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Tunku the Musical- and my rant

Tunku the Musical- what a night. Thanks DadofFour & Kitchen Guardian! We truly enjoyed ourselves.

We went from work, me still high from the "Success" of my that i mean I did not say anything stupid. I think. Well, no one has come out to tell me at any rate.

Tunku the Musical. It was the GALA performance so a lot of very well dressed people and those "celebrities' were mingling around. I think they're celebrities lah, they had that look of "please dont gawk at me" although more often than not, if you are not in the industry, you would not know them... The food buffet was good, we chatted with James and Adeline, a very nice couple - only later we discovered that James Boyle is famous- musical director or something and jazz freak. Has a band. If google is to be believed, he came up with Penang lagu kebangsaan. (er but that James Boyle is dead- cancel that)

We lingered outside for awhile waiting for Dato Seri Pak Lah - but all of a sudden we heard the announcement that he was not coming and we were to go in. Someone called Mel Gibson attended however and there was bit a commotion when he came in.

Our seats were smack in the middle of the auditorium and could not be better had we actually booked it ourselves.


First up, Joe Hasham gave a speech. He was very casual , such a good speaker, nice gravelly voice, and also mentioned that they would be presenting the first Datin Endon award for performing arts - a bit about the late Datin Seri , the birth of Tunku the musical, the generosity of the friends who include Datuk Vinod Sekhar, who asked in return if they could give one free ticket to his friend, Mel.

Then Francis Yeoh came (I bumped into him earlier and wanted to shake his hand but I kept wanting to call him Vincent Tan so better not approach him at all lah kan) and gave a speech about performance art ,Bangsa Malaysia etc etc, and also that he heard some one called Mel something or other was there so the perrformers would want to give 300 percent (eh my attendance is not enough ke hee hee)

Then the dancer choreographer, ARIS ISKANDAR was announced as the winner of the award and RM50,000- sweet if you can get it eh. He was in tears, this Aris, hugs and more hugs, and cium tangan Francis, Heck if you give ME RM50,000 I'd kiss your hand too man.


Firstly, who knew Tony Eusoff could sing (and sing well!). Secondly, who knew that Tunku does not appear at all here (that would be another show- DUH read the programme la). Briefly the musical is about the aide of Tunku, someone who, after indepence, did not like the way we merged with otherraces and see it as the Malays giving away the rights and basically fiercely protective of own race and openly racist. He has a chinese mistress, and a son who has a chinese adopted by malay girlfriend- eh nowadays if chinese adopted by malays do they say their chinese or malay ah. Anyway the Chinese said they had the right to be there too, Malaysia history has them in it also, and Laksa is a chinese dish too. Then, as both camp were equally racists (*yes , they were.), eventually it erupted as May 13 1969 riot when the DAP wanted it ALL (Muaahhaahahahahah evil laughter) . However the show showed Malays as the evil one who attacked first. There was even a sketch where the malay silat boys raped the Tuan Syed's son's chi-lay (hows that?) girlfriend- you know what they were doing lah from the way they moved ok. Rather graphic eh.

You know something, these boys may not really be anti chinese or anti malay as it were but got caught in the moment - when emotions run high, you can riot over the stupidest thing. Didn't I read that sometimes people are paid to riot??

(By the way May 13th saw me as a 28 day old baby and my army dad had to smuggle me out of the camp into my grandma's place in Keramat !)

Anyway what do I think of it? Thought provoking plot. Singers were very high quality. Lyrics- biasalah when Malaysians write English songs- rudimentary. too much emphasiis on the riot and not enough evidence of happiness - what MUST Mel have thought.

A bit on merdeka. This is purely my view ok..You may choose to skip this part. Very wordy. Very long. Very worked up, I am.

I think, if we wanted a purely Malay state, the Japs and the English should have left the country and then the land has to be "reclaimed" as Tanah Melayu. IF that happened, there would not be any independence (we were allready independent what - before the penjajah came) and revert to status quo of Raja raja etc. If that happened, then it would be a Melayu state, but with other races lah (in this century where got one race countries) ?

However, it did not happen that way. We were "given" independence, and by that time, we had other races and people who could not longer call any other land their home, except for Malaysia, and who was happy to work hard alongside us. The pact was entered into that a new country where all three races would exist and share power with a nod to the history behind the Malays. So in that regard, it is not so much an independence rather a birth of a new country. This country is Malaysia and it is nothing like the Malays, Indians or Chinese have ever known. We have to accept that country, new rules.

However, every one wants a piece of the land, and everyone will claim that this land is theirs. Be it Malaysia, Denmark, England even, no one race can ever claim a land as theirs (except for the Jews- they dont understand this concept heehhehehehe). Even if your ancestors have been here since time in memoriam, globalisation is such that it no longer gives you the sole right over your land.

So there- I dont have any answers, but I dont think we are wrong to have conflict and I dont think its purely a Malaysia problem . An interesting and disturbing question raised by the Musical is - how long can Malaysia last???

You know, I predict we WILL have a Bangsa Malaysia one day- he will not be melayu, or chinese or indian, even, He will be a MatSalleh clone!!! Speak English, western educated, watch highschool musical, speak in English accent even, and pooh pooh Malaysia- tengoklah. Nau' zubillah.....

Its a complicated thingy. My conclusion- Malaysia needs therapy. In the meantime, lets just ignore the issues of who has what and enjoy what we have war, no famine, no incredibly racist cabinet where the only malay minster handles religion (another testimony to the lepakness of Malays that we dont mind) ..Chinese has their temples and their religion and customs celebrated, so does the Indians., everyone actually has no cause for okay WAT???? If only we are ever satisfied......

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