Message to Nadine

Nadine, I know you read this so here's a letter for you.....

NAdine, it's ok that you did not do one whole page of the science thingy - it's only 4 questions, right. Don't lah cry. Next time check ok. So the rest must get A ok- er not that A means anything lah to us, we are not pushy parents..not at all. (but get A ok). Takpa..if tak get A pun takpa..we all love you...and anyway there's PMR.hehehehe AND You can always say you never went to tuition...

Anyway - dont forget to pack for Friday- going to take you to Kijal in Terengganu you know- surPRISE!!! Birthday and also because daddy's friend is giving away his allocation of the vacation resort club he joined (Thank you Uncle). Please make sure you pack 5 day clothes and 3 night clothes - and tell your siblings too ok. You bring the swimming suits. Do NOT pack the tshirt berbulu bulu no matter how much they like it. And tell Dahlia that her pink trousers that she love so much is SHORT- she will never believe me. Why ah?? Can you also tell Sophia her SEED teeshirt has choc stain on it and she cannot bring it except as baju tidur.

I heard from Kak Minah that your friend Sabrina is in the house- play nicely ok, if you want to go to her house, tsk.. can lah (Dont tell daddy) but make sure Kak Minah comes with you when you cross the road- and make sure she takes Jojo, Dahlia and Sophia and Sara with her when she comes with you - er tutup terus lah rumah. I'm ok with you finishing my carrots for your face mask (can leave some for me - my face is horrible also)

Oh yeah, mummy balik lambat sikit ok today...Auntie Yani has very very very very kindly given me and daddy tickets to go see Tunku the Musical so this is like a date lah .we will try to be home early.

What else ah..welldone on the UPSR (in advance) - why you dont want to go to CBN?? Habis, which school do you like?? Hmmm nantilah I think about it...oh yes...don't forget to pray!




Dad of Four said…
Mummy dont worry lah....As long as she has done her best!

Did I tell you Khadijah was a wreck after the first paper and soooo difficult to pacify her after that (imagine 4 other papers to go?)
Dijah said…
Secondary CBN is really hard to get into because my friend's mum is a teacher so my frined told me that you must enter the primary CBM to get into the secondary one.Dad applied CBN and Section 5 for me and hey,I got Section 5 and am happy with it.

Why don't Nadine go to Section 5.I can take care of her[as if lahh]
Haq- yah lah. should be ok lah . Fingers crossed .....

Dijah - she is also keen on that- one session je ke??
Dijah said…
Superwoman-If she's keen,she should go there then.

There are two sessions.Form 1 and form 2 are in the evening session.Form 3 and aboce are in the morning session.
Hi Dijah- I will find out.

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