Monday, September 03, 2007

UPSR and whats been happening..(part 1)

Nadine UPSR TODAY!!!! Yikes

Hubby went off to KK most of last week. Wanted to bring me along, he said, regretfully, but what to do, I should stay home and give moral support to Nadine as she was preparing for her UPSR...the first biggie exam (at 12, ok) of her life. The first of many many many we hope (and I dont mean re-sits ok) . He came back with a tan, by the way.

Anyway Nadine had measles last weekend, and a few days later, ear ache. We went to GH and heard the (obviously pissed off GP as we marched straight to the ward- hey gomen doctor has so few privileges as it is waaat) - anyway he declared her to be ok and not too bad.

By Wednesday kids were coughing. Thursday, dad went off. (he was supposed to go on Wednesday but he missed his flight due to being in the OT too long and went off very early Thursday morning) The minute he was gone, Thursday morning I packed the kids to the clinic and got a round of antibiotics for all of them - HAH! (Hubby would never hear of it - its all viral...) . Took EL.- Cat also in hospital - broke leg- okay it was not broken, but it got into a fight while we were in Frasers Hill and its leg was bitten and became severely infected.This is the girl kitten from the 2nd batch. (We are on the third batch- did I mention we have 10 cats , 5 of them 2 weeks old?)


MAMAMIA said...

All the best to Nadine. My girl pun masa UPSR demam panas gak dulu.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thanks Mamamia- now I feel like Im coming down with somethign.

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