Membebel.(Part 2)

Ok second edition

Where was I..

Oh yes, after getting the expensive antibiotics and ubat telinga etc, miraculously they all got better!!! Actually lepas GH pun Nadine dah better sikit, then the telinga acted up lak.. As the GH visit was on eve of her 12th birthday we went to Mc Donald at 12 am. And in the car Johan said loudly "NADINE"S NOT SICK!!"

Anyway happily I can report that everyone is now better. Walaupun by the tahlil of Mak Z, they were all unwell...sorry ye Mak Z we had to miss it...nanti Lana demam macamana....Plus Hubby takda lagi at that time.

Last Sunday pi Zoo, siap. Ye lah, down the road je kan. Mak ooi Zoo dah mahal ek? RM15 for adult,and RM7 for kids (I think lah for kids) . I dont mindlah but it rained after we visited the aquarium and taken one round in the tram (my idea of walking around the zoo is by taking the tram). Nadine had to stay behind as she wanted to do last minute studying. My husband said if u dont know ur stuff now, Nadine, you would not know it at all. Eh, I Beg to disagree. I set great store in studying lastminute ok..I am where I am because of the last minute thing. Although I cant say much about retaining the knowledge har har..kidding ok clients..I am very terror one.

Back to the zoo. we had to go home after about one and a half hour because it rained, and my tummy was playing up. But sempatlah gak tengok animal show. where the seal showed how clever it is to be able to balance a ball on its nose, and to follow the trainer's instructions. Also there was an orang utan who could open the coconut with his mouth.

Actually, I kesian to watch. I mean, I enjoyed lah and all, but I really think something is wrong with the picture and that they should not be made to do all the humanlike stuff like play with the ball, etc etc, Rasa sungguh tak patut. I took the kids to the London circus all those years ago and I almost wept at the sight of the pathetic tiger having to perform..So now the kids' appeal to go see the circus tidak dilayan....

Anyway Nadine said her exams tadi ok je..not too bad. Here's praying dad's genes win over. HaHahahahah.. I think she should go to my alma think????

I found out today that I'm supposed to man the career booth at UIA this Monday. Yikes!!! Im still in knots trying to memorise my MC speech for our talk lusa- 70 ppl attending ...aiyaaa.. I have not gotten passed "Good morning" so far.

Come to the most important part of this bebelan..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAREST MOTHER....!!!! 2ND SEPTEMBER ....Oklah, mom, you ARE 2 years old (as she said to Sophia)

She is the wisest woman I know and even when I disagree with her her voice is who I would hear as my conscience... We all love you Mom and hope you had a good birthday...

Bought Nasi Briani from RuzAlladin- WICKED!!! And a huge chocindulgence cake from Rahsia Resipi- laaaagi wicked...tak malunye membawak balik tapau daripada rumah mom...and today posa and sahur on the same briani..Husband buat cool je and said briani tu ok je lah but today siapa yang redah fridge for the rice haaaaa kantoi.....

Ok lah i nak tidor..Dont ask me what I am doing up now....


Heard over TV3 news, UPSR ada soalan bocor for BM & Maths papers. What's new kan? Asyik bocor memanjang....

Semoga Panjang Umur to your Mum.
Thank you Mamamia!!

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