Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Family Pic

"Johan you had better not drop that camera boy!"

Practising the pose for the photoshoot. Hahahahaha!

Hmmm mak buat apa tu???

Since everyone was around for the first time ever, Bro In law no 1 hit on the idea that we should take a big family pix. Somehow or other all 6 families cooperated and even youngest dentist sister came back from her husband's family place in Muar to join us . After Maghrib we got organised enough to leave the house and followed directions to a studio- no one had the foresight to book ahead hehehehe therefore we found that studio 1 was too small and so we rushed to studio 2. Rushed as it was Maghrib!! The 2nd Studio was better- took about 20 shots I think. We all ordered a photo for each family - so hope to be able to hang it up real soon!

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