Tuesday, September 11, 2007


So we have gone to Kijal, everyone is now 2 shades darker, and its back to real life....(Pics later)

Kijal was good- highway almost all the way but long windy road the last hour- we were so tired by the time we arrived (at 10 at night) we could have happily slept in the car. It was also raining heavily on the way so we had to move slow on the highway (we left at 3 pm- and no, it does not take 7 hours to get to Kijal) . But , the apartment was nice, it was on the 4th floor - oh kejam nye - so we (by "we" I mean "me") huffed and puffed up the stairs, quite grateful that my husband did not mind that he has to take most of the bags up while his madam wife takes the foodies. (Semalam I mimpi he told me , he really minded!)

Anyway the apartment was big- 2 rooms, and a double bed sized sofabed in the living room. Kitchen well equipped with hotplates, kitchen cloth as well as washing up liquid! We even cooked our dinner one night- spaghetti with instant 3 cheese sauce. No microwave, that's the only bummer.

The kids would tell you that they adored the pool which had a game wilderness thingy - plastic crocs they could sit on, slides etc. Hubby went off swimming in the other grown up pool.I of course, spent the morning watching the kids.Then we went off to the beach (left hubby who said he would bring our stuff over to the beach but I suspected he enjoyed extra long laps in the pool)

The beach was long and we had it almost to ourselves. We could see why- sea was not calm, only a foot into the sea and its already almost to your hips which is ok for hubby but to me I saw my kids being swept away by the raging waves. Sorry lah over dramatic. In the end we all could not resist the sea however garang it looked so we all jumped in. Water very nice and still very clear - we were 20 miles away from the nearest town so you dont have the fear of swimming with human stuff there...eeeyuuuuuu.

(Eeehhh malas nye nak tulis report lah. No wonder I am not a travel writer.)

Eh but have to tell you that that night we went out to look at the sea, and we watched the SIME DARBY function - they had a treasure hunt(?) thingy and on Saturday nite we watched them parade in fancy dress and I mean fancy dress! Pity hubby did not take pics of the Cat woman, the Captain Hook, the Tinkerbell wiht her humongous wings. It was 2nd hand fun lah.

Sunday time to go home....I went for JAVANESE MAssage or better known as slow death by fingers. I did not realise I had that many muscles to picit. At one point I was positive the small young woman was standing on me. She may be small but she packed a punch! I have no idea what possessed me, but i gave her my card. Maybe she wants to take a loan???

All in all , nice hols and now time to start thinking of moving...we have been told we can move in by 13th...satu benda tak pack lagi.

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