Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hotel Hospital

There is this new hospital that's opened , in front of the Royal Selangor Golf and Country Club. The KLites who work in the Bukit Bintang or Jln Tun Razak area would probably have noticed this big building being built for the last 2 or so years - where some istana or was it bungalows- were previously located - and most of you would probably have thought that it was a hotel.

Well, you are not that far off actually- they may say its a hospital but I think , it is a hotel with medical services. Heh heh heh. Yesterday I went in and got the tour of the wards that are opened- the O&G ward is active by the way, and boy was I blown away!!! If I was a tourist and I happen to visit here I would think that - MALAYSIA IS BLOODY RICH man!!! I wanna baby there!

The marble flooring, the lighting, sebijik macam Starhill or some posh shopping complex (Pavillion comes to mind). Then I went to the surau- big and with big windows having KLCC as the view- Not that surprising that its a well planned and well equipped Surau-Petronas is the shareholder of this hospital anyway and malu lah if kecik kan.

Then I went to the Surgical Wards to check out Husband's consultant suite (surprise!) - It's very spartan at the moment but I like it. He said some other doctors have furnished their suites ala ala living room lah. I think biarlah spartan, makes it a bit more professional (Although maybe a big family photo and certs on the wall.) . The view also overlooks KLCC.

Then I went over to the rooms for patients / guests - there are no shared rooms ok. Everyone will get a single room. The room cost RM400!!!!!!! But memang berbaloi as sebijik macam WESTIN, ok. Not blanket bodoh, but quilt. Not any plastic chair, but comfy huge sofa for the guests to sit on, Flat screen Telly , and a little round table with 2 chairs for you to sit and maybe ponder your forthcoming operation or what. There is even a suite if you have a guest to stay in and its a RM1000!!!! But ada 2 flatscreen telly, 2 bathroom and sapa duduk situ taknak balik.

Apparently though the actual treatment costs is equal to other hospitals. But it'll be the rooms (ie hotel) costs that'll kill you.

Masa we left our battered Serena looked really sad, next to those gleaming cars....but we love you Serena and made muka tebal as we drive off.

Yeah, I guess the day has finally come...husband has ventured outside ...after almost 10 years of public service....For those who knows us , you'd know that my husband would sooner give his right arm (and maybe his wife) rather than leave his GH and his students (so, he hasn't) but I think the demands and realities of the five kids gave him that extra push (plus I need a new bag hahahahaha) . I don't know if he will like the world "outside"- all alone with no MO to kerah hahahahaha. He's still a GH doc as far as he is concerned and I hope he won't have a nervous breakdown trying to accomodate this new life and his social obligations. Whatever I say carries nil weight so we just have to wait and see.

So- you know where to refer any one needing surgical services now! (pls check insurance is valid hahahahahaha- even if the medical fees are nothing the hospital will extract blood out of you somehow) .

And if you are at loose ends- pi lah see this place . At least for shock value. Hehehheheheh


Lan0stZz said...

wah cara u describe i boleh imagine abes. terasa mcm nak beranak situ je next time hahaha

MAMAMIA said...

Ada kerja kosong tak kat situ? Manalah tahu, kalau jadi staff, bila sedara mara sakit boleh dapat diskaun...

Superwomanwannabe said...

lana- best giler. Epi is however in GH right now, examining students.

Superwomanwannabe said...

heheheheh mamamia-email me the cv! (seriousni!)

mumsie said...

wow...jab sold out, huh! hehehe..well...its about time, if you ask me! But make sure i still get free or heavily discounted aonsultations!!

WANSHANA said...


Hi Shila - I visited your blog via Haq's a few times, and I never suspected that it was YOU until I read your message on Haq's chatbox today when you wrote "Jab"!
Small world! Hehehe! The last time we met, there were only Nadine and her little sister - at your mom's place!)

Anyway, Haizal mentioned about Jab's new venture @ PCH, and his advice to him to also consider leaving. I know what you mean - both of them are so like "very happily married" to their GHs...

All the best!

P/S : Do you mind if I create a link to your blog from mine, please? Thanks!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Shana! Waaah small world!!! Yah- today mister is in GH again. I rasa ada withdrawal symtoms ....Yes please link our blogs! Im going to read yours now! Welcome welcome welcome!

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