Wednesday, October 31, 2007


For the last 2 days it really feels like kampung house at my place. letrik. Two days ago , the houses on our row and the houses in front, all went dark - the husband could not find the key to open the gate and therefore could not come and get his wife from office (what has the world come to when the husband is at home and the wife is at work- he came home early)- I took the world's most expensive cab back and thank god he wanted to take me home.

Anyway yesterday, the house went all dark again. Before I could rant at TNB it turned out that its just our place. Trying the circuit breaker did not work. So out came the candles. the kids had a gala time playing with the api and running their digits fast through the candle light- yeah I'm not surprised as their dad is the King Pyromaniac. Hahahahah..

Now we realise that we can't do much without electricity- nak masak air pun masak in a periuk as I don't have the kettle you boil on the stove. Can't iron or microwave, can't turn on the telly or the fan. Or listen to the radio. I got up at 4 am due to it being so quiet. The silence woke me up! Hahaahahah- camana nak duduk kampung ni. Mandi pun menggigggillllllllllll.

For the first time in I think 20 odd years, we used the mosquito coil..Ah... the smell brings back memories of kampung and my childhood before we got all techno and used electric mats. Unfortunately I developed an allergic reaction to the smoke (CehwaH!!!!) and today my right eye is swollen due to me scratching it like mad yesterday.

Ok a pic of the kids mengaji in the dark.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Maid dilemma

What a pahlava, getting a maid eh.

We are soo reliant on maids... My maid has told me yonks ago that she was going home this year. She wanted to go back for good in June, but I told her I have not found anyone yet. Then I rashly said - Raya Haji you can go back.. and now its almost Raya Haji allready and I have not even made a single application!

I have actually seen several biodatas..but what with moving house, etc etc ,we never got around to choosing one. So now the only one that is left , according to Agensi Manisah, is this maid called Sutiari. She is 26 , husband is 30, not married,. youngest of SEVEN adek beradek and comes from Java- where all rajin maids come from. I don't actually remember booking her, but apparently the agent told me that this maid has been reserved for me. Today I told the agent that I'd like to see a less depressed looking maid holding a tray of glasses please and the agent said - aiyahh takda lagi lah. everyone is taken.

And by the way this lady has 2 children it turns out - and I now am supposed to interview her - I got her number . I passed the job to mom.

(Agency charging almost Rm6000 and the maid's pay is RM550. !!)


There is this local maid agency- ie local maids. called Pembantuanda. Pay him RM2000, and pay the maid RM500-RM600 and then bob's your uncle - the maid is yours. From any part of Malaysia.

So what do you think- local malaysian maid? Have to send her home once a month (hey we do that allready with Minah), have to buy her ubat and take her to doctor (do that with Minah also), have to pay her cash everymonth (yup, with Minah) - HEY MINAH your standard is like a local maid lah!

Anyway I called- sounds good but then there are no maids for the moment- mainly ibutunggal - divorceees...I can see my mom's Worry Cells activated. Sigh I have to have hubby wear blinkers lah like that. Alahai Im done worrying about hubby lah. He has not given my any reason to doubt him, or think that he's eyeing my maid or any other woman for that matter, and I do trust him when he says that he didnt call me from Jakarta for 3 entire days because he wanted to save money...heheheh.. Plus Im drop dead gorgeous what (hahhahahahah!) - Just discovered that my butt is almost 40 inches !!!! Yikes !!!!!! (my receptionist is a tailor who just took my measurements - ok some other day I'll tell you)

Eh eh how did I get to this topic pulak.. ok lah basically that is my dilemma...local or indon maid. Local, wait one month, Indon, wait 2 months. My office mate sorang ni has a brother who will go to Java and get you a maid for RM4000- within a month. Really ah?

And my maid still nak go back in December...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Open House

Selamat Hari Raya...

It's still going on...the Open House can be fun but it can also be madness if you go to more than 4 Open Houses a day and drag your tired kids behind ...

That's why, as for our family, we've not gone to too many, but we have received guests. I hope our friends know that they do not need to wait for Open Houses to come visit us. Yesterday we had 3 couples over(unplanned) , and I served plain rice and basically everyday dinner lauk/dishes -not very Raya like at all (ok there WAS some ketupat daun palas around courtesy of my mom who knew her daughter would not be cooking up rendang etc since she left the UK and mom was around) and we were chatting until very late.

Today mom told me that Uncle X has JUST called to ask us over to his house but then this would clash with Friend A and Friend B who have issued invites weeks back. So how? If don't go, my dad would definitely feel I've insulted the entire Sudin compromise, will go but after the 2 friends. Sigh..privelege of uncles to invite last minute and expect FULL attendance.

Anyway I read this article about how the concept of Open House is actually not good as it implies that you can only go on that day, and what happens if you don't get an invite? Kan dah kecik hati.....But personally I think Open Houses are convenient for the hosts who can plan how much food to cook etc but OF COURSE you can come over any other time ...only you'd need to call etc. I know the Malaysian way is not to call and to just appear , unannounced, at the friend's doorstep but in this day and age when the "lady of the house" also work and therefore busy also, it's only considerate to call first.

However, there have been times when we decided to visit our friends, uninvited. We do make sure we bring the food etc so that they are not too inconvenienced by our visit and we don't stay too long!

In Malaysia I believe people used to be very malu-malu (coy) - and in general they still are; For eg they won't say "Yes, I'd love one" if the host asks "Would you like a drink"? . If the hosts are dumb enough to ask in the first place I would bet that the answer would be "Eh no lah, jangan susah susah/ don't go to so much trouble..we just ate etc etc". And the right thing to do if you are the Asian host is to go ahead and make that drink any way . Actually, the right thing to do is to serve that drink without asking them.

In the western world, SORRY'd be taken at face value and you'd leave the house with no drink or food. Hehehhe serve you right. Nowadays though I have been honest and said "Thanks very much, I would love a drink etc etc" - Western training? Or is this the better option? I'm rather proud of the verbal dance we Asians use. Heheheheh.."berlapik" as they say. Subtle and for you to read between the lines.

Whatever it is, do come over whenever you feel like it. Call first though then I can cook for you!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Semalam pi Madam Kwan at Pavillion- had their mushroom chicken rice- Yummmmmieee.

Eh dia pakai apa ah? What is Madam Kwan's secret ? Everytime we go there for lunch (everytime meaning twice) there is a loooong queue.

Of course in our culture , we believe that there are such things as "Sweeteners" or pemanis, ie mumbo jumbo that makes your shop more attractive than others. I don't know whether such thing exists or not. There are too many anecdotal evidences of it happening. I don't find it that hard to believe that we coexist in this world with other beings, some good and some bad..and I think that people can do very very bad magic if they know where to look, although what happens is all God's will and there are reasons for them. I have heard of people who dabble in magic and the dark arts (some, in the milder cafe latte arts- not so dark heheh) - heeee i don't dare lah.. what if it backfires?Someone said sometimes when you appear too happy others may look on you with jealousy. Sigh happy pun tak leh ...camano. I value happiness over anything else and have recently told my kids that the richest man on earth is he who wants nothing. They nodded agreably while they count their Raya money.

Ok ok im blogging during office chow...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Don't have any idea what to writelar.......

Dr Sheikh M is back.....

My kids malas buat h-work.

bye bye.........

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Random views

The swing which is now sparking white.
Outside the kitchen.
The forest at the back.

the kitchen.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

High School &*#$@! Music*al Part 2

Aiyooo... all of my kids, from the 12 year old one, to the 5 year old one , know the lyrics to the songs of HighSchoolMusical2. From Johan singing his heart out about batterbatter swing(some baseball swing), to the love duets between Troy and Gabriella . They even memorise the CANTONESE versions of the songs ok!!!

The DVD player in the car is busted, but not to worry , the entire journey was HSM2 miniconcert. What I found funny was that they know how to harmonise! Sophia takes the low note and the high notes by Sara. Hee hee.

Anyway we go along with it. Maybe Im the parent of the Corrs. Who knows eh hehehehehe

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Family Pic

"Johan you had better not drop that camera boy!"

Practising the pose for the photoshoot. Hahahahaha!

Hmmm mak buat apa tu???

Since everyone was around for the first time ever, Bro In law no 1 hit on the idea that we should take a big family pix. Somehow or other all 6 families cooperated and even youngest dentist sister came back from her husband's family place in Muar to join us . After Maghrib we got organised enough to leave the house and followed directions to a studio- no one had the foresight to book ahead hehehehe therefore we found that studio 1 was too small and so we rushed to studio 2. Rushed as it was Maghrib!! The 2nd Studio was better- took about 20 shots I think. We all ordered a photo for each family - so hope to be able to hang it up real soon!

Raya Pics- Finally- Kluang!!(Day 2 and 3)

The Princess Aludya Fayha....
Makan and more makan...mak brought out everything.

Aaahhhhh..thats the best thing about having sisters in law....hehehehehhehe (sorry !!) - we came strolling in when everything was done - hey but we stayed back to clear up kan kan kan?? poser kids. In front of the house.

Majan's Abode

Majan's House.

really nice and co-ordinated

I'm going to change my curtains.

Raya Pics- Day 2 (kluang)

trying to post picture at majan;s house.

arrived at mom's place in Kluang and was shepherded out almost instantly hahahahahah- to Cousin Mazran's spanking new house.

Ray Pics - Day 1 (pm)

Chatting - Bro in Law is NOT staring into space- there is actually a TV there.
Kids and their cousins the blue family.
Mak M and Mak Z...(so much for anonymity eh)
The (ever) loving couple.
The ever elegant hostess and Auntie Izreen her daughter (holding Angpau packets - what kids look forward to)

Raya Pics - Day 1 (afternoon)- Dad's brothers

Raya is for lepakking isn't it. All the brothers here (except for the youngest from my 2nd Wan) - and where was my (only) auntie?We used to be so small..
The guys bonding outside ( that's what they call smoking these days)
Trying to organise everyone for a family pic.


Raya Pics - Day 1 (am)- at Opah's

My Auntie has "rombaked" (changed) the living room of my grandma's place so that there is only one table (I miss the old lay out Auntie!!! Now if only I have the guts to tell you hehehehehe)
Three generations of eldest women in the family and Sara.
Juan and Lin and Daughter (where is your son??), my cousins and 3 aunties. Thank goodness for staircases for us to pose on!
The men in the family. (3 uncles, my dad, Opah, and cousins. - and hubby)
Posing with my mom's cousins!

Raya Pics- Day 1 (am) at Mom's

Raya Morning at my parents' house...posing giler in the kids' baju raya. Kebaya I was a last minute thingy to match with dad's "offwhite" outfit hahahahaha


Hi We are back in town!

How was your Eid? (In KL Eid will last until December hahahaha- not enough weekends to have open house laaa)

Pre-Eid , we visited our 2 next door neighbours , bearing a mini self made hamper- (amazing what a little bit of ribbon can do). They were a bit surprised as I gather they are not used to having strangers accost them but they gave us back a delicious brownie. I found out later that my family (uncle and dad, actually) are good friends with one of the neighbours. Small world eh.

Eid- managed to visit my relatives from both parents' side- mom's in the morning, and dad's in the afternoon, and even had a mini gathering on Atok A's aka Mak B's place!

The next day we set off to Kluang- 12 hours later than scheduled as dad wanted to sleep etc etc. Got to Kluang and everyone was allready there! The first time we had everyone back at the same time. Bro In Law aka MInahsongeh's husband organised a family photo- something that has been on the to do list since we first joined the family and now, with the youngest married, is finally done. It was SOOO Kepoh! But fun.

Back from that- car broke down. Sigh,what are you doing car.....
Ok I'll put up the pix.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Raya ??

Update no 3:

Kids are hot and feverish. Jo and Sophia coughing on top of that. Sophia has a blocked nose. Dahlia complains of toothache. Dad did not sleep all of last night and now has crashed on the new sofa and is also I note, feverish.

Kueh cornflakes turned out fine - if its meant to look flat and gooey and taste incredibly sweet. Maid suggest we postpone all the biscuit making to after Raya. I think she has no mood to do ANY work as she is chomping at the bits to go back to her auntie' s place to help them out for Raya. I reminded her that not many maids get to go off and not follow the boss to their hometown during Raya and she is never around during First Raya- she goes back as her auntie needs help too. I don't mind but get a bit irritating when she nags me to send her early. He-LLO!

Today I want to: scrape and repaint the swing. Maybe try my hand at sewing blouses for my girls. My mom thinks I'm mad. You think? She said I had better not do the stapling and the sellotaping I do when I'm sewing in a rush. Purpose led sewing hahahahah.

Also maybe make another type of biscuit? Maybe muffins? I sure have bought enough cornflakes and choc chips to last us all of Syawal .

But first, the swing. (its really grimy and we have been talking about repainting it since we saw it)


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Husband and the Raya baju- Update

Ok previously said that the hubby's baju melayu is going to be pink - he later informed me that he had bought another pair- when pressed if it would match the girls' kebaya which is white- he said it was "off white". Hence I got myself a white top that can be passed off as a kebaya top (also can be used to the office later). Well, Ive seen the bajumelayu outfit.

It's GREY.


Oh well, who needs to colour co-ordinate right.... loads of ppl don't and the family pic turn out brilliant anyway.

Raya Tales.

I hit an ATOS today. I have never never EVER been in an accident*( apart from the motorcyclist and I believe I hit a cow in my teens) . We were back from some (seriously last minute) shopping at Metr*ojaya Be*rjaya Tim*es S*quare (where people are not so like "ulat") and I had to take the car home as husband needed to go to the hospital to look into someone's backside (and I mean that in the nicest possible manner) - so there I was in the driver's seat, after husband has left, fussing about with the setting - I'm a lot shorter than he is, obviously , and lo and behold, I hit the car in front of me.

Ok actually it was more stupider than that- I had taken my foot off the brakes, and the car continued moving, and thinking I was going to press the brakes, I pressed the accelerator.

Yes, I am a moron.

So the guy came out (actually it's the guy in front of the guy I hit) and he was telling me off for managing to hit a car at a red traffic light and I was all shaken and thinking oh just go and get cancer why dont you and I did not have a clue what I was supposed to do. Husband, when I called him, said offer him money or else take his details and sort it out . So we both parked to the side, and he asked me for money and I gave it to him . He said he had to go and knock his car out etc etc etc.

And I'm crying all the way back...sob sob kurang bersedekah ni....(I said this to him) . I cant refuse as it was MY fault.

So anyway . Husband is laughing his head off because earlier I was snickering that M*etro gave me 50% when the sign said 30% hahahahahahhaa- buk! Now I have to pay back - tulah ...dosa....

Apart from that, we have gone on a shopping spree- to make kueh. Yeah we got some clothes for the kids too. Didnt realise a bit of fluff and ribbon would be so dear. I think I'm going to take up ribbon embroidery. And it does not help that everyone must have the same new things (according to Dad, not the kids , who each wanted their own style) - no handme downs possible. Got some trousers for them (i'm buying the ribbon folks) . And Dylon die. Hee hee...! I fell in love with Somerset Bay dresses- soon ok soon.

Ok then, the cookies are calling. How many cups is 125 grammes by the way?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Raya Preparations

So far the Raya Preparations is ....Nil

Unless you count the new sofa . And the new curtains- YAY! Thanks Auntie Yot- you pulled through....despite having to tend to my sick grandmother, my auntie plodded on with our curtains and gave it to us at about 1 am last nite and now we feel about as big as ants and I am definitely the most kejam mean niece ever. I did tell her to take it easy...but I think she got excited about the curtains as well.(yeahhh right). Her work is so neat and nice and she hemmed everything!! (*amazed tone*) .

Kids baju raya- well we have that pink outfits we did for the engagement - was thinking of wearing them. Husband has without consulting moi , ordered baju kebayas for my girls (but they're too small to wear kebaya lah!)and its cream. Then he came back one day with Johan's baju melayu - and its yellow. And he tells me I can wear my grey kebaya, And his baju melayu is pink I think

?????? Mana boleh!!! So not colour coordinated lah! Kan now the trend that mother father and kids are all decked out in one Karer only?? How lah, dad wears pink, mom in grey, kids in white and yellow? So funny like that. So I will see what I can do today. Plus we have to get their baju raya like teeshirts etc. Shopping for their clothes is best done without them- they have definite tastes ...

Facebook Be Gone!!!

One day, I had an email from my cousin inviting me to Facebook. Innocently and having a bit of spare time on my hands, I accepted.

WOAHHHHH- evil being! Facebook was in the beginning quite harmless! It connects you to people, and those people's friends- which is a good thing and what has me captivated for hours- seing who this person knows and whether we know the same people. From like 3 friends I now have 31!!

After about 2 weeks on it, what I am now slowly realising is that Facebook is EVILLLLLLLLLLL- its really a game- you can send a round of drinks to everyone, you can throw a sheep to your friends, (or even slap/pinch/tickle them if you are so inclined) and get them to do things to you! I found out that my colleague is related by marriage to me, and what is the most bizzare- I found out that the guy whom I fondly recall as being that person who really really liked me during those early years, and whom I thought would be a mere memory - is a friend to my good friends and has been within reach of my circle of friends like for ever! Eeeeeee...(glad to know that I married better than him hah hah hah) .

Anyway things are still under control - not added any handbags etc or any other of their fascinating silly applications. Facebook is indeed fun if you so happen to have about oh - 6 hours to spare!! Hehehehehehe.

Monday, October 08, 2007

A needless Death!

Baca tak kat Utusan hari ni??

A mother left her children unattended at the house for a moment and it burnt down, and one of her children died.

Article below.

The stuff of my worst nightmares.

You know what I think- more neighbours who you can trust - or a centre each neighbourhood where you can leave them for a while- or even free babysitting services for those who cannot afford it.

The Malay Mail siap run a test to see how easy they can "fish" the kids - 5 out of 6 kids responded to their questions - not at all scared by strangers...and the parents nowhere to be found- especially at playgrounds...

I think , we should have a guard over each playground (macam lifeguard) - paid by the nearby residents- you can protect your things with a security guard- you can't pay to secure your child? or, if the government is seriously sincere in reducing these type of cases, give money to pay for these Makchik Guard (sorry lah nak bagi Pakcik Guard- karang dia yang buat naya)

Kesiann that child yang mati kena bakar....

Kanak-kanak ditinggalkan ibu mati dalam kebakaran
KUALA LUMPUR 7 Okt. - Tindakan seorang ibu tunggal meninggalkan tiga anaknya berusia dua hingga empat tahun di rumah tanpa pengawasan membawa padah apabila salah seorang daripadanya maut dalam kebakaran di sebuah rumah kedai di Jalan San Peng di sini hari ini.
Dalam kejadian pukul 1.35 petang itu, mangsa, seorang kakak-kanak perempuan berusia satu tahun lima bulan, Mas Sarimah Zulkifli, meninggal dunia akibat melecur teruk di tangan, kaki dan muka.
Dua abang mangsa, masing-masing berumur tiga dan empat tahun sempat diselamatkan oleh jiran selepas memecahkan tingkap rumah tersebut.
Difahamkan, ketika kejadian itu, ibu tunggal berkenaan yang dipercayai berasal dari Terengganu meninggalkan rumah dan anak-anaknya itu untuk keluar bekerja dalam keadaan pintu berkunci.
Ketua Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Jalan Pudu, Mohd. Ramali Arbai berkata, pihaknya menerima panggilan kebakaran itu kira-kira pada pukul 1.37 tengah hari dan tiba di tempat kejadian kira-kira dua minit kemudian.
Jelasnya, bomba berjaya memadamkan kebakaran tersebut kira-kira 20 minit kemudian.
“Kebakaran itu hanya melibatkan bilik utama rumah itu dan mayat kanak-kanak itu dijumpai dalam keadaan tertiarap.
“Kami sangkakan ia anak patung kerana keadaannya yang tertiarap dan apabila tengok betul-betul barulah kami tahu ia sebenarnya mayat kanak-kanak,’’ katanya ketika ditemui di tempat kejadian di sini hari ini.
Sementara itu, ibu mangsa enggan ditemui bual oleh media kerana masih bersedih dan terlalu terkejut.
Dalam perkembangan sama, seorang jiran mangsa, Mohd. Hairel Mohd Hassan, 29, ketika ditemui berkata, ketika kejadian beliau mendengar suara kanak-kanak menjerit meminta pertolongan.
``Ketika itu, saya dan beberapa orang jiran lain cuba membuka pintu, tetapi ia berkunci.
``Ketika itu beberapa jiran lain sudah memecahkan tingkap di bilik dan berjaya menyelamatkan dua kanak-kanak tanpa menyedari ada seorang lagi kanak-kanak di dalam rumah itu,’’ jelasnya.
Ketua Polis Daerah Dang Wangi, Asisten Komisioner Mohamad Zulkarnain Abd. Rahman ketika dihubungi berkata polis menyiasat kes itu dari pelbagai sudut.
``Kita menyiasat sama ada kebakaran itu dengan niat atau tanpa niat sebelum mengambil tindakan,’’ katanya.
Mayat kanak-kanak yang rentung itu dibawa ke Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) untuk dibedah siasat manakala polis dengan kerjasama Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat masih meneruskan siasatan untuk mengenal pasti punca kebakaran.-Utusan

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pointless Post

After 15 years of marriage, one thing remains true.

I cannot shop with my husband. Not real "I really want to buy something" kinda shop.

He drives me up the wall, and I make him go bonkers. THis post is not to demean my lovely husband in any way btw.

Hee hee hee.

The other nite I went home first, as he was in OT and was going to be late. The plan was we were going to go to I*Kea lah, looking for our replacement sofa- the old one is torn and beyond salvation (although I have not given up- and have also bought several DYLON shoe paints to paint over the set- we shall see) .

3 hours after I have reached home, he called from OT, saying he's just finished. It was nearly 9. I had showered, eaten, and was just feeling dozy, and I said really want to go ah...I am kinda tired lah....

Then he said- do you want to go or dont you?

And I said- ok, actually , No. Can we go tomorrow.

He said- ah ok lah.

Ok , that is the end of that. Not quite- a nano second later he called again- "Sure you dont want to go?"

And that , in my husband's speak, is "Come here and get me woman I want to go to IKEA."

The sweetest thing about him is that he does not want to force you to do something you dont want and so he will go along with what you want but actually you got to read between the lines, to find out that he actually does not want what you want.

Anyway we reached IKEA, eventually (After I changed from my comfy buruk kaftan and dragged the kids (dressed in their most glam pyjamas) to IKEA- I cld only pray that we dont bump into anyone- as luck would have it we bumped into a couple of old friends)

We looked at our Ecto*rp Sofa - we had liked it from the catalogue- eh, tengok real life, tak lawa sangat- the picture in the catalogue was nicer somehow. But it was still nice. Then he said "You want or not?"

"Yeah, ok lah, after all we came here for Ect*orp, anyway right"

"Yeah, ok, if you want we can take it." He paused." What about this other model?" he pointed to other models

"Its ok I guess, but I thought we wanted Ecto*rp?"

"Ect*orp is not that great lah, but if you want - ok lah ok lah we get Ect*torp"

"Its not a question of what I wantlah! - you must like it too!. "Do you like it or not?"

"Its a bit faded lah..."

"Ok lah dont have to buy"

"But if you want we can get it. Ok lah we get it, after all you liked it what"


In the end , we did not get it.

But have to go through the entire dialogue to ascertain that no, neither of us minded that we did not take it.

We eventually found one (somewhere else) that we liked, a bit above our budget, but then he liked it too ("It's ok I guess" is good enough for me) so we decided to cancel the Raya open house for the set (heheheheheheheh!) But then to buy that set pun had to go through a lot of dialogue of "sure you want?" "I dont mind, if you want it" " Ok lah if you like it"....


Friday, October 05, 2007


For the past 2 days I have been sahuring donuts.

J Co donuts.

Ever since Pavillion opened, my colleagues have been darting off during their break and coming back with boxes of Jco donuts. I, having no idea what the heck the fuss was about, did not know that Jco is supposed to be a famous donut chain in Indonesia, some say nicer even than Dunkin Donuts of ye olde KL.

Until of course, a colleague gave me 2 donuts. We ate in the car on the way home, and its niiiiiiiiiiiceeee. It's somehow lighter than the other branded donuts. But a bit sweet lah. So anyway the next day I thought I'd go buy for the kiddies (since mommy and daddy wallapped all of the donuts in the car before we reached home and disposed of all evidence) .

So we went off to Pavillion. First, there are so many bakeries on that floor. You would be spoit for choice. Determinedly we headed for Jco. Don't know what to choose, there were so many. My friend suggested that since there was an offer - 2 dozen for RM34 (and save RM21 bucks - no idea how they got this since a dozen cost RM19 je- how do they come up with so much saving?) - we should share lah- a dozen each.

Knowing my kids- 12 wont be enough (ok ok it was not my kids it was my own greed) - so in the end I bought-

2 dozen.

24 donuts . Of all tastes. Home for buka puasa.

They ate a dozen and the rest were pretty much untouched. So mummy has to finish lah. So tu yang buka, sahur etc with donuts.

On the upside of it. I do not feel at all hungry the next day.

On the downside of it. I am fast looking like one of the donuts.

That'll teach me not to be so greedy....!:-)

Thursday, October 04, 2007


You know about the cats, right. We managed to bring over from the old house, 2 adult cats (a mommy and her daughter) and 3 kittens (also the daughters of the same mommy). The very next day kitten 1 was found dead, (I think its our kitten I never verified it), kitten 2 went off somewhere (somewhere nice I would like to think) and all of a sudden kitten 3 went missing and there is a pool of blood on my porch.

Well you know what Nadine told me today???!!!!

They found the kitten!!!!

Without -a -HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EEEEEeeeee poooorrr thinggg..what the heck happened to it?? I called it marshmallow and my kids called it button. Hey I moved house to house you kittens woit!!! (as well as my kids lah)

I am now very very traumatised and I hope my kids are ok (they sound pretty ok selamba je?)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hotel Hospital

There is this new hospital that's opened , in front of the Royal Selangor Golf and Country Club. The KLites who work in the Bukit Bintang or Jln Tun Razak area would probably have noticed this big building being built for the last 2 or so years - where some istana or was it bungalows- were previously located - and most of you would probably have thought that it was a hotel.

Well, you are not that far off actually- they may say its a hospital but I think , it is a hotel with medical services. Heh heh heh. Yesterday I went in and got the tour of the wards that are opened- the O&G ward is active by the way, and boy was I blown away!!! If I was a tourist and I happen to visit here I would think that - MALAYSIA IS BLOODY RICH man!!! I wanna baby there!

The marble flooring, the lighting, sebijik macam Starhill or some posh shopping complex (Pavillion comes to mind). Then I went to the surau- big and with big windows having KLCC as the view- Not that surprising that its a well planned and well equipped Surau-Petronas is the shareholder of this hospital anyway and malu lah if kecik kan.

Then I went to the Surgical Wards to check out Husband's consultant suite (surprise!) - It's very spartan at the moment but I like it. He said some other doctors have furnished their suites ala ala living room lah. I think biarlah spartan, makes it a bit more professional (Although maybe a big family photo and certs on the wall.) . The view also overlooks KLCC.

Then I went over to the rooms for patients / guests - there are no shared rooms ok. Everyone will get a single room. The room cost RM400!!!!!!! But memang berbaloi as sebijik macam WESTIN, ok. Not blanket bodoh, but quilt. Not any plastic chair, but comfy huge sofa for the guests to sit on, Flat screen Telly , and a little round table with 2 chairs for you to sit and maybe ponder your forthcoming operation or what. There is even a suite if you have a guest to stay in and its a RM1000!!!! But ada 2 flatscreen telly, 2 bathroom and sapa duduk situ taknak balik.

Apparently though the actual treatment costs is equal to other hospitals. But it'll be the rooms (ie hotel) costs that'll kill you.

Masa we left our battered Serena looked really sad, next to those gleaming cars....but we love you Serena and made muka tebal as we drive off.

Yeah, I guess the day has finally come...husband has ventured outside ...after almost 10 years of public service....For those who knows us , you'd know that my husband would sooner give his right arm (and maybe his wife) rather than leave his GH and his students (so, he hasn't) but I think the demands and realities of the five kids gave him that extra push (plus I need a new bag hahahahaha) . I don't know if he will like the world "outside"- all alone with no MO to kerah hahahahaha. He's still a GH doc as far as he is concerned and I hope he won't have a nervous breakdown trying to accomodate this new life and his social obligations. Whatever I say carries nil weight so we just have to wait and see.

So- you know where to refer any one needing surgical services now! (pls check insurance is valid hahahahahaha- even if the medical fees are nothing the hospital will extract blood out of you somehow) .

And if you are at loose ends- pi lah see this place . At least for shock value. Hehehheheheh

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A pinch of this and a pinch of that


Settling in- telecom man, astro man, washing machine man etc etc - all those things without which a family with 5 kids would not survive or would not survive without going mad- have been installed. I just can't understand though why streamyx has to take a week to install, though. I need my internet man! Curtains are still missing so we can see you and you can see us. Kittens have been brought over and have slowly disappeared one by one- due to trauma of moving?? This morning found a pool of blood splashed over the porch and no body- mystery. Is it another cat?? And yesterday found snake in backyard. Dead, thank goodness. The other boys cats are refusing to move and husband has been going over to feed them - want to spare the neighbour the pitiful mewing!

Stupid headline of the Year

I read yesterday in the car- and husband gelak terbahak bahak- that there is a fatwa out by University Al Azhar, saying its ok for a woman to breastfeed her male colleague in order to make him her "son" (if the child nurse until he is full , he will have the status of your family and therefore it is not forbidden to touch him or be in close proximity with him.) Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Eeeeeeyyyyyyuuuuuckkkkkks was actually my first reaction.

Thank goodness the guy issuing this fatwa was fired on the spot.


Ok no trauma so far. Except when I over ate after the office iftar and then had bad stomach cramps, took MC the next day and felt that I had to explain it to everyone - my typical guilt complex. Kids are also fasting but Dahlia does not want to wake up for sahur so I will force her - er ask her, I mean, next year. I think its more important to make sure they keep their prayers. And keep the love for God. You know, I want my children to have love for Allah SWT, the one God. (where got many many gods ah what you think this is Ancient Greece hehehehehe) . Anyway instead of brimstone and fire we have to find a softer approach towards teaching our kids why we should say thanks to our creator. By being good- by remembering how blessed we are- mom and dad leading by example (preach je pandai ek?) - Unfortunately this is all talk no action as I do yell at them to get their act together and go pray!!!!!!

Other Stuff

Wish Husband goodluck in his new job- I hope you will be happy- and always remember you're doing it for the kids. So no new car. or new girlfriend.


Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...