Friday, October 05, 2007


For the past 2 days I have been sahuring donuts.

J Co donuts.

Ever since Pavillion opened, my colleagues have been darting off during their break and coming back with boxes of Jco donuts. I, having no idea what the heck the fuss was about, did not know that Jco is supposed to be a famous donut chain in Indonesia, some say nicer even than Dunkin Donuts of ye olde KL.

Until of course, a colleague gave me 2 donuts. We ate in the car on the way home, and its niiiiiiiiiiiceeee. It's somehow lighter than the other branded donuts. But a bit sweet lah. So anyway the next day I thought I'd go buy for the kiddies (since mommy and daddy wallapped all of the donuts in the car before we reached home and disposed of all evidence) .

So we went off to Pavillion. First, there are so many bakeries on that floor. You would be spoit for choice. Determinedly we headed for Jco. Don't know what to choose, there were so many. My friend suggested that since there was an offer - 2 dozen for RM34 (and save RM21 bucks - no idea how they got this since a dozen cost RM19 je- how do they come up with so much saving?) - we should share lah- a dozen each.

Knowing my kids- 12 wont be enough (ok ok it was not my kids it was my own greed) - so in the end I bought-

2 dozen.

24 donuts . Of all tastes. Home for buka puasa.

They ate a dozen and the rest were pretty much untouched. So mummy has to finish lah. So tu yang buka, sahur etc with donuts.

On the upside of it. I do not feel at all hungry the next day.

On the downside of it. I am fast looking like one of the donuts.

That'll teach me not to be so greedy....!:-)


MRSHUSiN said...

kak long! i love jCo donuts too!
(and also pavilion...the place is huge!!! imagine... my school used to be there... sniff, sniff..)

husin&i now have gone ga-ga over the donuts! mmg light & yummy. have tried nearly all the flavours, but i still prefer the basic glazzy & cocoloco. sedappppp!

another donut outlet u should try out, but basically is the US version of jCo is BigApple. they've got durenduren, which is a thorny looking donut filled with durian! i'm turning into a donut too!

Superwomanwannabe said...

izan...definitely have to try now that I read the description of the donut from izreen's blog..! I dah lah love drian...I love the donuts - except I have no idea what I ate ...

mumsie said...

donuts from indon?? have to take me on a food trail bila i balik nanti K? No idea what and where pavilion is but i like it already!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Mumsie- Pavilion is a posh shopping place betul betul tersergam kat depan office i..definitely I bawak you nanti ok!

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