Friday, October 12, 2007

Raya ??

Update no 3:

Kids are hot and feverish. Jo and Sophia coughing on top of that. Sophia has a blocked nose. Dahlia complains of toothache. Dad did not sleep all of last night and now has crashed on the new sofa and is also I note, feverish.

Kueh cornflakes turned out fine - if its meant to look flat and gooey and taste incredibly sweet. Maid suggest we postpone all the biscuit making to after Raya. I think she has no mood to do ANY work as she is chomping at the bits to go back to her auntie' s place to help them out for Raya. I reminded her that not many maids get to go off and not follow the boss to their hometown during Raya and she is never around during First Raya- she goes back as her auntie needs help too. I don't mind but get a bit irritating when she nags me to send her early. He-LLO!

Today I want to: scrape and repaint the swing. Maybe try my hand at sewing blouses for my girls. My mom thinks I'm mad. You think? She said I had better not do the stapling and the sellotaping I do when I'm sewing in a rush. Purpose led sewing hahahahah.

Also maybe make another type of biscuit? Maybe muffins? I sure have bought enough cornflakes and choc chips to last us all of Syawal .

But first, the swing. (its really grimy and we have been talking about repainting it since we saw it)



Anonymous said...

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin.


fifi said...

Shila, what a coincidence, twins and I pun baru habis buat kuih cornflakes :)my type of kuih coz less likely to botch up (cosmetically that is), made my smile when you mentioned muffins and choc chips, coz those are also on my to do list. Have a gr8 raya, you all. Hope everyone's better... bless.. Hugs/kisses, fifi and gang

Superwomanwannabe said...

FTM- see you this thursday!

Fifi- my cornflakes tak jaaddiiiiiiiisob sob

Anonymous said...

Thursday??? Saturday lah....

fulltime mom

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