Monday, September 17, 2007 progress.


The trauma of moving ..

is not realising that it would be such a trauma.

FYI, my house now bears no sign of us moving. There are boxes yes, but the main furniture and mainly, the TV , are still where they are. Pillows and mattresses are unbudged, clothes, unpacked.

FYI. we are moving into a house down the road. Purely so that my kids can take their arguments, fights, roughhousing, outside. Since the new place has an "outside" rather nicer than our current outside. What am I talking about, we DON'T have an outside now. Also, wanted to give the girls a bit of space they can call their own- it means renting for the moment, as if we want to buy all this,it'd be a looong wait. So, rent is the answer...!

So, landlord has prised half a month's deposit from us and insisted that we move in . The landlord, bless his soul, has decided to renovate the house before we move in. But, his contractor told him that we wanted the contractor to delay finishing the work so that we can start tenancy late. So the Landlord marah lah and insisted that we move in NOW NOW NOW. It turned out his blardie contractor malas and lambat siap. Rumah ada lagi nak cat etc.

Sebab dah bayar, rasa terpaksa move in this month- Semalam went to clean the house. The house is MEGA dusty. So we went upstairs, my husband, me and my maid, armed with a pail and a mop each, kids safely tucked with their grandparents, having promised them that we would be back in an "HOUR". .

FOUR Hours later.....we were still scrubbing. So many windows or WAT man. It became patently obvious that the previous tenant never bothered to use certain rooms and had no idea that the top of her cabinets were used as the loo for cicaks. If left to me, I would not have found this out, being the lazy undomesticated person that I am, but due to husband's orders , I had to peer at all nooks and crannies to clean them all.

Like I told DadofFour- I have not ever seen hubby clean a single window pane at our own house, now we are on our hands and knees with this mamat's house. Tiba tiba Husband siap polish the bannister, ok. Kat rumah hari hari step over the broken tiles dengan segala rileks saja.Sampai rumah sewa ni, crack sikit terus call agent..hehehehe.

Today we will hopefully get our curtains and get the lorry to come over for the big stuff.

As for me, I hope we have not made a mistake....


Dad of Four said...

Need help ke?

Dad of Four said...

Alamak...apa punya soalan tak honest nih! Just give us a shout (literally) when you need help ok!

Superwomanwannabe said...

heheheheheh- tolong ajar how to sew curtains!! Which is cheaper- sew or buy??? (ok no contest )

Superwomanwannabe said...

heheheheheh- tolong ajar how to sew curtains!! Which is cheaper- sew or buy??? (ok no contest )

Anonymous said...

sheila !! good luck i LOATHE moving houses. pls dont stop blogging !!! your anonny friend oh and happy fasting to you and your family.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hey long time no see anon! YOu keeping well? Take care and try to enjoy fasting month over there too!

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