scream if anyone touches them. Good idea. I told my kids to say “Tolong!” or “Help”. Of course, Johan wants to say “Help Police!!”

And Dad of Four's idea- LEAVE YOUR KIDS BEHIND if you cannot cope!!!

As for the dad – LISTEN To your WIFE when she tells you to keep an eye on the kids while she picks out any item!!!! BELieve it or not this means looking at them 247 ok , not reading a mag while the kids are wandering around the shop unsupervised! (I think Yin’s dad was guilty of this too!)

As the government – PUT POSTERS UP FOR ALL THE MISSING CHILDREN!!!!! This cannot be tolerated!!! Media too must make this a NO 1 PRIORITY!!!! Have numbers you can call free(ok they do but do we know what they are??) ! Pretend this is an election point and pour money into it!!!!

As Shopping malls- have more free- (ok Im pushing my luck) centre where you can actually drop kids and then shop!! What’s wrong with you people- its time to give a little back to the shoppers who have spent a lot on your products!!! In the UK Bank pun ada play areas!!!!


This morning I saw children cycling to school - it's easy to say don't let your children out of your sight but sometimes it's economic necessity! I guess it cannot hurt to be more vigilant....

I pray the parents will have the strength to get through this. ....and I also think it's time for those tae kwon do lessons.


Bj said...

Good suggestions, Shila! You shoud send these to the NST or the Star, or the police!

mumsie said...

yes..this is soooo depressing! What with the parents not beieving that its her...for the life of me I cannot imagine what they must be going through...

Superwomanwannabe said...

Bj- Something has got to be done lah J..masa Nurul Huda haritu..kecoh kejap lepas tu diam.

Superwomanwannabe said...


Me neither and have been close to crying.

fifi said...

Sickening kan, wished there was a GPS thing you can implant into our kids so that you know EXACTLY where they are. May Allah protect us all.. This is just too much for anyone to go through.

Cumulonimbus said...

yesterday I was at Tesco and I noticed parents hold on to their kids a little more tighter and a mom keep telling her kid to "stand where I can see you".

Superwomanwannabe said...

Fifi- berdoa lah banyak banyak..

Cumulonimbus- something good out of it at LAST. I pun tak bagi budak main luar...

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