Facebook Be Gone!!!

One day, I had an email from my cousin inviting me to Facebook. Innocently and having a bit of spare time on my hands, I accepted.

WOAHHHHH- evil being! Facebook was in the beginning quite harmless! It connects you to people, and those people's friends- which is a good thing and what has me captivated for hours- seing who this person knows and whether we know the same people. From like 3 friends I now have 31!!

After about 2 weeks on it, what I am now slowly realising is that Facebook is EVILLLLLLLLLLL- its really a game- you can send a round of drinks to everyone, you can throw a sheep to your friends, (or even slap/pinch/tickle them if you are so inclined) and get them to do things to you! I found out that my colleague is related by marriage to me, and what is the most bizzare- I found out that the guy whom I fondly recall as being that person who really really liked me during those early years, and whom I thought would be a mere memory - is a friend to my good friends and has been within reach of my circle of friends like for ever! Eeeeeee...(glad to know that I married better than him hah hah hah) .

Anyway things are still under control - not added any handbags etc or any other of their fascinating silly applications. Facebook is indeed fun if you so happen to have about oh - 6 hours to spare!! Hehehehehehe.


DocYana said…
TELL me about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm post call and near dead with exhaustion and the first thing I do as I get home is to open my Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helpppppppp meeeeeeeeeee!!

Anonymous said…
i can't seem to find you on facebook lah.
Anon- U have to play around with my name a bit- I want to be anonymous while being "nonymous" heh heh heh- oh heck it- its under Shilak Asim. I know I know...
Hi Doc

Im waiting for my cookies to bake (pat self on back) and Im STILL on facebook!So addictive..

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