Monday, September 24, 2007


Have finally moved. Ie spent Night 1 in the new place.

The old place looks like a bomb has been dropped on it. The new place looks the same, except that there is evidence that the bombsite is being cleared.

Yesterday we had our first meal and first guests - Dadof Four and Kitchen Guardian and family came bringing their delicious and authentic Briani rice- THANKS VERY MUCH! Kitchen Guardian with her huge belly and due anytime moving like she is NOT pregnant and that the baby is NOT heavy - she puts all the wailing and moaning mummies to shame , me included, I tell you. She managed to cook the rice, the falafel meatballs, the salad and the dalca as WELL! Beruntung your husband...

Kids are settling in amazingly fast- Nadine and Sara finally has their own room, and Dahlia sharing with Sophia. No longer do they ask me to sleep with them so that they can feel my wobbly belly to soothe them to sleep..! They went to their rooms, no fuss. I yang miss them...Sigh.. can I get them all in my room? As for mummy and daddy, slept depan TV in the family hall! Yang penakutnye I ...staring at all the windows almost willing some hantu to make their appearance...eeeeehhhh, Hubby saw my intense concentration and asked me, "What are you doing?" And I said- "scaring myself"

Jojo said to me.." I see eyes- orange eyes.." Yikes apa lagi ni....tapi in the end I found out it was the reflection of some lights on the wall....phew!!!

Now worrying about the cats/kittens left at home. Tonight, despite my maid's expression, I will go and get all NINE of them to the new place. Sekarang berkeliaran-- apa lah bau belakang rumah tu...kesian neighbour..I'll get the maid over to clean yah.

Oh yeah, discovered something about my maid this weekend. Cant say much over this blog as my kids read as well but suffice to say that it means my maid is normal and not a saint as my mom and dad and grandma and semua orang lah! has been saying.....not too sure how to react to this..Anyway she is entitled to her own life. But still....scary gak

Kids have been forbidden to go outside unless the maid is outside with them too.So defeat the purpose of having an outside I guess but who wants to take a risk??

Ok byeee


Lan0stZz said...

im excite 2 c ur new place :):) happy 2 for the girls 2 have their own room :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Pls come!! (Call first as nothing in fridge!)

mumsie said...

only you and Jab would move house in the middle of puasa month!!

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