Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Snippets 2

Tun Mahathir- Hope you regain your strength back and get well very soon- thank you Marina Mahathir for updating us and letting us share your concern for the man who dragged us into the 21st century but whom you call "Dad".

Nurin- what the BLARDIE fishes are the police doing??? Only NOW want to interview Nurin's parents? Only NOW want to set up committee or what...aiyahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..Can we call CSI Miami,please? Or is there ANY one we can call- what about the invisible stuff that the cops in CSI are always picking out of the "victim"'s hair , ear, nostril etc etc?? I am still v very disturbed about that little darling...serious.. (yes no arguments there, I hear you say)

New house- have brought kittens back- the 2 boys refused to go in the car and scratched Sara - poor baby. As soon as the others arrived they scattered. Today I've called Astro and we've just arranged for phone/streamyx..everything takes SO LONG! Astro is really weird. Everytime I call I get a different answer for the same question - hence I had to call again and again for the answer!

We are still furniture less- anyone wants 2 sets of leather sofa which are old and torn? (one is torn but not old- can lah repair- actually I wanted to bring allready, but then the lori people started to make comments like how did it get torn etc and we got "malufied" so in the end we waved our hands and said- takpalah just leave it! Now I wished I had just said- can you please just bring this torn sofa into your lorry which I have allready paid for, and take it and shut up- Instead of giving me your running commentary?? )

Hubby said no orphanage wants a torn leather sofa..but its still ok what...just need to be covered up with something thats all..ANy takers??

Maybank 2u- what is wrong with them also today- I need to make some payment and top up my number....but I cannot get my TAC number- when it finally is smsed to my phone, I was "logged out"! Then I call their number they put me on hold so forGET it lah.

Ok then...hope the Astro can come fast- so far we have been watching old DVDs.

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