Friday, September 14, 2007

Jumbled Thoughts

Today I am a Bill Collector. Call sini call sana mintak bayar duit . I know, you guys think our job is just join-the-dots kind of work but its not easy to join certain dots ok. Sigh..however someone has got to do the dirty work.

I have to change my phone persona with my clients. I sound far too lembik and , depending on the speaker on the other side, like a makcik, or amoi, or mengada-ngada not like the mother of five that I am.

So today is the second day of fasting- how is everyone? My kids are fasting - says Nadine and Sara. Sophia too - she got very upset that we did not wake her up for the morning meal. Dahlia & johan nak bangun sahur as well. I happenned to have lunch at Treats Westin the day before puasa and it was SOO packed- semua orang lepas geram ke? Its so easy to forget that puasa is not about gorging yourself .

The kids are reminding each other that puasa is also about refraining - from putting fingers in where they aint meant to go, for example.

Talking about the kids- Sara gave me a near heart attack - I got a call around 2 from Nadine, she told me that Sara was not back from school ye ie 1 hour late. Called the van driver- he said he did not see Sara and he was looking for her. Was just getting ready to pack and go home to find this daughter of mine, when I got a call from Nadine telling me someone had dropped Sara home. I asked her what happened, she said she had to stay back and do work in the class and missed the bus, so she started to WALK HOME and half way back this LADY in a CAR stopped and offered her a ride.

When I went ballistic she said to me" The lady said "Saya tak jahat!" " (The lady said "Im not evil"). She later told me that the lady works at the bookstore . Regardless of WHO she was Sara should not have (a) walked, and (b) gotten in a car with a stranger.

ARRGHHHH- What do I do to get my kids to have a healthy sense of paranoia??? The only one who has not walked home so far is Sophia and Johan. Johan because he's 5 and really as of yesterday, he has QUIT SCHOOL, and Sophia ,because she is like me- TOO LAZY and HATE WALKING!

Yes Johan is a school drop out- at the age of 5. Oh dear...I hope this is not an omen. We just got so tired of having to force him day in day out for months to go to school, that we decided to listen to the tyke and take him out of school. And apparently he was doing well too. But he hates all that reading and writing pahlava- sheesh some preschools are just so unreasonable!!! :;) Needless to say everyone else is claiming bias and favouritism as no one ever dropped out totally. Dahlia pernahlah tak pergi sekolah lama...she did not like the montessory pulak...Dahlia used to just walk out of her class if she was bored . Now that she is 7, she is so particular about her work and her time - so ketua darjah like. She even asked the ustaz to help her with her ugama work book- and its not her school or ustaz yang suruh- its the ones that I bought for her to do at home!

Anyway for Johan...we will send him to another school - looking for a more fun based school- I think boys and girls learn differently. Johan kalau nak learn have to stick the A B C on the face of Spiderman or Jimmy Neutron

Hahahah (gelak sendiri) - I just remembered on the way back from Kijal, we did not watch a single Barbie..semua movies like Paycheck, James Bond - sign of my kids having grown up sad..They had to watch all these movies as the DVD player decided to stop accepting DVDs and only play VCDs ...hehehehehe. So anyway when we put in James Bond, we asked the kids to guess what movie this was. And one of the answer was- Jimmy Neutron!!


Selamat Berpuasa everyone!!


mumsie said...

haaaa...gotcha!! found you via haq's blog! am so into reading blogs of late and have started my own! yay!

so, superwoman! keep in touch and hope to see you and Jab soon as this posting is coming to an end!

selamat berpuasa

Anonymous said...

Selamat Berpuasa and menyambut Ramadhan, my friend.... Nak go buka sometime?

fulltime mom

Superwomanwannabe said...

Mumsie!! Waahh I so jeles your gambar so lawa! IM going to be your regular reader now!

Superwomanwannabe said...

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