Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Hi We are back in town!

How was your Eid? (In KL Eid will last until December hahahaha- not enough weekends to have open house laaa)

Pre-Eid , we visited our 2 next door neighbours , bearing a mini self made hamper- (amazing what a little bit of ribbon can do). They were a bit surprised as I gather they are not used to having strangers accost them but they gave us back a delicious brownie. I found out later that my family (uncle and dad, actually) are good friends with one of the neighbours. Small world eh.

Eid- managed to visit my relatives from both parents' side- mom's in the morning, and dad's in the afternoon, and even had a mini gathering on Atok A's aka Mak B's place!

The next day we set off to Kluang- 12 hours later than scheduled as dad wanted to sleep etc etc. Got to Kluang and everyone was allready there! The first time we had everyone back at the same time. Bro In Law aka MInahsongeh's husband organised a family photo- something that has been on the to do list since we first joined the family and now, with the youngest married, is finally done. It was SOOO Kepoh! But fun.

Back from that- car broke down. Sigh,what are you doing car.....
Ok I'll put up the pix.

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