Kids are not Safe anymore!

Whats going on in this world today.....!!

Today's headline saw a body of a little girl no older than Sophia , naked and stuffed with eggplant and cucumber in her private parts- what animal is this- actually i can't call it an animal as this would be an insult to animaldom- this satan, this being., this sampah masyarakat. I hope he will be caught and if he is, will not escape due to any technicalities. What is our police doing. Where is our SVU- special victims unit. Where is our CSI. Who cares about some mongolian model who died while trying to blackmail our politician when we have so many sick sick mosters around. THAT, they got the case down pat on day 1 of discovering bone fragment.

And my boy is just at risk. I will ask Allah SWT now, not for riches, nor fame (ok I never ask for fame) , - just for us to survive this life happily and without any major trauma like this ! I can't imagine the horror of having to go identify your child's body. Eeeeeeeee...and my kids are soo berani. Walk home some more.

When I was younger I used to say my worst fear is infertility. Now that we can discount THAT out, I think we can safely say that my worst fears are what we read daily in the papers.

And where is Nurin??


Dad of Four said…
You are right! For khadijah if she needs the loo at any of shopping malls, I will be right next to the door just in case there are prverts in the toilets..Scary, huh!
Yah lah haq....boys also not safe nowadays..sometimes you think you are being sooo overprotective, and then the next day - wammo- this headline comes out.
It's better to be overprotective than sorry. These perverts are lurking everywhere.

Pity our kids, tak da total freedom.
mumsie said…
OHH MY GOD! Just been reading the newspaper!!! I pun nak tukar doa..ask Allah swt to keep my girls safe! Kat sini pun, a young girl went missing a couple of months back and her body was only recovered recently. And I thought this place was safe..

dont you pity them though kan...husband I dok cerita time dia grow up always main basikal etc etc

I think its now global know lah your friend tu jenis lepak so pi mana pun its down to me to yell at the kids to stay close -esp if they go shopping- sungguh menye-stress kan.
Lan0stZz said…
yarabbi kak shila, i pun x mo bukak pun page 6 NST sbb ngeri sgt dgr that sickening news. How can these ppl exist????$*^&*:(:(

Semoga Allah jauhkan keluarga kita dari segala bala malapetaka AMIN~
Mummy Seth- You are grandma has a theory- its all these immigrants! What do you think....

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