Wednesday, October 31, 2007


For the last 2 days it really feels like kampung house at my place. letrik. Two days ago , the houses on our row and the houses in front, all went dark - the husband could not find the key to open the gate and therefore could not come and get his wife from office (what has the world come to when the husband is at home and the wife is at work- he came home early)- I took the world's most expensive cab back and thank god he wanted to take me home.

Anyway yesterday, the house went all dark again. Before I could rant at TNB it turned out that its just our place. Trying the circuit breaker did not work. So out came the candles. the kids had a gala time playing with the api and running their digits fast through the candle light- yeah I'm not surprised as their dad is the King Pyromaniac. Hahahahah..

Now we realise that we can't do much without electricity- nak masak air pun masak in a periuk as I don't have the kettle you boil on the stove. Can't iron or microwave, can't turn on the telly or the fan. Or listen to the radio. I got up at 4 am due to it being so quiet. The silence woke me up! Hahaahahah- camana nak duduk kampung ni. Mandi pun menggigggillllllllllll.

For the first time in I think 20 odd years, we used the mosquito coil..Ah... the smell brings back memories of kampung and my childhood before we got all techno and used electric mats. Unfortunately I developed an allergic reaction to the smoke (CehwaH!!!!) and today my right eye is swollen due to me scratching it like mad yesterday.

Ok a pic of the kids mengaji in the dark.

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